‘Jesus the Christ - Pistis Sophia’ Chapter 99, Book II


Dame Ysatis De Saint Simone
Dame Ysatis De Saint Simone
The Author

Welcome to LOVE ACTION TRANSFORMATION. If you want to know what this Web site is all about, please re-read the paragraph above and pay special attention to the words of advice of Jesus the Christ, because that’s what my site LOVE ACTION TRANSFORMATION, my books, my products and everything I do are all about. That is: to help those who are truly searching to find the Mysteries of Light to find them. Those Mysteries are written in our physical makeup and are the only thing that will transform a human being from being just a mortal into the Eternal, Unlimited Being with Unlimited Potentials of Being that we have the potential to Become, but that we haven’t yet developed into.

I want to emphasize to the visitors of LOVE ACTION TRANSFORMATION that Jesus is not talking here of something ‘out of reach that is somewhere over the rainbow’, but He is talking quite clearly about a real, dynamic, transforming and purifying biological experience that can be awakened within us and that is vital for our Transformation. That experience of the Great Mystery of Life was revealed to me during and after a ‘near-death experience’ that changed my life, which I practice every single second of my Life. This experience unifies all religions in One Essential Truth and purifies a human being by gradually merging its consciousness with the Divine Spark dwelling within them thus changing its body into refined Light. Then everything makes sense and you start to Know who you truly Are! The Transformation is immediate, as immediate as when you turn the light switch on in a dark room and then you see everything clearly. It is like finding the ‘missing piece’ of the puzzle of Life that gives sense to all there is. It is the greatest Experience that a human being can, and will ever have! It is in short the recuperation of our Divine Nature.

That’s how I became a pioneer in the field of Personal Alchemy, also known as the Science of Self-Transformation. My books can each be described as a unique journey of self-exploration that links Ancient Wisdom, Modern Physics and the Unlimited You. For those searching for an answer to the most important questions about their self and the purpose of life, an open doorway is presented via my books and products; therein, lies information meant to raise the consciousness of the reader into alignment with the transformative power of Love. This raised consciousness gradually helps anyone who is willing to grow beyond his or her limits to uncover their True Identity – that of an Unlimited Being, with Unlimited Potentials of Being. Reading any of these books is like taking the first steps on your own personal Grail Adventure, listening to the CD is helping you to recuperate your true Identity and watching the DVD is helping you to be healthy and generate your non-molecular body.


Jesus Epichristianity, Divesting Jesus from Christianity is indeed The First and Only Book I have ever read where there is True Information of the Pure Early Christendom Mystery Teachings of Jesus in relation to us as the Redeemer ~ which guides you to your own Personal Illumination ~ a True Empirical Experience of Oneness with the Living God within us ~ which instantly liberates one from the Spiritual Aridity resulting from having just faith, doctrine and dogma ~ which no matter how hard you try is not raising your elemental nature to Divine Splendor ~ for only the Oneness with God can do that.

Thousands of Books have been written about Jesus describing what many Great Writers saw in Him that impacted their lives ~ it is unquestionable that all of them have illumined those Souls that as I was, were searching for answers in one way or another. So, I questioned myself after making the Statement I just made about Jesus Epichristianity, Divesting Jesus from Christianity and asked myself, ‘What validates the Statement you just made about Jesus Epichristianity?

And I closed my Mind and let the answer be given to me by ‘The Observer’ within me who watches What Is and what is Not in me, and listened to their dialogue. . . And I saw the answer clearly, it had to do with a Sentence of Jesus ~ that haunted me throughout my life! I was obsessed by it since my early childhood, ‘Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, and everything else shall be added unto you.’

That Sentence was read quite often in the Pulpit, and every single time I heard it, it drove me crazy ~ because I, being the curious child I was, ‘Wanted To Know where Heaven was and what to do to find It in order to make those Words of Jesus True in me so that Jesus would be happy with me.’

I always took every word Jesus said seriously, first of all because He Is Who He Is ~ He is The Christ Incarnated ~ Our Savior! And also because I love Him and Trust Him and I always wanted to do as He says so that He is happy with me. And I didn’t know how to do it! I didn’t know ‘how to find Heaven.’ That really drove me crazy, it disturbed me because I thought: ‘If I don’t find the Kingdom of Heaven, nothing else will happen for me, and Jesus will not be happy with me ~ I must find where the Kingdom of Heaven is and how to get there!’

So I threw myself into a relentless ‘Heavenly Quest’ ~ there was an urgency in me that drove me to ask all the grown-ups I thought would know where Heaven was. I didn’t even care to what Religious denomination they belonged ~ so I asked here, and asked there, and asked everywhere, but all I got were a few quite disappointing answers, i.e. ‘You cannot find it on Earth because Heaven is not here. One day I’m sure you will go to Heaven because you are a good child, but you are too young to worry about that.’ Or ‘Heaven is up above and is a Perfect Place where we go when we die if we are good.’ That one was obviously accepted by many as good because it was the most common answer, which I didn’t like at all. So I would say, ‘But Jesus didn’t say that. He never said we have to die to find It! He said It is within you!’ And this is when I was condescendingly dismissed with a kind of ‘sweet smile’ as they said, ‘No, you don’t have to die, no, don’t worry about these things now, you are very young and a good child.’ At this point Sister Anne Michael, who took care of the Cafeteria in School, overhearing the conversation came out and said, ‘If Jesus said It is within you. . . That’s it! It is within us. We never question what He says. No, we don’t question what He says! The Kingdom of Heaven is within us!’

That answer sounded good to me because that’s what Jesus said, but when I posed to her my next question, ‘Do you know then how to find Heaven within us? I’ve tried to find Heaven within me, but when I close my eyes I don’t see anything and I am worried that I maybe don’t have Heaven within me! Do you know what one must do to find Heaven within?’ At this point is when I was invariably dismissed with the ‘kind of condescending sweet smile’ usually reserved for children, and Sister Anne Michael started to look at me the same way and gave me more or less the same advice, ‘Well, don’t worry about that now. You are a good child, and I’m sure Jesus loves you and will show you but you are very young and. . . etc.

This is when I realized that the Truth was the Grown-ups didn’t know how to find the Kingdom of Heaven either. And oddly enough neither do they seem to be interested to find how to make True the words of Jesus in their lives! Have they taken His Words as if they were just words to read and repeat like Parrots to each other? That thought caused me to worry more because I didn’t want to end like ‘them’ who Jesus only spoke to in Parables! I want to be like the ones He revealed the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven and be with Jesus and know that He is happy with me because I’m doing what He says. So, I gradually gave up ~ not my ‘Heavenly Quest’ but asking Grown-ups any question of Consequence I wanted an answer for, no matter what position they occupied. I was desolate for Jesus was not on Earth anymore, so who could I ask that could tell me how to find Heaven as He counseled us to do? No one seemed to know ~ or care to know and I didn’t Know what To Do!

That’s when I became obsessed elaborating in my Mind what the consequences of ignoring Jesus’ advice could be. For one thing I knew, I didn’t want to end up like ‘them’ who just sit there, have eyes and ‘don’t see’ and ears that ‘don’t hear’ as ~ if they were dead or brain-numb! The just sit there listening to the Priest say Jesus’ words but nobody, not one of them ~ not even the Priest ~ seems To Know what To Do to make Jesus’ Words come True in you! The thought of ending like one of ‘them’ terrified me! That’s why that sentence of Jesus obsessed me throughout my whole life! So, That Is Precisely what Validates the Statement I made before about Jesus Epichristianity ~ That in its very first pages I found The Answer to my Questioning Child’s Eternal ‘Heavenly Quest!’

Dame De Saint-Simone does it in a very direct, simple way, without concepts, dogma, or opinions! It was so simple and natural just as opening your eyes when you wake up! It was as if she just turned the Light Switch on and Illumined the Dark Room where a second before I couldn’t see anything ~ and suddenly I saw everything in the room without any effort! That’s the most important thing that ever happened in my life! It gave Peace to my Questioning Child and the seeker for answers in me rested into the Divine Light within me!

Jesus Epichristianity, Divesting Jesus from Christianity