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The Greatest Teaching of Jesus


The End Times are Here and

The Greatest Teaching of Jesus

Has Not Been Heard, Not Realized

Wake Up to It!

Before the Vatican Dwellers Kill You

And hand your Soul to the Antichrist!

The man that now occupies

the Chair of Peter at the Vatican

Has dared to speak the Greatest Blasphemies

That has ever been Uttered against Jesus

The most harmful one indeed being that


Your passive acceptance

Of such Blasphemous Apostasy!

Endangers your Soul

Wake Up To What


The Most Important Truth

for all of us who are Human:


All There Is is Love

and Love Is Stronger than Death


Through The Passion Its Ego Nature,

Which we must conquer also







For IT is the Source of All Life

And inviting us to His Kingdom He said:

We Humans

Are His Kindred

So, the Answer to the Question Who Am I?


We Are Christ-like Beings, Immortal, Unlimited With Unlimited Potentials of Being


If we Disidentify

From our false Ego-Persona

And its selfish ways

And Recuperate

Our Original Love Nature

And Act Accordingly

We have the Potential to do so and Become an Immortal, Love Empowered Christ-like Being an Image and Likeness of God

The Christ Jesus gave us

Children of the Living God

2 Commandments

  1. Love God with all your Heart,

All your Soul and all your Mind

  1. Love your neighbor as I have Loved you.

Wake Up to this Truth before It is too Late!

And a Rule of Conduct

as Pure as Gold

‘Do Not do Unto Others,

What you wouldn’t like them

To do unto you.’

Time to Do what you need to Change Is Now – Here and Now

It is in our hands

To choose to

BE Immortal and LIVE

Or to continue NOT being and Die forever

This Truth Is Not

‘A Religious Concept’

Nor a Philosophy

If you are Human,

It is The Way to our TRUE Nature

The Resurrection of Jesus

Is not an isolated event,

It Heralds our own Redemption!

Jesus gave us Everything

To Save Us from The Trap

We have fallen into

Now, is the Time

To Save Ourselves

Like Shakespeare said:

‘To Be or not to be

That is the Question.’

P.D.  The INRI Sign, Pontius Pilatus ordered to be put on the Cross of Jesus, when translated into English means

‘King of the Jews’.

The vulgar misunderstanding of the word ‘Jew’ has always been that this word represents a race of Hebrew people coming from Judea and are the so called ‘Jews’.

But this is a grave error.

 Jesus has never been the King of these people.

Yet, this Sign is more than accurate

according to the true Hebrew language’s etymological meaning of the word ‘Jew’,

which means:

‘A human being

Who has been re-united to its Source’

No matter if it is a Hebrew from Judea, a Chinese, a Hebrew Arab, or from any other race in the world’.

      If this is the only correct Understanding

connected to the INRI Sign on top of the Cross, it is exact, because now it means what it says:

‘Jesus the Christ,

Hanging on that Cross is The Redeemer,

The First Divine Human

 King of all humans who have or will recuperate  Their Original Divine Nature.

Thus, we must Understand

That by His Crucifixion, Jesus the Christ Sanctified the Sign of The Cross.

Which together with the crucified Christ Jesus  Now becomes

The Symbol

Of the greatest TRIUMPH

That has ever happened,

Or will ever happen on Planet Earth.

Not the symbol of a disgraceful failure

As those who serve the adversary of Jesus,

The Antichrist

Are already teaching to turn things around

Making the Greatest Triumphant Heroic Deed That ever happened on Earth

Look like a failure.

So, you Vatican dwellers, whomever you are

HEAR this voice crying through the internet against the Spiritual Desert that you are creating for yourselves

and those who blindly or knowingly follow

your thwarted teachings


For the great iniquity of your treachery to God, You whiten sepulchers that

Do not enter into Heaven

And do not let others enter




You have become blind – and as the Holy Virgin of Fatima said ‘Satan walks amongst you’

Do not reveal this Truth now, she said,

 ‘Because this Truth will only make sense,

when the Papacy of 1960 arrives’.

Well, the man who occupied the Chair of Peter then, disrespected Her Heavenly mandate.

Oh yes, on this Earth you can disrespect Heaven, and disobey,

But you cannot erase

The Truth of Her warnings

Or stop

 Its serious consequences.

So, the man-made Catholic Church collapsed.

Yes, it is obvious that Satan walks amongst you since the unfortunate year of 1960

When ‘Saint’? John XXIII disobeyed

The mandate of the Queen of Heaven.

It is as The Holy Virgin said,

Since that year

 Apostasy reigned where you dwell.

And you know better than others that Apostasy is a Sign that Heralds the coming of the Antichrist.


Knows that in 1962 the year the unfortunate Paul VI became a Pope

Lucifer was enthroned in the Vatican.

You, who disobey the mandates of Heaven know better than anyone who rules you.

You, who ought to have nothing but AWE, LOYALTY, REVERENCE, RESPECT, DEVOTION AND an ETERNAL GRATITUDE towards

The Holy Virgin

and Her Son, Our Lord JESUS the Christ

and Treasure the HIGH MYSTERIES

 which JESUS REVEALED to His disciples


Keep them alive

Within the people who love Him







You, who have dared to change Jesus’ words, so that no one will ever know the Spirit and the Power of every word He uttered.

You, who have lost Reverence for His Living Presence in the Holy Eucharist!















For more information call: 866 921 3470

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 Satan, The End Times, The Antichrist, DAJjal and the World Messiah

Discover the Power The Beast has Over You

Who is Satan and the Apocalyptic Beast?

According to Jesus and Traditional Catholic and Islamic Religions, which see AElohim as

‘The All’ and recognize Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ as the Messiah,

The Beast is the incarnation of Satan.

According to the Pharisaic Jewish Religion,

which rejects Jesus as the World Messiah, and sees Jehovah as God

‘The Beast’ is the incarnation of God.

What? Who is Jehovah?

          According to Jesus, (John 8: 43-45)

‘If you were Abraham’s children, you would do as Abraham did.

As it is, you want to kill me when I tell you the Truth as I have learnt it from God.

That is Not what Abraham did.

What you are doing is what your father does.

If God were your father you would love me

for I have come from God; yes,

 I have come from Him

Do you know why you cannot hear My Word?

Because you have not My Word in you

For the devil is your father

So, you do his works

He was a murderer and a liar from the beginning of times

for there is no Truth in him

He was never born in Truth;

there is no Truth in him.

When he lies, he is drawing on his own nature.

because he is a liar and the father of all lies.’


Have you been worshiping Satan as God?

According to Jesus and Saint John, YES!

 ‘We are from God.

Whoever Knows God hears His Word,

whoever is not from God

does not Hear It.    

By this we know the Spirit of Truth


 the spirit of error’    

(John 1: 4–6)

Do you Know the Word of God?

or have you been led to believe

that God’s Word is a book?

I’ll let you answer that question in the Spirit of Truth.

So, Who is Jehovah?

Is he the greatest fraud of history?


Are you now going to accuse Jesus and Saint John of being anti-Semitic and join the Antichristic crowds in ignorance?

The 3 different names given to ‘The Beast’ by these Religions are:

  1. The Antichrist by the Catholic Religions.

  2. Al Mash Dejjal (False Messiah, the Deceiver)   by the Islamic Religions.
  3. The World Messiah by the Pharisaic Jews.

      The most vital point to notice here is that there is a marked difference between the Catholic and the Islamic Religions’ view of the Apocalyptic Beast and that of the Pharisaic Jews.

      This difference is according to Catholic, Islamic and Jewish Eschatology, the Root Cause of the End Times Final Conflict, the reason behind the ‘Jewish/Moslem Wars’ and all the engineered world turmoil already happening everywhere in the world and which eventually will destroy all ‘that appears to be and is not’ – meaning the material world in which we have existed, and everyone who consciously and willingly is part of it. 

 The Antichrist

The word Antichrist defines its  own meaning.

Antichrist  means Against the Christ.

Anti  means Against, Opposed to, the Adversary.

Christ means The Power of Love.  The Word.  The Power Creator of all Life.

Al-Masih ad-Dajjal

 (Arabic: المسيح الدجّال Al Masih ad-Dajjal Al-Masih ad-Dajjal (Arabic: المسيح الدجّال‎  Al-Masī ad-Dajjāl, = “the false Messiah, liar, the deceiver“)

The name Ad Masih ad-Dajjal defines the character of this entity.

Dajjal is an evil figure in Islamic eschatology.  He is to appear, pretending to be al-Masih. (The Messiah), before Yawm al-Qiyamah (the Day of Resurrection).

Are there any descriptions of Dajjal?  The most important points here are:

  1. Dajjal must be a Jew.
  2. He must have the correct pedigree, meaning he must be descendant from the blood line of David.

These 2 conditions must be met.

There is no way the Pharisaic Jews would accept as their Messiah anyone from a different race and with a different pedigree.  So, X out all these crazy interpretations of all those people that are making blind conclusions about the identity of the Antichrist

        Are there any descriptions of the Antichrist?

He has been described as the Son of Perdition and Destruction, who will raise himself above God and destroy as much as he can of His creation, as being a Master of deceit, a wolf under a sheep’s coat, a young man, probably in his 30’s, a world leader indeed, tyrannical and clever, physically strong, most likely Middle Eastern looking, but not necessarily, smart, sophisticated, probably ‘a technological genius’, with a magnetic personality. Many, especially the young generations 30 and under will admire his achievements and follow him without question.  He has been described as unable to see with his right eye; this doesn’t necessarily mean his vision will be physically impaired, but rather that he is unable to feel empathy, to see with the heart.  This trait will enable him to be evil without hesitation or regret.  An evil and fascinating character with great personal magnetism, well represented by Anglina Jolie in the Disney film Maleficent – Evil Never Looked So Good.

But whenever you hear anyone saying as they have said, and still say the he is Saddam Hussein, or Vladimir Putin, or Trump, or the Anti Pope that sits now in the Vatican, know that these people don’t know what they are talking about and remember two things:

  1. Dajjal must be a Jew.
  2. He must have the correct pedigree, meaning he must be a descendant from the blood line of David. These 2 conditions must be met in order for him to be accepted by the Pharasic Jews as the Messiah. Another thing is unbelievable but true.  Most people will be attracted to him.  He will not be someone that people reject, on the contrary, many who call themselves ‘Christians’ and are not, will easily reject Jesus and embrace and accept him as God.  That is written and prophesized by Jesus Himself.

The Jewish Messiah


A 108 years old Rabbi, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri Reveals the name of Jewish Messiah.

This was the heading of an article in a Jewish newspaper.  The story said:

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri told his followers in the year 2006 before he died,  that he had personally met the Messiah and he left his name written on a paper to be read one year after his death.

One year later 2007, they read the name he had written on the paper and to the surprise of every Jewish follower of his.

The name of The Messiah was.  .  .  Jesus!

The Heavenly Messiah, Jesus and The World Messiah, the Antichrist

Did the Pharisaic Jews pay attention to Rabbi Kaduri’s revelation?


Now, just as 2018 years ago, they rejected the information.

Even though Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri was a venerated Rabbi, the leading Jewish Orthodox Rabbis have not paid any attention to what he told them and still wait for the manifestation of the Antichrist – who is supposed to come soon – to hail him as the Messiah.

Jesus also told the Rabbi that He would come soon after the death of Ariel Sharon, who died in 2014.

As can easily be seen, the approach to the Antichrist of Islamic and the Catholic Religions is parallel, if not the same.

It is only the Pharisaic Jewish approach that is radically different, as the one who these Jews expect with great excitement as their Messiah and according to them is the incarnation of God on earth; the other two major religions reject and see as the greatest impostor of all times as his father Jehovah was, an evil character impersonating the Christ, who will start the greatest catastrophe that has ever been on earth.

Odly enough, a new type of alliance, a ‘Zionist-Judeo-Christian’ sect has surfaced coming from some Protestant factions – so called ‘Christian’ who Christians are not, and from the Novus Ordo so called Catholic Church, which Catholics are not either – have formed an alliance with the Pharisaic Jews!   These, among whom the Vatican’s Apostate anti-Pope and the President of the USA are part of, are not only waiting for the Antichrist to hail him as the Messiah, but are already raising money and doing whatever they can to be part of his world, get rid of the Palestinians and who knows when.  .  .  blow up the Dome of the Rock, maybe with a stray bomb, or an engineered act of nature like an earthquake, and build the Temple for the Antichrist!.

Are you beginning to see why is there so much strife?

When will The Antichrist come?

  1. Thessalonians 2. 3-4

As can be seen above Saint Paul tells us that the Apostasy must come first for the Antichrist to become public.

Well, Apostasy  is Here and Now and rampant at the Vatican, and not in a subtle manner for the anti-Pope, who is now the head of the Roman Catholic Church, is an overt Apostate.

He fits the role of the False Prophet of Revelations like a glove. He will soon be found to be a child-molestor and maybe someone who has used the Vatican funds improperly.

A big scandal will ensue and he will be demoted, or he may even be killed, if he is not forced to resign.

Nostredamus said that rivers of blood will run in the Vatican.  We may be close to the time in which this will happen.

These things are indeed heralding the public appearance of the Antichrist.

Thus, we may expect him soon, I believe he will come from Britain – that is a personal conclusion of mine, based on a few facts, one of them being this is the only Monarchy that has a Jewish stone under the coronation throne and the only Monarchy that has not been destroyed by the Illuminati, who are lakeys of the Antichrist.  On the contrary, it is the only Monarchy that has been promoted and exalted.  And that is very suspicious.

Somehow or other we can expect very soon the revelation of the Jewish Messiah, who Nostredamus says is the enemy of all humanity and Saint Paul calls the Son of Perdition and Destruction, who will raise himself above God and destroy as much as he can of His creation.  Beware, though because deceit is a major characteristic of his, he may present himself as a fascinating personage.  Remember that Saint John says that he will be a wolf hiding under the appearance of a lamb.  Become as close as you can to the Christ in truth and in deed and every breath you take, for these are times of great deceit, changes and strong purification, which will force us humans to define ourselves.

What can we do to Survive The Beast?

Prepare yourself.

Search to find your true Identity.  That’s vital.


Be loyal to Jesus and His teaching and as close to the Christ Power of Love in Truth and in Deed as you can be.

If you want to Find out who the Antichrist is and what the power is that he has over you, do not listen to all those crazy mental conclusions people are making about him.







* Sin means separation from God

The Exact Computation of the 666 and for more information about the Antichrist as the computation let us know, is available here and now.

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Era of the Antichrist


Call this number: 1 866 -921-3470


Prayer of Transformation


As Jesus taught It

This is the only Prayer Jesus asked us to Pray.

Let us first Know the meaning of those words in the language Jesus spoke and how the people hearing those words Understood them, so we can Understand them also with the Power and Magnitude the words Jesus spoke have.

The Pronounceable Name of God is AElohim

AElohim Who Jesus called Father = The All,

He, She, They who Are or Father/Mother/Progeny of Love

Therefore, the etymological meaning of the word Father in the Hebrew-Aramaic language means = THE ALL.

Father = He is entirely Love and Love Is All there Is.

Father means also = I and My Son and My Children are One

Who is my Son? Love or My First Born

And who are my Children?

The whole house of Israel = Those who have been re-united with Their Source and have Become Love.

Is Ra El = Is NOT a Geographical location


A State of Consciousness of all those who have been

Re-United with their Source.


Is = Isis the Female Part of God

Ra = the Male Part of God

El = The force of Love that Unites Them and starts Creation


Therefore Israel = All who have recuperated their Divine Identity.

Father = Number 8 = The Masculine form of Love

I is never singular, I = Father/Mother/The whole who are Love.    All are contained within us in that word.


The Heavenly Father’s Prayer

And pray every day

To your Heavenly Father

And to your Earthly Mother,

So that your soul becomes perfected

By the Heavenly Father

And Its Holy Spirit, which is perfect,

And that your body becomes

As perfect as the body of

your Earthly Mother is perfect.’

For if you Understand, Feel

and Practice

the Commandments of Love,

then all for which you pray

to your Heavenly Father

and your Earthly Mother

will be given to you.

For the Wisdom, the Love,

and the Power of God

are above all things.

After this manner,

therefore, pray to

your Heavenly Father,

‘Our Father’

Having instructed us how to pray, Jesus gives us two daily Prayers.

These two Prayers are, when Comprehended with the Power and Magnitude that the Hebrew-Aramaic Language has and Jesus spoke them, the most profound words of Self-Transformation that can be uttered.

Jesus starts the prayer to the Heavenly Father making us aware of the His kinship with us, the Love of the Godhead for us and of our divine Sonship.

When Jesus says: Our Father, He is saying the two most wonderful and loving words ever pronounced.  .  .  Jesus brings us to the Heavenly Father as His brothers and as such, Children of Light, Children of the Godhead, so that we may enter into a deep, personal relationship with Him and learn to love the Heavenly Father when we contact Him with all our soul, all our mind and all our heart, as Jesus wanted us to love God.

Thousands of books can be written about God’s nature and His relationship with us, and of the relationship of the Christ with us, but no other words can express better the Love and the brotherhood that the Christ feels for us and the relationship of God and man than these two simple words –‘Our Father’ – with these two simple and powerful words the mystery of our place in the universe and of our nature is explained.  All the mysteries that the complicated systems of theology seek to explain to us are revealed in these two words that the Master of Love gave us to make contact with God.

With these two words Jesus erases all the theories of the superiority of anyone over anyone else.  With these two words Jesus rejects everything that divides man from one another, for they refute all the theories of preference of God for one race, or religion, and makes all humans participants and heirs of the Impersonal, Infinite and all-pervading Love of God.  With these two powerful words Jesus teaches us to know what is God-like and what is not.  For anything that opposes the Principle of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, be it in thought or action is not God-like and will not create harmony, but discord and strife on this earth.  No matter if this preference of a particularized character, which is presented as God in certain Scriptures, says so.

When Jesus walked the earth a Father was also a source of guidance, protection and support.  So, when the Great Essene Master uses the words ‘Our Father’ He is also saying to us, ‘Our Guidance, Support and Protection.’


‘Who art in heaven’

 There are words in this sentence that are extremely important to our Spiritual Evolution.  What Jesus is saying here, if we ‘Comprehend’ the power meaning of the words that He is using, is:  The Father is in a place within you, where your elemental nature can be raised to its Divinity.  For He told us repeatedly that the ‘Kingdom of Heaven is within’. The word ‘Heaven’ in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke when He walked the earth, has that exact connotation: ‘A place within man, where his elemental nature can be raised to Divine Splendor.’

To know the meaning of the word Heaven’ in a true, dynamic way is not only the Key to Understand what Jesus is saying, but something vital for our evolution.  So, by using this specific word in this sentence Jesus takes us back to the manner in which He originally instructed us to pray, saying,

‘But as for you, when you pray, enter into your Inner Chamber. And when you are within, shut your mind’s door and pray in Silence to the Father Who is in Heaven and the Father Who sees in secret, shall reward you openly.’

 And by doing so, Jesus is literally telling all humans that The Father, the Infinite, the Eternal One, is available and at easy reach to us if we enter into ourselves with a clean heart and in silence of tongue and mind.  Then the imperfect, temporary and finite in us will be gradually perfected by that union with our Divine Source, and our perishable, elemental nature will thus be gradually transformed into Divine, Eternal and Infinite.  .  .  And the Aim of human life on this Earth would be fulfilled.


‘Hallowed be Thy Name’

 Here in this phrase we have another key word, for the word ‘Hallow’ signifies ‘to make Sacred in Silence of mind and tongue.’  So, by using this word here Jesus is telling us this is the way to Honor the Father and all which is Holy.

In ancient times, and when He walked the earth, it meant to keep God’s Holy Name Sacred and secret, intimate and untouched.  For God and His Name are One and could not even be even be uttered verbally, because that implied a separation made by man.

This is why Hermes, the Great Egyptian Master, when asked about the nature of God, closed His eyes and put a finger on His lips to indicate that one cannot comprehend God’s Nature which is Unlimited with a limited mind, so the only way to know was to go within and be in Silence.  In India and Tibet it is still this way.  The Holy Name of God is revealed by Initiation and the disciple is told to meditate upon the aspect of God in silence of mind and tongue, and to always keep ‘That’ which he has been revealed Sacred and Secret.

The Essenes did not pronounce the Holy Name of God but hallowed It by constantly ‘Breathing It’ in Silence – that is what they called ‘a twenty-four hour constant Meditation, the Hallowing of the Father’s Name.’  That is what is meant by ‘Hallowing’ and what Jesus instructed us to do when He said, ‘Hallowed be Thy Name.’

By hallowing the Name of God over and over again in deep meditation, the heart is wiped clean, the mind becomes silent and the Divine enters the conscious mind, opening the door to ‘A True Oneness and Knowledge of God wh transforms us charging the individual with Spiritual Power.

Eventually the Name is experienced as a Oneness with God and all there is, and the joy of Love and Peace become an integral part of your life experience.

The secretion of the pineal gland called melatonin and serotonin, in the Spiritual tradition is sometimes called ‘Divine Nectar’, or ‘Soma.’  Jesus called it ‘Water’ when He talked about it to the Samaritan woman and said: ‘Whoever drinks of the water I will give him will never thirst again, but the same water shall spring out of his entrails into everlasting life.’

What Jesus is expressing here is the physiological process that happens on a human being as the Light energy springs up from the base centers of energy in the human body and rises effecting the secretion of Divine Nectar which awakens the dormant pineal gland in the human brain, by the constant and uninterrupted concentration of an individual on the Transcendental Holy Name of God.  He was referring here to a biological process that is the marriage of your physical and divine identities, a process that is an integral and vital part for our evolution, and a natural physical and spiritual reaction of our physiology to this Sacred Union with God.  The entering into the Cosmic Ocean of being which is, if you will, nothing less than an Inner Orgasm with All There  Is and is Infinite and Unlimited.  .  . The Ultimate Orgasm![1]


‘Thy Kingdom come,

Thy Will be done on earth

As It is in Heaven’

Jesus tells us here that when we realize our True Nature we will be able to experience a dimension that we don’t know now, because It is beyond the world of matter, beyond our sensory perception and imagination, which He called The Kingdom of God, the Perfect, Infinite and Eternal Divine Realm of Life.  And that the Way to get to this Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heave is within us and here and now.  And that through the faithful practice of the Union with the Living God within us, our all-encompassing ignorance will vanish and we will start experiencing and becoming Love, then the Kingdom of God will become ‘a real experience’ not only within us, but as a consequence of that Union with the Divine within, we will be creating It as well around us and everywhere we move, in spite of what the exterior circumstances may appear to be, because we will be in harmony with The Living God and all there Is.

With this phrase Jesus tells us the exact formula to fulfill the aim of human life.  He tells us, that it is possible for The Kingdom of God to manifest on earth; but only when the Supreme Will reigns on earth, just as it does within us.  It is not indeed, going to appear like as many misguided souls expect It to, and all of a sudden drop out of nowhere with trumpets blasting and all that fanfare! This will only happen when mankind’s mind learns to be in harmony with the Supreme Mind and as a consequence its individual will aligns itself willingly and by a clear choice with the Supreme Will, that of the Father of all, which moves all the forces that work in the Cosmos and on the earth to help ‘the manifestation of the Divine sonship of God’ in both the Spiritual world and on Earth.

The surrender of man’s will to the Divine Will is one of the greatest teachings of the Essenes, it is essential and may be the most important Teaching of theirs and one that Jesus exemplified throughout His life, especially at the Garden of Gethsemane, when His body sweated blood out of the intense fear He felt, knowing what He had to undergo throughout His Passion and Crucifixion if he chose to go ahead with it. It is in this moment of His life when He is teaching us what Ultimate Surrender is, when after asking the Father because of the fear He felt,

‘If it is possible, make this Chalice pass out of my life.’ Yet, in spite of that fear, He knowingly and willingly said, ‘But let it be your Will and not mine.’

It was more than difficult for Jesus to come to this decision, but He knew that the salvation of humanity depended on His choice to go through this tortuous Passion and Death, or not; as without Resurrection there would be no chance for humanity to be redeemed and become divine again.

So, even when at that moment His human nature reacted physiologically to an unimaginable fear, He maintained His Oneness with the Divine, which He is and always was One with, in His Divine Nature, yet it was the individualized man in Him who had to surrender His will and make the choice that was going to either change the destiny of humanity or save Him from this horrible death, and He chose to redeem us and surrender His will to the Supreme Will saying, ‘Let your Will be done and not mine.’  This is one of the most difficult Teachings, if not the most difficult one to accept and comply with for the self-defined, blind, and arrogant egos that we humans have developed into. The imperfection created by our self-definition will grow until it destroys humanity, this is a biological reality, not an opinion of mine, as Richard Dawkins tells us in his fascinating book ‘The Selfish Gene.’

This problem will only cease to exist when we search and find the Living God as a reality within us.  It is that Experience which will gradually change our consciousness aligning our self-will to the Supreme Will, thus, changing us into natural altruistic begins, rather than the egoistic ones we are now. Then, and only then, the ever-present, eternal and omnipotent reality of The Kingdom of Heaven will manifest on earth.

Jesus emphasizes this Law in His prayer for we give reality to things with our thought and actions. And because these are disconnected from God, we create and experience disharmony and chaos on earth. Indeed, our self-defined existence which is totally identified with the ego, its persona and needs, and has totally forgotten its true nature, is as a consequence, totally disconnected from God as a reality and His Supreme Will.

That is exactly what gives reality to need, pain, jealousy, disease, hatred, ignorance, destruction, war, etc., for evil is nothing but a deviation from the Divine Will.

Thus, in the last three sentences of this Powerful Prayer Jesus gives us the formula to change all of our miseries into Heavenly Bliss.  If we become aware of that which is divine in us by a total union with the Heavenly Father, so that we are literally filled with God, in that instant we will cease to create our own law and indeed become His instruments.  In that very instant the difference between heaven and earth will cease to exist, regardless of what is going on around you.

We are on the verge of destroying ourselves and our planet. To stop this self-annihilation we must remember that the potentiality of creating Heaven on earth exists and is at hand, we just have to wake up to Life, wake up to our True Nature and by a true Union with the Living God within us transform ourselves and become what we are meant to Be. That is the only way that our own will, will become one with the Divine Will.


‘Give us this day our daily bread’

 ‘Our daily bread’ Anyone who is able to ask just for what is needed according to God, as Jesus taught us to do, will have an unbroken peace of mind.  A peace that comes only when someone in the sum total of its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being is surrendered in trust to the Divine Will. For our own individual harmony with all and our evolution depends on go being beyond the fear of not ‘having’ or ‘not being able to get’ or ‘not to be able to survive’ ‘if’, which leads to the greed of accumulating things for our own self-survival or security.

The trust in the Father and the ability to meet our physical responsibilities for the physical body, with measure and in harmony with all cosmic and natural forces, brings us that Peace which erases our fears and fragmented egoistic drives proper of the egos’ individualized thinking, and is also a herald of a better world.

The great Essene Master, the Christ Jesus knew that in order for us to absorb the Grace being showered on us by the Light we must learn to think, feel and act as God-like beings.

A God-like human being would behave as Jesus did, who was fully immersed in God’s Grace, thus free from ‘mental concerns and fears’ and of the ‘self-survival drive’ which drives most people selfishness and greed and to accumulate money and possessions out of the fear of being without.

To help us rise above these mental fears and dangerous drive Jesus teaches us to trust the Supreme Mind and ask only for ‘our daily bread,’ and to be grateful with what has been given to us, instead of constantly wanting more, and more, and more than, etc., so that there’s no peace, no rest.

For it is not things that we really want to have, what we really want cannot be bought.  Our true need is to recuperate our divine state of being and to live in harmony with all there is, and with the heavenly and earthly forces, of which we are an integral part of.


 ‘And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.’

Here is one of the greatest and most important metaphysical and psychological Laws – because to realize it and act with it will free us from the bondage of the law of action-reaction.

And Jesus said, ‘For only in the service of your Heavenly Father will your trespasses of seven years be forgiven in seven days; for Satan forgives you nothing and you must pay him for all.’   ‘Love your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might: this is the first and greatest commandment.  And then the second is like unto it: ‘Love your neighbor as your love yourself.  There is no other commandment greater than this.’

 And then He added, ‘If you do My Commandments all evil will disappear from the earth.’ 

In Chapter 22 vrs. 1-14 of the Essene Gospel of John, Jesus warns us about being resentful and revengeful, for that is Satan’s Law:

‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a hand for a hand, a foot for a foot; burning for burning; wound for wound; life for life, death for death. For the wages of sin is death.’[2] For only in the service of your Heavenly Father will your trespasses of seven years be forgiven in seven days.  So, forgive as the Father who is in Heaven does, and Kill not, neither eat the flesh of your innocent prey, less you become the slaves of Satan.  For that is the path of sufferings, and it leads unto death.  But do the will of God that his angels may serve you on the way of life.’

 The Law of forgiveness is an extremely difficult Law to practice, but one which is important for harmony and peace to exist within us and without us in our immediate and collective environment and for the well-being of the planet as well as for our ultimate freedom from bondage.

And Jesus said,

‘But I tell you the Holy Law puts off all evil if you search after its power and wisdom. 

Seek ye then first the Kingdom of God and all else in the world shall be vanity unto you, for the truth sets free the godlike and breaks the chain of bondage to sin.

Yea, do not separate yourselves from God, and evil shall find not place in you.

If your brother has sinned in word seven times a day, and seven times a day hath he made amendment and was truly sorry, receive him as a brother in good faith.’


When Jesus said this, Peter protested saying, ‘Seven times a day is surely forgiving too much!’

And Jesus answered,

‘I tell you also, forgive unto seventy times seven, for even in the Prophets, after they were anointed by the Holy Spirit, utterance of sin was still found in them. 

I tell you, therefore, be considerate with one another, be tender, be pitiful, be kind, not to your own race or kind alone, but to every creature which is within your care, for ye are to them as Gods, to whom they look in time of need. 

Be humane, for the Father-Mother in Heaven gave all creatures unto your care from the very beginning.

Love one another and every creature of God.  Be also slow to anger, for many sin in anger which they repented of, when their anger was past, for anger is the sister of ignorance and ignorance the brother of every sin.  Yes, learn patience and endurance that you may not tire or grow weary of one another or the work set before you.’

 In other words, we are responsible for our actions and reactions, and by them we are always contracting reactions good, or evil, debts that must be paid.  The ultimate Law of ‘Cause and Effect’ works and doesn’t spare anyone.

Any thought we think and any action we perform has consequences.  They do first create an impression in one’s own mind, which means that if we have thoughts of revenge and justify the killing of others as acceptable to benefit ourselves, we are by this acceptance allowing into our minds criminal and unhealthy thoughts as good, thus already becoming criminals.

These unhealthy thoughts and actions will indeed bring results, according to their nature, be it a thought or an action, either happiness and harmony, or misery and illness, within ourselves and in our environment. If we cannot find forgiveness in our hearts, how can we expect a clean heart, harmony in our lives and forgiveness from God?

‘For only in the service of your Heavenly Father will your trespasses of seven years be forgiven in seven days.’

As the Christ, Jesus being the Source and an integral part of all things created, Knows the Universal Law for He is the Life and the Law, the origin of all and the Force that creates and sustains Life.  If we don’t listen and ‘Hear’ His words, who are we listening to if the words do not coincide with His?

That is what John’s Gospel tells in such a magnificent manner, when He says:  ‘All things were made by Him, and without Him was made nothing that was made. In Him was life, and the light was the light of men.’

In reality this universe is turning, it is like a living Cosmic Factory that is creating divine beings out of the elements.  All creation is helping that evolution and this wheel of life is constantly going round and round, never stopping and all things upon it are going through the process of birth, death and rebirth.

Saint Paul speaking about this said, ‘The whole universe groaneth and travaileth working for the manifestation of the children of Light.’

This process is going on and nothing stops it.  It is the wheel of bondage to action-reaction.  Yet, while time exists human beings have the opportunity to spring out of this wheel of action-reaction and become part of the Heavenly Father’s Being. For that we need to find the Kingdom of Heaven, and if we do, behave in a God-like manner, that is, as Jesus is directing us to do in this Powerful prayer.

To serve Love on earth and be One with the Heavenly Father in silence of mind and tongue; for only that will help to transform our nature, help us realize our true Identity and achieve Immortality.

Jesus continues teaching about forgiveness after He finishes the prayer to the Heavenly Father.  He says,

‘For if you forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you:  But if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.’

We live in a world that has forgotten the purity and the power of the Christ’s teachings, a serious failure for these are connected to the last step of our evolution, we humans have not evolved yet into what we are meant to.  What we presently are, is not it.  The Holy Shroud of Turin is not just testimony of Jesus’ Resurrection; it is the blueprint of the Future of Humanity.

In the entire cosmic creation there is only One Window to the Future of Humanity, and that is, the Holy Shroud of Turin.

His words have been changed and watered down to fit people’s limited understanding; rather than to respect their purity which could not only elevate their minds and souls, but most importantly help those who can ‘Hear’ take the steps to Become Divine Beings with Unlimited Potentials of Being.[3]  That which we were created to Be.

Men in power use His Name to wage war and kill the innocent, steal the resources of others, violate their dignity and use them for slave-labor, publicizing those actions as ‘help for the underdeveloped.’

These actions, which are indeed of the nature of the adversary of Jesus, are taken because ‘others, who do not believe as we do are evil’ and they are protecting the ‘good people’ from them, meaning themselves, their wealth and their insatiable thirst for power.

Jesus condemned all of these things, not by attacking them but by giving us His Love charged Golden Rule and Two Commandments.  But His Golden Rule and Commandments have been totally ignored.

Currently I live in a country where most people claim to be Jesus followers; yet, they constantly violate the only Commandments that the Christ Himself gave us and repeat like parrots the ten ‘thou shall nots’ that Moses gave to people in anger, realizing that they could not understand anything higher than gold, sex and greed.

So, breaking the Tablets where He had the Higher Teaching, Moses gave them the ten well known rules to help them go beyond their egos, greed and debauchery, with these words: ‘Those who do not want to live by the Law, shall die by the Law!’

These inferior-ego lower inclinations and currents of thought lead to this type of arrogant and iniquitous behavior, which is not only a deviation from the Law of Forgiveness and Love, therefore a threat to the immortality of whomever participates in it, but an iniquity to the Christ.


The Latin version says:

Do not let us fall into Temptation and deliver us from evil.’  Amen.


The Saint James version of the Lord’s Prayer says:

 And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting difference, I have always prayed the Latin version and questioned why people would believe that a particularized God who leads them to temptation is good for that sort of action is more suitable to a demon.


When did the sentence change?  Was it Henry, Luther or Calvin who changed it for the Protestant world?  Someone did.

‘Who is that who wraps and darkens with ignorance that which Is Wisdom?’

Well, being led or protected doesn’t change the fact that Temptation exists.  It existed even in the life of Jesus the Christ.

It exists so that we can exercise our free will and chose that which is God-like, rather than to fall into our self-design.

Temptation has two consequences which derive from whatever choice we take for or against it.  Temptation can be a great help in the re-enforcement of our will power and godliness, or on the other hand it can be the first stage of deviation from the law.

For all deviation from the Law of Life starts with temptationWhat is important to keep in mind is that it is our choice that is going to determine if we create good or evil, or prevent a thing in its initial stages from becoming a reality.

In its first stages temptation will serve the purpose of providing a choice of action.  If it is allowed to continue it will grow and gather strength, and then it may be hard to avoid falling into it; but if it is halted, it can be eradicated and greater spiritual and character strength will come as a benefit.

It is true, and we all have experienced this, that as soon as we choose for that which is God-like in us, we enter the Kingdom of Heaven because God showers with Grace those who abide by the Law of Love.

It is a proven fact that as soon as we chose to serve His Law, we are in harmony within us and with all the forces of the spiritual and material universes. This is how the second part of the sentence ‘but deliver us from evil’ becomes a reality. Because evil in itself has no reality but the one we give it with our self-defined disconnection from Love.

Evil is a product of our deviation from the Law of Love.  Jesus told us, if you do my Commandments all evil would be eradicated from the earth.  We have not listened.

We have erected altars to Him, we say that we are His followers, but like Khalil Gibran said, ‘we won’t Become like Him.’  And that is precisely what we need to do, to strive to Become like Him in thought, word and deed – then the Kingdom of Heaven will manifest on earth.

We can do it.  We can reach the point of becoming permanently receptive to the bread of Life.


‘Give us this day our daily bread’

Jesus taught us to pray, for He knew we need God’s grace, wisdom and love every day.  And we must ask without lingering in the past or planning for the future – just for the only thing that we have, which is the precious present – we must not ruin the present with past memories, nor with future plans.  Let’s listen to the Master of Life and live today with wisdom, love and God’s Grace as our experience.  Tomorrow will be another day.


‘For yours is the Kingdom

And the Power

And the Glory,

Forever and ever more.’

 The Kingdom is the sum total of all the higher Forces which govern the Spiritual and material worlds, it is the Creator, mankind and all created things. The Power is the force of the Christ, the Word of God, without which there would be no life.  It represents all the Powers and Forces, which maintain life, the spiritual powers, the natural forces, the powers of wisdom, love and life.

Glory is the collective joy of the totality of the powers that maintain the Kingdom.  The exuberant ecstasies of Love that is natural to God and the God-like and the Light that irradiates out of Him, It is the orgasmic experience of all the Forces, Powers and the God-like with God. It is like a song that irradiates out of the heart of all that is touched by God’s Grace.


‘For Ever’

 We all know what forever means.  The deep significance when these words are attached to the Heavenly Father’s Prayer is great.  It means that all of these truths are eternal.  That in the realm of the Divine the Law is perfect and eternal.

It means that what the Christ, Jesus gave us worked in perfection since the beginning of life and it will work in perfection throughout eternity, for His Law is not relative but Infinite, Perfect and Eternal and when everything passes away, His Word and all who are one with Him will still Live in the Eternity of eternities.

Because they have Become One with the Law of Life and Love themselves, thus all that is One will also Be Eternal.



 Amen is not just a word.  It is the Aramaic form of the Persian Ashem Vohu and the Hindu Aoum.  It is the sound that pronounced correctly in silence is akin to the Unpronounceable Name.

It is an ancient and powerful way to sound forth the Transcendental and Unnamable Name of God.

It is still expressed in combination with the breath by those who know what they are pronouncing.  It is a Power Mantra.  Each of the four letters represents a power, these being Love, Power, Wisdom and Eternal Life.

[1] Dame De Saint-Simone’s ‘The Ultimate Orgasm vs. The Selfish Gene’

[2] ‘Essene Gospel of John.’ XXII – (1-34)

[3] Read Dame Ysatis De Saint-Simone’s Epilogue of ‘Genesis 2000 – A Unified Field for Science and Unlimited Man’.



Most people who know me today are shocked when I tell them that I used to smoke – You smoked! they say with unbelief. I can’t imagine you smoking a cigarette! But I did.  And as vain or silly a reason as it may seem – what moved me to ‘star smoking’.  .  . Ups!  This was a royal ‘Freudian slip’!  What I wanted to write is – what moved me to ‘start smoking’ were these images:

Movie stars of the 1930s, 1940s were paid millions for

cigarette endorsements

Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Spencer Tracy, Bob Hope, Henry Fonda and other stars of the 1930s and 1940s were paid millions of dollars in today’s money for promoting cigarettes,

According to a new research the legacy of these deals can still be seen in the high profile given to smoking on today’s cinema screens.

For the study, the research team accessed cigarette endorsement contracts between tobacco companies and studio-controlled  movie stars, as well as adverts of the period, from university and major US newspaper archives.

The period under investigation covered the years 1927 to 1951, from the advent of talk Smoke Signals.

  1. From the 1920s, women who were emancipated or elegant were rarely seen without a cigarette.
  2. With a casual blowing of smoke, Princess Margaret or Hilda Ogden could indicate their sexuality.
  3. Refinement was crucial to respectable smoking. Red Tip cigarettes were introduced in the 1930s to protect women from the sin of leaving a lipstick mark on cigarette butts.
  4. Marlene Dietrich, made smoking sexy when she said, exhaling: ‘It took more than one man to change my name to Shanghai Lily.’

Is ‘smoking glamour pr’ a thing of the past?

Or does it work the same in our days?

Do cigarettes have the same allure for young women today in spite of all the knowledge there is about their harmful effects?

For women, rolling your own is cool

As sales of packeted cigarettes fall, the old workingman’s way with tobacco is a new female fashion trend.

The Observer, Saturday 1 March 2008

Hollywood star Marlene Dietrich, greatly added to the perceived glamour of smoking. Photograph: PA

Carol Lombard

Rita Hayworth

       Oh! Did these Hollywood Stars look great holding those cigarettes!  So beautiful!  So sophisticated!  As a consequence, many young girls from my generation, including myself, started smoking – in spite of cigarettes tasting awful, leaving an unpleasant after taste in your mouth, and as if this was not enough, cigarettes left your breath and clothing impregnated with a terrible smell – no one liked!

Kay Francis

       But no one can deny these ladies looked fabulous with their cigarettes.

They did the most fabulous PR job for those nasty little cylinders of paper that has even been done in history!  What woman wouldn’t want to look like them?

Lauren Bacall

       Of course you and I can laugh now at this immature approach to smoking! But one has to consider that many of us were quite ‘young and impressionable’ and also that at the time smoking was not only socially accepted, but it was considered ‘glamorous’.  Most importantly – the general public ignored the deadly effects of smoking – so, we easily fell into the smoking trap.

        I was indeed an impressionable teenager with a vivid imagination surrounded by other California teens who like me wanted to be and look like the most beautiful people of the world, the Hollywood Stars!

And being strong willed I didn’t just end up smoking but under contract as an actress with Universal Studios in Hollywood.

Me in Hollywood 1967

       The good thing about my smoking habit was that it was based only in ‘wanting to look glamorous like those Hollywood Stars’ – that was really all that was behind it.   So, it was easy for me to quit smoking when I realized that ‘the thing’ was not only unpleasant to the taste, but was also gradually destroying what was beautiful in everything:  It made my home, furniture and clothing smell as if I had stepped out of a smokers den, and worst of all it also affected my breath, which started smelling like ‘a smoker’s breath’ – something I hated to smell near me before I started smoking.  More alarming to me was the fact that I also realized that my voice was being affected, and voice is crucial for actors.  I also noticed my skin, teeth and fingers yellowing some, they had indeed started to lose their natural healthy look and this was not my idea of ‘glamorous’ at all!  So, realizing that although ‘the thing’ was a useful tool to use socially, its harmful side effects weighed more.  So, I decided that I was not going to smoke any more and without thinking about it twice,  I took the box of golden, thin cigarettes that I used to buy and threw them away!

What is the most important thing to remember about my story?  It is the fact that it was easy for me to quit because what was behind my smoking experience was a conscious choice with no subconscious root cause.        That’s why it was easy for me to quit, not because I have a stronger will than anyone else.

Remember that, for in order to free oneself from ‘the thing’ it is extremely important to know what the root cause behind your smoking habit is.

If you have tried to quit and it has been impossible, or difficult for you to quit, do not despair, it is not because ‘I am not able to’ or ‘things just do not work out for me’ or ‘I don’t have will power’ or anything of the kind.   It is indeed because behind your smoking habit there is a Subconscious Reason.  If that is the case and you truly want to quit, you will have to find a deep therapy that is able to penetrate your SC find the root cause of this addiction and replace whatever it is for what is liberating to your SC.  Once that this is done, you will be free and never want to smoke again or fear that if you stop smoking you will gain weight, which is a common fear amongst many who smoke. A satisfied Subconscious Mind doesn’t look for another outlet to ask for help.  On the contrary, many people who stop smoking cold turkey without removing the SC problem they have attached to their smoking habit gain weight because their unresolved SC Mind is looking for an alternative symptom to be helped – it may be just gaining weight or any other symptom.

See few of the Problems and the Testimonials of people that healed from them with Quantum Mind Therapy.  The deepest and most direct therapy you can find.

Karen suffered from a Failing Marriage, Insecurity, Hypertension,  Acne, Anxiety

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Shirley found herself getting to the core of her issue from the very first session, and saw the weight start coming off.

Steven was full of fear of being himself, stress, weight and sleep issues and people pleasing

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What is the meaning of the word Art?

The meaning of the Italian, French, Spanish, English and German word for art, seems to be more or less the same, the German being maybe the most accurate – Kunst – and indeed the one I favor. It originally meant “knowledge” from its root kennen, “to know”.

Art, seen from this perspective contains true knowledge of .  .  .  (painting, sculpture, music etc., fill in the blank with whatever you want) which is its ultimate purpose and meaning. It is a type of Knowledge, higher than intellectual knowledge, which in earlier times only referred to knowledge of God or Inner Wisdom.

Kunst does not suggest craft, trickery or even, in consequence, an illusion of the world. The latter, after all, is only a compositional method as we can infer from the almost total lack of it in both pre-Renaissance painting and in twentieth-century art too. In fact, out of 40,000 years of human art-making, it is only art from 1,200 of those years – and not even in our own time – that resembles exterior vision.

Kunst, therefore, is a far more apt description of perfecting painting and sculpture, or any other craft with inner vision. It describes art’s purpose, which was originally meant to elevate the soul.

So Kunst it is! This is how we approach ‘Art to Wear’! Creating and perfecting with Inner Vision what you want your image to be.  Thus, when you wear something that you love and enjoy, your image becomes a work of art.  You’ll be surprised how much you will enjoy the joyful celebration that happens around you when you dare to Be an Artist and a work of art with what you choose to wear.  Try it, you will like it!  To help you do just that we are yours truly,

The Art to Wear Fairies


Most artists need to paint on a canvas to give life to their creations.  Not you.  Not in Art to Wear.  All you need is you and to allow your creative self to Be. London 1967, she, without a doubt came from Paris, she felt great, free and creative as the sixties enticed the young to be.  She took a walk in Chelsea, bought this ensemble and caused a big stir!  Yes indeed, fifty-one years ago she painted with her walk a dream in pink, that inspired many others to make their dreams come true.   Her creation was to put together on herself this fabulous pink Vintage ensemble, a stunning work of art strikingly innocent but certainly not prudish, as it revealed ever so slightly what you have underneath.  Someone – a great looking Punk wearing a spectacular Atlantean hairdo with all the colors of a Rainbow, and a perfect Oxford accent – said: ‘Lady you are a stunning work of Art! Mesmerizing. beautiful, magical, feminine, creative, inspiring and much more that I can say! Should I go on?’   She smiled and said:  ‘It’s not me!  Anyone can be all of that and more in this Vintage dream ensemble, a stunning piece of art!  Look at it! The coat is a perfect mix of hand crochet and hand embroidered pure Irish cotton in which there’s no shortage of creative details to faun over, including floral embroidery and lace appliqués at the shoulders,  all over the skirt, and on the magnificent bell sleeves.  Just slip into it and dare them all not to be inspired!

3 Piece Vintage ensemble $5,000  –  Also sold separately  – Coat  $3.500  –

Camisole  $ 350  –  Skirt  $1.500

Coat Details on shoulder






Pair of Pink Enamel on 14 k gold Butterfly earrings especially made to go with Pink Ensemble. (one shown) Price  $350.00












Wake Up to Life Now!

Wake Up!

How many times did Jesus say,

‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.’

Innumerable times.  He also said,

 ‘Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and everything else shall be added unto you.’

So, this becomes one important question to find an answer to,

‘Where is the Kingdom of Heaven?’

Have you ever asked yourself, or asked others ‘who are supposed to Know,’ what do I do to go within like Jesus said?

        Probably not. Or, if you did, you probably got the most commonly given answer: ‘You go to Heaven after you die, if you have been a good person.  So, you don’t have anything to worry about, I know you are a good girl.  .  .  So, you will go to Heaven.  .  .’

Somehow it seems to me that most people have settled for that answer.  But I was a questioning child, and I wasn’t pleased at all with this kind of answer – mainly because it has nothing to do with what Jesus said – on the contrary, I felt that these answers were contradictory to what He said, so, I continued asking those I thought could know what to do.  I remember how persistent I was!  I didn’t give up hope easily if I wanted to Know the answer to something that I didn’t Understand.  Oh no, I was relentless and kept asking until I was satisfied.  And regarding this specific question of how to go to Heaven, a question I felt everyone ought to consider one of the most important questions, if not the most important that one can have, I was not going to give up until I found the way.  But, oddly enough not ‘one of those who were supposed to know’.  .  .   were able to show me the simple, direct and natural way to go within so that Heaven would become real in my life.  So I persisted and asked, and asked and asked.  .  . Hoping to find someone who would show me the way.  .  .  And I asked myself, ‘Why isn’t everyone searching to find the way to go within?  They don’t seem to know, and they don’t seem to be searching.  .  .  Something is wrong. .  .  Why doesn’t anyone know?’

Looking back, I realize that I literally assaulted the grownups ‘who I thought were supposed to Know’ with this question because this specific question of ‘how to go within’ – was for me the most important question that anyone could have. I was not going to give up until I found someone who knew how to go within. Thus, whenever I saw a grownup that I felt could know the answer, I asked, ‘Can you show me the way to go to within, where the Kingdom of Heaven is?

‘What?’  Some of them said,

‘That’s what Jesus said,’ I responded.

Most of them looked at me with a mixture of a tender .  .  .   and somehow taken by surprise expression in their eyes before answering sometimes, ‘My darling, I. .  .  don’t.  .  .  You better ask Father Soler, he seems to know everything.’  And sometimes they answered in a kind of condescendingly sweet manner, ‘Well, no dear.  I.  .  .  Well, He was just saying that if you are good, you feel good, so you are in the Kingdom of Heaven, or something like that.  I’m not really sure but .  .  .     Going to Heaven is something that happens when we leave this earth.  .  .’

They never liked mentioning death, so, when I responded I purposely said, ‘You mean when we die?  But that is not what Jesus said.  That’s what Father Soler said when I asked him how to go to Heaven.  But that is not what Jesus said! He never said that we have to die to go to Heaven. That’s not what He said.’  He said.  .  .  At this point, most grownups started getting a little restless and invariably said something like this,

‘My dear, going to Heaven is nothing complicated, it is simple. When you die if you are good you will go to the Kingdom of Heaven.  So, you have nothing to worry about dear.  I know that you are a good child, just continue being good and you will go straight to Heaven.  Your guardian Angel will show you the way.  That’s it.’

And when I replied, ‘But Jesus was not complicated.  He said that.  .  .   They were already saying ‘Sorry darling but I have to go.  .  .’ and proceeded to take off or get busy with something ‘they had to take care of.’

That was my general experience as a child when I asked that question.  Grant you, I was stubborn as a mule and as I said before, I didn’t give up easily when I wanted to know something; but I wasn’t thick-minded either, so soon enough I realized the reason ‘the grownups had to go and end the conversation’ when I insisted with my question, was because in reality they didn’t know how to go within themselves!  That was it!  They had given up and their questioning child had died in them!  And I felt terribly sorry for them, because they were not trying to find answers anymore!  Not even for the most important question one can have!

Thus, I gave up asking ‘those who are supposed to Know’ because what I heard from them was not satisfying my child’s questioning mind’s thirst to know at all.  It was as if I was dying of thirst and what they offered me was a book about water with the wrong information, instead of just giving me a glass of water to quench my thirst! And I felt terribly sad for them and didn’t ask them any questions any more.  .  .

But my ‘questioning child’ didn’t die.  .  .  I protected it for I didn’t want to end up like they were.  .  . That was scary to me, so I continued searching.  .  . I still question things that don’t make sense to me but I go about finding the answers in a different way.  .  .  . I search and research everywhere and ask for Divine Guidance every day until I find the answer that satisfies my thirst to Know. That’s how I found the most elusive relic in history, believe it or not the fabled – Holy Grail!* And most importantly, the answer to the most vital question of my life:  How to go to Heaven.  Do you know the etymological meaning of the word Heaven?  Probably not, I had to find out late in my life what the meaning of that word is. The word Heaven means, as in the Aramaic language that Jesus spoke, that place within human beings where that which is elemental in them is raised to Divine Splendor!

My Father had said to me when I asked him how to go within: ‘That is a Most Important Question, and the answer is not superficial, but you are just a child, much too young to Know, for the moment just go and take a ride on your goat cart that you enjoy so much but regarding your question, keep asking and one day you will find out.  .   I can assure you of that.’

I am grateful for his advice for in spite of the grownups answers I didn’t get disappointed, nor did I give up my search. On the contrary, I said to myself: ‘There’s something really wrong here. The grownups have gotten used to not knowing and not asking.  They have become comfortably numb! That’s why they don’t know.’

        No, by Divine Grace my questioning child didn’t die in me, neither have I settled for less than Jesus’ way.  As my Dad counseled me, I kept asking and searching.  Years later, when I was revealed that Place where my sensory nature was raised to Divine Splendor that Jesus was talking about, I realized that what Jesus said must always be revered and kept untouched by human beings’ interpretation, because what He said is always exact as He meant it and said it!

So, what to do to go to the Kingdom of Heaven?

Now by Divine Grace I can tell you how to go within.

There are some requirements that cannot be disregarded.

        First of all.  Divine Grace and The Power of Love are the Golden Key.

  1. Then You need a Pure Heart, strong Desire and Pure Intention.
  2. Then one must clean up the old ego-centric ways of thinking, feeling and acting on this earthly journey.
  3. Thereafter, and most importantly, one must have Revealed by One Empowered to do so the Way to awaken the 4 God-given senses to go within. Those are: Inner Vision, Divine Music, The Silent Name of God, And Divine Nectar.

The Inner Eye – The Divine Light that illumines our Soul, will, as Jesus said: ‘If your eye be made single, your whole body shall be made full of Light.’  It is only then that you are able to see the Divine Light that illumines all Children of Light and makes your heart sing.   When this happens, It floods your brain and your whole body with Light, a Light Divine that feeds all of your cells with Life, unveils your eyes and enables them to see what they couldn’t see before. Not only that, but this Light cleans up your mind of old concepts and limitations, and suddenly Understands things that were incomprehensible before as the sense of duality disappears!

The Divine Sound of Silence.

The Living Word of God – A movement and a rest within us.

Divine Nectar – Springs out of our glands as it rises from the base of your spine to the high centers of the brain where this Divine water of Life will quench your thirst, just as Jesus said to the Samaritan woman: ‘Those who drink the well’s water will thirst again.  But those who drink of this Water which I will make spring out of their entrails into Eternal Life, will never thirst again!’

Then you will hear the Sound of Silence.  .  .  The Sound of Silence – which Pythagoras called ‘the music of the spheres’ is heard everywhere in the Cosmos and within the heart.  .  .   In my experience, through the boon of the Christ, Jesus’ Divine Grace I hear It within every single cell of my body.  This Divine Light showers you with a Peace beyond understanding.  .  .  That Sound takes one’s Mind beyond all limits.  .  .  Jesus’ words: ‘We speak of what we Know and we have Heard’ are, as everything He spoke, True to Life – a True Experience, and don’t let anyone tell you they were ‘just a figure of speech,’ if anyone tells you so, know that this is a sign they don’t know what they are speaking about. This awesome Sound echoing the harp strings of Lemuria, ancient Egypt and Greece.  .  .  takes one beyond the sensory experience of its Sound.  .  .   One travels through It, as in Ancient Days did take those who were seeking to make the Divine a True Experience in them and found It.  Here they are given to you in the cleanest form that today’s technology allows, to help you awaken your memory to the Silent Sound of the Divine Word within your Soul.

Fly with It!  For it will take you as far as your Soul can go.  .  . Just let your meditation be a journey of Self-Discovery. Let your Imagination free always guided by the Christ Spirit, the Master of Love, and who knows, if your meditation is Pure you may even end up visiting Paradise Itself!

Then the most extraordinary thing will happen, and you may be able to taste the Boon of Boons, Divine Nectar, the Nectar of the Gods!  Of which Jesus speaking to the Samaritan woman said:

‘If you knew Who you were talking to, you would have asked me for Water, for if you drink of this water you will thirst again.  But if someone asks me for the Water I have to give, I will make a Fountain spring out of their entrails, springing into Eternal Life and whomever drinks of this Water will never thirst again!’

How come no one that I knew among the grownups that were priests, teachers, etc.  people that others trusted and were teaching them the way to Life, asked themselves.  ‘What is Jesus saying to this woman?   Have I ever had that experience in my body?’ 

        I do not Understand!  I do not Understand why isn’t everybody asking?  I don’t care about judging others.  It’s not my place to do that. But, I do not Understand why everybody is so comfortably numb and are not asking themselves these very vital questions such as ‘What is Jesus saying here?’ or ‘Do I know how to go within?’

He said:  Our Father Who Art in Heaven.

He said:  Heaven is within us.

He said:  If you don’t Know the Father, you don’t Know Me.  And If you don’t Know Me, you don’t Know the Father.’

Do you think He is speaking riddles?  No!  He is not!  So, why are you Not Questioning these things?  Why?

I do not Understand your comfortably numb position!

That is all. It’s Time to Wake Up!

Wake up!  It is Time to Wake Up! Time is almost ending!

        Well, as I said, I’ve always been a questioning child and continue to be, even now at the end of History.

That’s why I can today help others if they choose to find Who They Are and how to go within, where Love Itself, the Christ, Jesus is inviting us to go in order to find the Kingdom of Heaven.

By the way, remember that the word ‘Heaven’ in Aramaic, the Language Jesus spoke and in ancient Hebrew means: A place within human beings where that which is elemental in them is transformed into Divine Splendor.’

Did you know that, or do you think that Divine Splendor is a fantasy and we ‘sinners’ cannot dare to aspire to recuperate our Divine Nature, as Jesus told us we could?

For more information call: 866 921 3470

Recommended reading:

Book ‘Quantum Love’  

The Ultimate Orgasm vs. The Selfish Gen


The Impersonal Life


The Way Out


Natural Rejuvenation DVD  A natural way to awaken your memory of your pre-existence in God and your True Identity.  If you practice it exactly as it is explained you will also experience a physical well-being, which is real as your cells are being renewed.  If you practice it consistently it will indeed make you healthier, and peaceful, and so will also be your pilgrimage on earth and your journey to the Light.  Fly with it!  And know that what you give to Life, Life returns a thousand-fold.  So, wake up to Life Now!  Try it, you will like it!


The I Center of Power CD    I Center of Power CD Front Cover   Re-enforces all of that + your Center of Choice and Will, and your Unlimited Identity


*A story that I have written in my book,

‘The Holy Grail – When the Legend Becomes Real.’


‘The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding’.   The Kybalion

The Beginning of Time and everything there is.


‘In the beginning was The Word

And The Word was with God

And The Word was God’    

John Ch I, vs I

          In order for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear and are meant to Understand to benefit fully from this information, it must come from an Eschatological approach; which means going back to the beginning in order to Comprehend the end result of anything. Thus, the first thing I’m going to do is to ask you to study the Big Bang picture and the first verse of St. John’s Gospel and see what you see in it before you continue reading the article.

In High Spirituality, be it Gnostic Christendom, Orthodox Christianity, Moslem religion or Judaism, the ancient Principles, Words and Doctrine taught by God should never be altered or changed.  In the past, those who practiced any of these religions had the utmost reverence for these Sacred Teachings, which led them closer to God, without question. And indeed no one will ever dare to think of changing or altering that which is Sacred.

Well, things have radically changed in our days.  Because of the lack of ‘Inner Vision,’ which characterizes most of the sects that form the so called ‘Christian’ communities, which if we want to be more accurate are more ‘Judaic-Protestant’ as they base their faith in the Torah, the altered version they have, which they call ‘The Bible’ and because they interpret this already altered text literally, there is no ‘Understanding’ of anything Transcendental. Jesus the Christ is just a front.  It seems to be also, that they do not hold the same Principle I just spoke about; because they have dared to change words to their own level of understanding, or convenience in some cases.  Nothing less, that the words of.  .  .  Jesus! It is obvious they don’t have the slightest idea or Understand what He is saying because the reason given to justify the change is ‘they want people to understand better what He is saying!’ 

It seems that with the best intention they have committed a terrible mistake as the words changed are Key Words for us to have a true Understanding of the Force that created us, sustain us and in which we live and have our being! A vital requisite for us to recuperate Our Original Divine Nature!

What has been left has nothing to do with what Jesus said. On the contrary, it is a pathetic phrase devoid of Power and reduced to a limited, materialized misunderstanding of Things That Are Transcendental.  This is why what appears to be just a well-intentioned mistake becomes more than that if you penetrate it, ends up being an action demoniacally inspired. Not surprisingly, this mistaken interpretation of Jesus’ words was readily accepted by the Apostate Post-Vatican II NO Church of John XXIII.

Read attentively what the original words of Jesus were, which I will call A) and also the changed version, which I will call Z) and judge for yourselves.

The situation was this:  Satan came to tempt Jesus after He had been fasting for 40 days and knowing that He was hungry said:

‘Why don’t you turn these stones into bread?  You don’t have to be hungry, you know very well you can do that.’

The answer of Jesus was charged with Power, a Power that elevates the soul to Heavenly, Higher dimensions, and Advanced Physics, which Satan knew to be True.  So he had to bow to It:

          ‘Not only of bread lives man alone, but also from The Word of God.’

A sentence that speaks of the Power that moves and sustains the life of Universes, and not only elevates the soul, but invites a human being to use its God-given Intelligence to penetrate its essential meaning, and thereafter search to find its reality.

Well, this is what Jesus’ words were reduced to after the change:

‘Not only of bread lives man alone, but also from every word that comes out of the mouth of God!’

It has been said, the change was done to express what Jesus is saying ‘understandable’ to people, who can’t understand what He is saying; not realizing that in doing so they are under estimating other people’s intelligence and spirit, and making those others who have ears, but cannot hear, deafer than they were before!

If what they said is true, it behooves these well-intentioned Newtonian brains, who Einstein rightfully called ‘snuffed out candles’ to be more humble and realize that ‘The blind cannot lead the blind’. They must realize that because they, themselves have lost the capacity to see with ‘an inner vision’, they themselves do not Understand the Words of God; thus, the action taken is not only not helpful at all to the people, but extremely harmful. They are not only misleading people but disrespecting their spirit and intellect and violating indeed a High Principle to have reverence and respect for Holy teachings, especially when they come from the Christ, Jesus Himself.

We humans must have more humility in front of God.  To dare to change the words of Jesus and give them a different meaning, leaving them as if they were coming from an ignorant man, who speaks about God – as those who are blind – conceive Him to be – as if He were a ‘particularized person’ with a mouth, eyes, ears and all of that, speaking out words, it’s unbelievable!

No matter if their intention was good, or there is special interest behind the change.  This must stop. They must respect what is Sacred to others and learn it is arrogant and blind to dare to devalue the words of the Master of Masters, Jesus the Christ, and disrespect the intellectual capacities of others because these are not just words said by any John Smith, but they come from Jesus Himself and Understanding His words as He spoke them and meant for us to hear is vital for our evolution, everything He said must be respected!  It has been said that when the Moslems were invading Jerusalem, Mohamed said: ‘Do not destroy any of the documents or things connected to Jesus.  I will cut the head of whomever is found guilty of doing this.’  In a sense, there is part of me that thinks:  Where is Mohamed now?  We need someone who stands strong to protect people souls and that which is Sacred.  For there seems to be no one anymore to defend Jesus and His Teachings.  They have even removed His Presence from the altars, this NO Church people, who still call themselves ‘Roman Catholic Church’ – in doing so, they are making true a prophetic sign of Jesus about the end times (Mark 13:14 – 17)

‘When you see the abomination of desolation, sit in the Sacred Place, then let those who Understand, understand, and let those who are in Judea run to the mountains.  The one who are on the rooftop, ought not to come down, nor enter his house to get his possessions.  And the one who is in the field, should not go back to pick up his cloak.  Woe to those who are pregnant and are feeding in those days!’

This practice is disrespectful, irreverent and ignorant, even if as it is claimed was a well-intentioned move.  All and all, it may not be such an innocent intention behind it, because the words of Paul de Tarsus about Love have also been changed to give them a different meaning.  The change made in the beautifully said words of Paul has also been changed to be reduced to something convenient to preachers. Now, instead of speaking about Love, not as we understand it, but as the Power that moves the Universe Paul is talking about, to ‘Charity’. Outrageous!

Who and in what manner profits from the change?  I’ll let you answer that question for yourselves.

The fact that anyone dares to take this action of changing High Spiritual Teachings meant to help people to come closer to God, for something convenient or profitable to man, is disgraceful; but that it has been permitted to become ‘an accepted version’ being read in the pulpit, even by the Traditional Churches, it’s catastrophic. I am not exaggerating, the changes are more harmful than they superficially seem; because, as I said before, the ex–Catholic, NO Church of John XXIII is now an Apostate Church, this is why they quickly adopted these changes.  One should Understand that what now figures to be the Roman Catholic Organization as it is now has deserted God to serve Lucifer, so it behooves them to make Jesus sound silly.

          Thus, be aware that not everything you read in a book or hear from the pulpit is what originally was said.

The respect and reverence meant to be the only approach to not only the words of Jesus, but to every other Holy book, unfortunately has been lost.  So, do yourself a favor, go back and search for the truth in ancient texts if you don’t want to be misled by well intentioned ‘snuffed candles’ or by those who profit by the unfortunate changes made and end up ignoring what Jesus wanted you to Know, which may be the reason why you go to Church.

The true meaning of ‘The Word’ was known by Gnostic Christians[1] and expressed by Saint John in a Masterful manner at the beginning of his Gospel, in which he speaks as a Gnostic[2] of the Transcendental Nature of Jesus.  That’s what he is writing about when he says: ‘In Principle at the beginning was ‘The Word’, speaking of Jesus’ Divine Identity. That’s what he is doing when he calls Jesus ‘The Word’.  He is taking us into the High Spiritual dimension where it all started and letting us know that Jesus is not only a Man, but He is the Christ, the Power of Life.

Thus, ‘The Word’ according to Gnostics and Saint John, is the ‘First Movement of God’, without which nothing that was created is or could be; for It is the underlying Principle of all that is.  It is that Force which sustains life, moves everything there is, It moves the Atom and also moves you.

In short, to say that ‘The Word’ is a book, as it is implied when someone changes this word for ‘every word that comes out of the mouth of God!’ is so ridiculous, as to say that the Ocean is a glass of water!  Look at this picture.  Can this Force be reduced to a book?  Or spoken about as if it were one?

   ‘The Word’ is that Force which is behind what Modern Quantum Physics calls ‘The Big Bang’

Yet, there are many, not only the ‘snuffed candles’ who have been misled to accept that this Force, who created all there is, is a book!  So, they obediently call a book that they based their beliefs on, ‘the word’.  Wake up to your own God-given intelligence please.  This is no time when it is safe to follow blindly the path marked by others who do not know what they are doing.  Or know well what they are doing but are under the evil influence of the Antichrist.

People, we all are free to call any book ‘the word’ but Know that this is very misleading and indeed not what Jesus or St. John are talking about.

Please make a note of this, so that you Know what Jesus and St. John are talking about with the dimension they wanted us to know; you don’t want to be mislead by erroneous conclusions of cemented brains.  ‘The Word’ is nothing less than ‘The First Movement of the Divine Source of Life that created life’.

The Egyptians accurately called this Force, ‘The All’, something that Modern Physics have found to be an accurate name for this Force, for It Is Everything there is. Moses, being an Egyptian Prince called the Supreme Intelligence AElohim.  It is still like this in Genesis, as he wrote it, that is, in the original Hebrew Language.  It may not be so in the altered version commonly known, AElohim in the original Hebrew language translates to ‘He, She, They Who Are’ in order to indicate the unlimited nature of God.  The Supreme Divine Intelligence that the Arabs call ‘Allah’ and Jesus called ‘Father’ for He as ‘The Word’ and the Father are One. The Nature of AElohim Is Infinite, Unlimited, It was and It is not Something that can be spoken about in a limited manner, or Understood by limited minds; as Hermes taught by closing his eyes and putting his index finger on his lips when anyone asked Him about the nature of God. Yet, It was defined in the ‘First Principle of Hermetic Science’, which states: ‘THE All IS MIND. The Universe is Mental’. His Presence is the Substantial Reality which underlies all manifested things. In short, IT IS A UNIVERSAL, INFINITE, LIVING MIND in which we live, move and have our being.

IT is not indeed a particularized God with personal characteristics as many have been taught to believe and understand.

Therefore ‘The Word’ is the First manifested move of the Generator, Operator and Destroyer of all universes, of all there is, and indeed of all known to us.

You may be asking yourself: What does ‘The Word’ of God or ‘the Big Bang’ have to do with Time, Healing and Rejuvenation?


First of all, because ‘It’ is everything there is.  Thus, if we do not Understand the beginning of all things, we do not understand who we are or our potentials, and if we do not Understand Who we Are, we do not Understand what we have the potential to Become, or do or anything else.

Jesus clearly stated this Truth in the Gospel of Judas, to one of His disciples when he asked Him: ‘Lord, you explain all things to us, tell us which is the worst sin of the world?’  This is what He answered:

‘There is no sin.  It is everything you do identified with what you are not, that causes what you call ‘sin’.  This is why you get sick, age and die’.

Please pay attention to Jesus’ answer, which is vital for us to Comprehend.  If you don’t know what He means, find out.  Search, learn who you Are in truth.  You will be happy if you do so.  I will say no more.

Second, because according to High Spirituality, our limited sensory existence started when we fell away from our Source.  This Truth has been corroborated by the discoveries of Modern Physics.  They feel that after ‘the Big Bang’, an expansion from its Centrifugal Point into Infinity started, which is what we call TIME.

Now, according to High Spirituality, the farther away we went from our Source into materiality, the more we forgot our original nature, as a result we gradually identified more and more with a limited, relative self that only relates to what its sensory perception accepts as real.

This Truth has been corroborated by Quantum Science when they found out that even when our Universe started with Perfect Order, it entered gradually into Disorder as it expanded away from its Center of origin and continued undergoing the expansion that created what we call ‘Time’.

As a matter of fact, human history is the strongest testimony of this Truth.  Right now, we are in deep trouble.  We are on the verge of exterminating ourselves, because there is not a single place where there is a collective awareness of our true Identity.  What I mean, is we have deserted God and embraced the material ways of his adversary. That is in itself the root of the problem.

We must now be alert to the fact, that Quantum Science has later found that what appeared to be ‘empty space’ was not empty but that in what we thought was empty space there is ‘Something’.  ‘Something’ they can see is the cause of the disorder but do not comprehend yet what it is.  They called this element cause of the disorder, ‘Dark Matter’.  It appears to be that it occupies at least 70% of what appears to be empty space and is what separates particles causing a disorder, which appears to be irreversible.  Could it be that ‘some entities’ on earth are indeed willingly part of that ‘Something that causes disorder’? If not, why are the scientists who work at that Swiss outfit called CERN, creating more ‘Dark Matter’ and spreading it in our atmosphere?

They know better than anyone indeed, that releasing more ‘dark matter’ into our atmosphere will create more disorder on earth.  That is, there will be more selfishness, more violence, more cruelty, more aggression, more anger, more wars, more destruction, anxiety, more of everything of the kind and evil will get stronger!

Who would want to do that? I’ll let you answer that question.

And please do not say: ‘Why does God allow this to happen to us?  Because God allows His Law to work.

A just Law, the Law of Cause and Effect.

We are just getting the fruits of what we sow.

Right now, no matter where you turn, one sees that true Christianity is in recess.  The ways of God are not welcomed any longer.  That’s why a Biologist who is Agnostic, has said that even when he hesitated to use the name of Jesus, he had to, because Jesus Knew what He was saying and doing.  He made sure to say that he is not a religious person or a philosopher, that what he is speaking is strictly Biology.  He is literally speaking of the ‘selfish gene’ which he identified in our DNA.  Dawkins said: ‘If we do not practice and educate the upcoming generations to practice ‘altruism’ mankind, as an animal species, will cease to exist because it will exterminate itself.’   He also said also that he used the word altruism because the word Love has been so polluted he didn’t want to use it.

But, if we are honest, we have to recognize that there is not a single place on earth where the two Commandments that Jesus gave us are practiced.

‘Love God, with all your soul, all your mind and all your heart’ and ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’

That is ‘Do not do to others, what you wouldn’t like others to do to you.’ 

Is that being practiced?

No.  True Christianity is now in recess.  Unbelievable after all Jesus did for us!  But true.

It is indeed a very dangerous time for the souls of human beings.  If humankind continues living as a materialistic animal, selfish and greedy under a system based on self-profit, we will exterminate ourselves.  Especially if we look at things in the old Newtonian way of viewing things, where if someone drops a crystal cup on the floor and it breaks, the cup cannot be restored to its original state.

But do not despair, because this is NOT SO.  We can change ourselves.  Then, after we become the change we want, the world will change. This is true according to High Spirituality and Modern Quantum Physics.  For according to this view the glass can be restored to its original state with no problem or extraneous effort, if the process of the particles expansion away from the Original Source is reversed.

This is the one point we have to really grasp and Understand in this article.  Like Shakespeare well said:

‘To Be or not to be, that is the question.’

We must reverse our descent and re-unite to our Source in a true and dynamic experience.  Only then we will know God and what our Original Nature is.  This is what Jesus revealed to His disciples and wanted us to Become.  Thus, if we want to heal, rejuvenate and live, follow the signs that lead you to return to the Source, the most important thing for us is to find our true Identity.  Thus, we must first know that we can change our limited nature and our Newtonian patterns of thinking to benefit from what is our original essential nature’s potentials.

Unbelievable!  Then, is the reversal of our nature possible?

Jesus came to remind us of our original nature and to reveal to us the way to recuperate it.  We can return to our Divine Source, if we follow His Teaching in truth and in deed.  Thereafter, the closer we get to It, the closer we get to the ultimate transformation of our own basic and limited nature into what we are meant to Be. That is True Healing in all dimensions of our Understanding.  It is Healing as Jesus Healed. It is indeed the basic Essential Knowledge we need to enter into Life and be truly alive.  This is when instead of age-degenerating, our cells will at least intend to regenerate and stop the damage and the existing disorder.

Remember, the disorder caused at the beginning is walking away from the Source of origin.  It is the same now, the disorder is caused by our blind Newtonian way of not-seeing anything but matter as our reality.  To change this pattern of seeing, being and believing may not be easy but it is possible, according to Jesus the Christ, High Spirituality, and Modern Quantum Science.

The problem is that our minds are grounded in material ways, so in order to start to heal and rejuvenate successfully, we must change our way of viewing things. And that is a process.  Not an immediate result as taking pills, having face-lifts, etc.  We must first Understand things differently and that is not an easy thing.

In healing we must always take a Holistic Approach.  My teacher of Quantum Healing was a Surgeon before he became a Psychiatrist and Hypno-Analyst.  He said that sometimes the symptom involved, demands urgently to be removed by surgery, then you must remove it in this manner – but even if you do so, one must afterwards find out what is the root cause of the problem.  If one doesn’t do that, he said, in my experience as a Surgeon, the patient returned 2 or 3 years later with a more serious problem.  This is the reason why, if the problem doesn’t demand surgery, I don’t recommend it. Surgery is not always needed, but I always recommend them to be wise in whatever choice they take and to always respect the diagnosis of their doctor.

But not to neglect the Subconscious mental healing; for it is most important to work with your mind in a deep and profound way to remove the cause of the problem, not only the outer symptom.

So, as he did, I also do, I recommend to my clients always to have a holistic approach to their problem.  So, if what you want is to free yourself of a symptom and to restore whatever self-destruction is on your pathway you must not only remove the symptom with taking pharmaceuticals or surgery, but it is extremely important to work with your subconscious mind in order to Know the Source of it all. For it is the most important thing to learn how to find the root-cause and remove it from your subconscious mind. Then, learn how to change your mental approach from Newtonian to Quantum and raise your own frequencies to be able to get back to the Source in truth and in deed.  Otherwise it all stays in a theory, a well understood Spiritual concept and/or a clear understanding of a great discovery of Modern Theoretical Physics; yet the sad truth is that you stay in the same place you were, only that now you think you know and are not searching anymore, for you are saying: I know, I know that, I know but.  .  .   As the song of The Eagles says: ‘Locked up in Hotel California, such a lovely place, such a lovely place (the mental hologram where we are imprisoned) where you can check out but can NEVER LEAVE’. And you certainly don’t want to end up like that. So, what is Truth according to the view of Quantum-Spirituality?

A perfect example is given to us in the movie The Matrix, when a man who is searching is about to try to bend a spoon, as he sees others are doing; and a 6 years old child watching him stops him saying: ‘Do not try to bend the spoon.’

Why’?  The man asks.

Then the child answers: ‘You may want first want to know the Truth,’

‘Truth? the man questions.

And the child answers: ‘The Truth is that THERE IS NO SPOON.’

Understand?   This is the Truth.   There is no spoon there, there is no ‘broken glass cup’ there is no physical reality, no body, no ill symptom and there is no TIME, therefore no aging, no illnesses, no death.

It is all a Hologram where our consciousness is trapped.  We humans are decoding this information, as a computer with the wrong program would, because our nature was altered so that we would be limited to a sensory perception; but There is NOTHING THERE, just Light vibration, vibrating at different rate! And a separation from The Source of Life, which is causing the disorders that we call ‘real’.  That is what makes the glass appear to break, a human age and die, it’s simply not there.  It’s a different dimension.

That is the Truth the child in The Matrix speaks about when he says: ‘There is no spoon’.

If you are able to grasp this Truth, and really Know, not only with an intellectual understanding, but in truth that there is no material cells there, you have taken the first step towards self-liberation and will probably begin to be able to manifest cells that manifest as ‘the bent spoon.’

If you do not comprehend this Truth, I will tell you, as the child in The Matrix says to the searcher:  DO NOT EVEN TRY.

This is a picture of our Galaxy.  The spiral legs represent how far we have traveled as we expanded from the center.  We are probably now at the end of the spiral legs!

And have only two choices:

Either to go back to the Source of Life where we came from?

Or, wander further away from the Source into matter and deeper darkness?

Whatever you choose, you know what to do.  It’s all in your hands.


[[1]   Gnostic Christians –   Those who Jesus revealed the experience of the Knowledge of God to.

[1]  Gnostic‘One who Knows God’.  One who has a true, dynamic experience of God

What in the World is Going On?

We all have heard the saying: ‘A Picture is worth more than a Thousand Words.’  To test the truth about it, I decided to start my commentary with one I feel answers this question.  Does it answer it also  for you?  Or does it just shock you?

What?  I don’t believe it!  That can’t be true!

Do not believe me, check to see if the information is true from  a reliable source. Father Malachi Martin was indeed a Vatican insider and highly considered in at least three Papacies after the Vatican II Council when all this started.  He asked to be released from his vow of obedience, in order to be able to speak honestly and openly in his book ‘Windswept House’ about the Enthronment of Lucifer, which happened on June 29, 1969 in the Vatican Chapel of Saint Peter and Paul, and about other things of the sort happening in our days, which most seem to be accepting in silence. Heartbreaking, unbelievable and unexplainable but true.  He also spoke about this publicly, unfortunately he is no longer alive.  His death as a result of falling down from the stairs ended his life. . ? Questionable death.

As the principal agents of the Ceremony of the Enthronment knew, Satanic Tradition had long predicted that the ‘Time of the Prince’ (Prince is the way the Satantic call Lucifer) would be ushered in the moment when a Pope would take the name of the Apostle Paul.  That requirement was fulfilled only eight days before Paul VI was elected Pope.

Catholic Priests Blow Whistle On ‘Satanic Ritual Child Abuse’ In Vatican     

Three Vatican priests have gone on record denouncing Pope Francis as a false prophet and claiming that Satan worshipping pedophile cardinals are engaged in the ritual abuse of children as young as one-month-old inside the Vatican’s high walls.

Over the past few years, representatives of the Vatican have been accused and caught molesting children, and ties to large pedophilia rings have been discovered. The Vatican has had to spend billions of dollars settling and dealing with pedophilia cases — this is no longer a secret.

Unfortunately, what many people still do not know is that many of these children are used in ‘Satanic type rituals.’ The Vatican claims to be following the word of God, but multiple insiders have recently come forth, denouncing Pope Francis as a false prophet, and speaking about the widespread practice of black magic and Satanism inside the Vatican.

In the view of the public, the Vatican and its many representatives from all over the world represent a force of love and peace, but according to Malachi Martin, an Irish Catholic priest who was Professor of Palaeography at the Vatican’s Pontifical Biblical Institute until recently, this vision of love and peace is at odds with what really happens behind the scenes.

Jesuit priest Malachi Martin served in Rome for six years where he was a close associate of Cardinal Augustin Bea and the Pope.

According to Malachi Martin, an “enthronement ceremony” was held by Satan worshipping pedophile Vatican cardinals in 1963 — and the “smoke of Satan” has been “irremovable” in the Vatican since then.

“Most frighteningly for [Pope] John Paul [II], he had come up against the irremovable presence of a malign strength in his own Vatican and in certain bishops’ chanceries. It was what knowledgeable Churchmen called the ‘superforce.’ Rumors, always difficult to verify, tied its installation to the beginning of Pope Paul VI’s reign in 1963. Indeed Paul had alluded somberly to ‘the smoke of Satan which has entered the Sanctuary’. . . an oblique reference to an enthronement ceremony by Satanists in the Vatican. Besides, the incidence of Satanic pedophilia – rites and practices – was already documented among certain bishops and priests as widely dispersed as Turin, in Italy, and South Carolina, in the United States. The cultic acts of Satanic pedophilia are considered by professionals to be the culmination of the Fallen Archangel’s rites.” (Written in his book about geopolitics and the Vatican, The Keys of This Blood, page 632)

On multiple occasions he spoke about Satanism being the predominant religion practiced inside the Vatican’s high walls. But Malachi Martin isn’t the only Vatican insider speaking about Satanic pedophilia in the Vatican. The list is a long one.

The Reverend Gabriele Amorth, an Italian Roman Catholic priest, and an exorcist of the Diocese of Rome, is another example.

Reverend Amorth performed tens of thousands of exorcisms for the Church over his half a dozen plus decades as a Catholic priest, and has mentioned a number of times how Satanism is practiced within the Vatican. He also described how very young girls are kidnapped by a gang of Vatican police and foreign diplomats, explaining that these girls are recruited for Vatican parties, attended by cardinals and priests.

Amorth claimed that Emanuela Orlandi, a Vatican City schoolgirl who went missing in Rome in 1983, was kidnapped for sex parties by a gang involving Vatican police and foreign diplomats.   He said that the girl was later murdered and her body disposed of.

The Devil resides in the Vatican and you can see the consequences,” said Reverand Amorth. The evil influence of Satan was evident in the highest ranks of the Catholic hierarchy, with “cardinals who do not believe in Jesus and bishops who are linked to the demon.”

Malachi Martin and Reverend Amorth should be commended for their bravery in blowing the whistle on Satanic pedophilia within the Vatican, because priests who tell the truth about their corrupted colleagues do not always live to speak out further.

Murdered whistleblower

Father Alfred Joseph Kunz was a Catholic priest who was found with his throat slit in his Roman Catholic church in Dane, Wisconsin, after launching an investigation into Satanic pedophilia and child abuse within the clergy. A close friend of Malachi Martin, Father Kunz felt his life was in danger in the weeks before his murder — and he was right.

On March 4, 1998, at 7 a.m., the body of Fr. Alfred Kunz was discovered in a pool of blood on the floor of St. Michael School in Dane, Wisconsin.

Kunz’s friend, Abbot Ryan St. Anne Scott felt Kunz’s murder was related to Kunz’s investigation of sexual abuse scandals in the diocese, but investigators never arrested anybody for the crime, despite admitting they had a suspect who has been kept under “constant surveillance” since Father Kunz’s murder.

Is Pope Francis the head of the snake?  Sexual abuse scandals within the Vatican have been made public, and the Pope has been forced to comment on it many times. Whether he is involved or not is unknown, as is how much he knows about the practice of Satanism inside the Vatican.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

After learning that Lucifer has been enthroned in the Vatican as the head of the Novus Ordo Church, it is not surprising that there is now a Blasphemous Apostate anti-Pope in the Vatican, and very devious heads of state in some powerful countries. All of them  are without a doubt eagerly and openly working to establish a One World Power for the Dark Forces of the Antichrist, whom they serve.  Thus, whenever the Novus Ordo Vatican so called Pope, has a chance to do his job, he opens his filthy mouth to blaspheme and defame as much as is possible Jesus and His Church.

In blaspheming as he does, he indeed fulfills one of the prophetic signs of Revelations about the end times.  Everything he does, his words, his behavior and the actions he has taken indeed fit like a glove the role of one of the three unclean spirits, the ‘False Prophet with reptiles like frogs coming out of his mouth’ spoken about in The Book of Revelations of Saint John.

Revelations of Saint John, Chapter 16, vs. 13 and 14

  1. And I saw three unclean spirits coming out the mouth of the dragon, and reptiles like frogs out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
  2.   For they are unclean spirits of demons, performing signs, which go forth to the kings of the earth and to the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

Pope Francis addressed G20 leaders with a 1200-word letter he sent to the current president of G20, Chancellor Angela Merkel, who may very well be another of the three unclean spirits. In his letter, the Pope focused on global governance.

            When you see these things happening, remember what Jesus said to His apostles when He gave them the signs of the end times.  He said:

‘When these things begin to happen, be of good spirit and lift your heads, for your redemption is near.  When you see the fig tree, and all trees begin to sprout, you know that the summer is near; So should you know when you see these signs, Know that the Kingdom of God is near.’

          It is not pleasant for me to speak about this horrible situation, or be awake and see what’s going on, for it is heartbreaking to see that the Vatican has been taken over by Satan!  And that this is not just a rumor, but a well known fact spoken publicly by Catholic Priests that love Jesus and chose not to be part of this Apostasy, an Archbishop, who was also an insider of the Vatican, Archbishop Milingo and Father Malachi Martin.

You may be shocked and say as I did:  ‘What! That’s not true! I don’t believe that! It is impossible! Something like that cannot happen in the Vatican.  No way, a Pope is a good man elected by the Grace of the Holy Spirit!’

But the sad truth is that Lucifer was formally enthroned in the Vatican on the very same day that Satanic Tradition required it.  And what is worse is that day a grand merger of Satanic forces brought the Vatican into full accord with the ‘Illuminati.’

In order to validate the Enthronment, a black mass was held also in North Carolina, at the headquarters of the Satanic Forces in the U.S.A., being that the heavy duty blood sacrifices ritual required for it to be successful could not be perfomed at the Vatican Chapel of Saint Peter and Paul without being noticed.  Unbelievable, right?  But true.

Having the Church of Jesus be taken over by Satan and the abominable betrayal of His own people is horrific enough!  Wouldn’t you say?

But, the more one researchs this issue, the worse it becomes.  That is the case when something wakes us up and one starts seeing things as they are, not as we are used to.  For instance, the fact that after this Luciferic take over, four Popes have sat in the Chair of Peter, who knew perfectly well what had happened, and out of these four Popes only one, John Paul 1, expressed his intention of cleaning up the Vatican and could have performed the needed exorcism to restore the rulership of the Vatican to Jesus, but he couln’t as he was poisioned 33 days after he became the Pope. Were the other three scared away by the questionable death of John Paul 1 and became anti-Popes by doing so? What is worse is that even though this terrible take over of the Satanic Forces was well known within the Vatican, everybody, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, etc., continued functioning as if nothing had happened!

When one sees this happening, one knows indeed that as Paul VI said himself, ‘the breath of Satan filtered itself into the Vatican when John XXIII held the unfortunate Vatican II Council!’ And since then something really, really dreadful continues growing and brewing within the Temple of God, which will no doubt continue to grow and spread all over the world just as a terminal cancer spreads  all over the body!

Jesus on the Cross – Painting by Diego de Velázquez

The actions, behavior and words of this unclean spirit who is now at the head of the Roman, Novus Ordo Catholic Church are not only those of a blasphemous, apostate and false anti-Pope, but also those of an ignorant, elemental demon who has the bluntness and vulgarity that characterizes demonic entities who eagerly work on this earth to spread the Satanic philosophy imbedded in them. Furthermore his theological ignorance is made blatantly obvious whenever he spits out the unbelievable outrageous blasphemies he commits against Jesus the Christ, the One Who he is supposed to serve.  But being who he is and serving whom he serves it makes sense that the first blasphemy the anti-Pope commits is, of course, against Jesus on the Cross!  This is how unbelievable the outrageous blasphemy he said, supposedly they are exact quotes:

Blasphemy Number 1. ‘The cross shows us a different way of measuring success. Ours is to plant the seeds: God sees to the fruits of our labors.  And if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and produce no fruit, we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus . . . and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, in the failure of the cross.’ 

Unbelievable! If that phrase doesn’t show the demonic nature and total theological ignorance of anti-Pope Francis, I don’t know what would! ‘Humanly speaking’ what any human being with two degrees of spiritual sensitivity sees, when they see Jesus crucified is the image of Love, of a Super Hero, whose Unconditional and Unlimited Love for us Triumphed on the Cross by conquering in the most painful and ominous circumstances, not only His human self, but Death itself!  Sublime!

But the unclean spirits cannot see because they do not have inner vision.  This is why anti-Pope Francis blasphemes as he does and suggests that the efforts and work of Jesus didn’t produce fruit. He cannot see.  So, he doesn’t know.

But, when someone who has inner vision sees Jesus dying on the cross, they see differently, for instance, when Jesus said ‘It is consummated!’ they will see that at the very moment He uttered these words, Something Extraordinary happened in the Cosmos and on the Earth, Something that made the earth and the Heavens one! Something that not everybody could see at the Golgotha, but John and Mary Magdalene experienced by Divine Grace, they saw the Heavens open and The Christ Impulse enter the Earth impregnating it with light, and everything that lives on it with light!  This is the reason why the earth is the only planet that has a light halo around it – as was first seen when pictures were taken from outer space!

Jesus did all that and more that we cannot comprehend so that we humans could recuperate our original Divine nature and have Eternal Life as God originally created us to Be.  But the blind cannot see and cannot comprehend, so the heart instead of feeling gratitude and love in front of that Inmense Love, waxes cold and dies.

So, the crucified Jesus the Christ is not a failure, on the contrary, He is a sublime and inspiring Image for us to imitate and triumph by transforming our ego based nature into that of unlimited Godlike man with unlimited potentials of Being, as God, our Father originally created us to be.  Jesus made it possible for us to do that; thus, we can also triumph over our human ego and its limitations and Death and live for ever in the Kingdom of Life.

The Mystery of the Golgotha is the most extraordinary Victory that has happened or will ever happen on earth!  And the life of Jesus certainly didn’t end on the cross. Jesus lives!  Yet this completely ignorant, apostate anti-Pope dares to call Jesus a failure, totally ignoring His Resurrection!

The only failure that happened on the cross, is the failure of the Satantic Forces to conquor Jesus, while He was in His human body by torturing Him with the most painful and terrible physical and emotional pain a human being can endure.  Because if He would have failed and bowed to His pain they would have won the souls of all humanity.  In reality the Satanic Forces who started Darkness[1] on Earth and who this Apostate anti-Pope serves, are the only ones that failed at the Crucifixion.  And he who spitted out of his mouth the word ‘failure’ connected to the crucified Christ is the greatest failure of them all.

The Christ, Jesus didn’t fail because He was crucified.  He could have used His Power to end with the whole thing at any point if He had so willed. He proved this to us in the Garden of Gethsemane when the Roman soldiers came with Judas to arrest Him  and asked, ‘Who is Jesus the Christ?’  Jesus stood up and just said, ‘I am’. The tremendous power that He had threw the Roman soldiers with spears, armor and swords on the ground shaking in fear in front of Jesus, an unarmed man.  His Crucifixion cannot be seen as a a failure because of weakness and indeed not as the effect of bad actions.  It was a willed sacrifice of Jesus of which the Christ was the High Priest.  A sacrifice Love made because of His infinite Mercy and Love for us.  Only the blind unclean spirits can see the Crucifixion of Jesus as a failure.

On the other hand, when anybody who can see looks at the Christ on the Cross, they see Infinite, Divine Love. Love Itself, who  became human to show us in Himself a vital Truth: that Love is Eternal and the Forces of Evil cannot kill It.  They can only end provisionally with the human body, but not with the true and Essential Being that we humans have the potential to Be.  Thus, we see Jesus as a victorious conqueror, Who heralds to us a Triumph that we can also achieve, the Triumph of Love, over all human limits, which is the only Key that opens the doors of Eternal Life.

This is why my heart aches when I see this anti-Pope betray Jesus in such a manner, someone who should serve Him.  Someone who taking advantage of the high position he occupies, uses it to debase Jesus and His Crucifixion!

It is painful and scary to see this, because someone who occupies the seat of Peter and acts like that is extremely dangerous for other human souls who trust him, without him deserving their trust, solely because of the position he holds.

Thus, hear you, unclean demon who sit where you shouldn’t, unclog your mind and hear our Lord’s voice, the One that you blaspheme about, Jesus the Christ: ‘Right now I am agonizing for the human souls. Mine offend and condemn me in my Sacrament of Love.  Each one of them is participating to destroy Me.  Those who celebrate the black masses are attacking Me now.  They have joined the evil forces of Satan, walking away from Truth and Love.  Because of this they will unleash a cruel war.  At the end the head of Satan will be crushed, and evil will perish.’

‘Divine Call’

 Messages of Jesus when He appeared to

Sor Anna Ali on October 24, 1987

Hear now what I have to say:  Jesus on the cross is a Glorious Message of Victory, not of a Failure.  You are the failure who should hang your head in shame and not occupy the place that has been given to you by your Satanic counterparts, entities who have taken over the Vatican.  You are obviously a failure as a human being, as a Catholic and in front of God and this is a very serious thing. You may be dressed as a Pope in this world, but you are nothing but a blasphemous and ignorant apostate, who has been placed there by the Forces of Darkness who operate on earth to open people’s mind to the One World Power despotic government of the Antichrist, the Jewish Messiah, whom you serve.

The task of the False Prophet is exactly to demean the Christ, Jesus and mislead the peoples of the world giving them false information, a convenient version of things that fits their ego purpose, to incite them to serve the Antichrist.  So, according to this, you are doing your job, which you seem to enjoy.  But if you still have a soul, fall on your knees, take advantage of the fact that the Mercy of Love is Infinite and pray for your self-damned soul’s salvation.  I’ll say no more.

Blasphemy Number 2. Pope tells Christians ‘to avoid a personal relationship with Jesus Christ’ and advocates for a New World Order.

Pope Francis has raised eyebrows again this week after warning 33,000 Catholics assembled in Rome: ‘to avoid a personal, direct, immediate relationship with Jesus Christ.’

Speaking during one of his sermons at the Vatican, the Pope broke with thousands of years of Christian tradition when he told his followers,

           ‘to avoid having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, even warning them that doing so could turn out to be dangerous and very harmful’!

          Unbelievable!  This is as obsolete as telling married people that they should avoid love and having a loving personal relationship with each other! That doing so could be dangerous and very harmful!

He is not only evil, but probably mentally impaired. And surely so are all the men who are ordained as Cardinals who do not depose him before he causes more harm.  Unbelievable!

Blasphemy Number 3. In the following paragraphs it is obvious that this unclean spirit is planting the seeds for the One World Power Despotic Reign of the Antichrist.

Recently, the Pope made various peculiar statements to the Italian newspaper La Republica in which he claimed that the American people have, ‘a distorted view of the world’ and put forward the idea of the people of the United States being ruled by a world government ’for their own good.’

This is not the first time that the Pope has openly spoken of his desire for the establishment of a One World Government that will have supreme oversight when it comes to all the world’s affairs, the Despotic Reign of the Antichrist, who would claim to be God, as he did also at the beginning of times.

The Pope claims that he believes that endowing the United States with the full muscle and might of ultimate governmental oversight would be for the overall good of humanity.

If one can hear the subtext of what someone is really saying and change a word or a few words if needed, one usually gets the true meaning of what’s being said. In here, to make the last sentence more concrete, his actions and words would make sense: So, let’s do that to really know what he is truly saying.  I will change the words United States for Antichrist.

This is what he said:

The Pope claims that he believes that endowing the United States with the full muscle and might of ultimate governmental oversight would be for the overall good of humanity.

The same paragraph with a few words changed:

The anti-Pope Bergoglio claims that he believes that endowing the Antichrist, or the long expected Jewish Messiah to rule as a Despot with the full muscle and might of ultimate governmental oversight would be for the overall good of humanity.

I will say no more.

[1] Darkness in the original that Moses wrote it, means a centrifugal point that absorbs everything to itself, meaning the ego

For we wrestle not against humans, but against Powers and Sovereignities

And Principalities and Thrones, who

Started the Darkness of this world

And Darkness the Spiritual Army of Evil in the Cosmos

Paul de Tarsus Ephesians 6: 12


I am using this photo I got from the internet, which has been questioned by an outfit called which claims that it was doctored and that what he was doing is kissing the hands of a few ‘holocaust survivors’.  Nonetheless, I publish it here, not only because it is a perfect symbol of the degradation that the anti-Pope Francis is engaged in, degrading Jesus, the high position that unfortunately he occupies, and the Roman Catholic Church, but it is accurately representing where he is at, whom he serves, and how, bowing in front of the representatives of the One world Power of the antichrist or the Jewish Messiah.  And in the spirit of this article I close it with this picture, as ‘A Picture is worth more than a Thousand Words.’   I feel this one clearly represents what is  going on in the Vatican.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

Latest Update:

Pope Francis says the devil is causing people to question the Catholic Church; has nothing to do with priests sexually molesting choir boys

Thursday, September 20, 2018 by: Ethan Huff

Taking a very brief reprieve from his more typical lectures promoting limitless illegal immigration and global climate taxes, Roman Catholic head Pope Francis finally addressed the far more serious problem of homosexual Catholic priests molesting and raping underage boys – but not in the way you’re probably thinking. During a recent “sermon,” Pope Francis decided to call out those who are seeking full disclosure and truth on the matter, labeling them tools of the “Great Accuser,” a.k.a. Satan. That’s right: Anyone who dares to question the rampant child abuse taking place within the Catholic hierarchy is working for the devil, according to Pope Francis.  It’s Lucifer himself who’s causing victims of sexual abuse at the hands of the Catholic religion, as well as their family members and other advocates, to seek justice for all of the little one’s whose innocence has been forever ruined by pedophiles in the Catholic clergy.  “In these times, it seems like the ‘Great Accuser’ has been unchained and is attacking bishops,” Pope Francis stated during the recent mass event.“True, we are all sinners, we bishops. He (Satan) tries to uncover the sins, so they are visible in order to scandalize the people. The ‘Great Accuser,’ as he himself says to God in the first chapter of the Book of Job, ‘roams the earth looking for someone to accuse.’”

Pope Francis works for Satan, and his words represent blasphemy against the Holy Spirit – an unforgivable sin.   These are shocking statements, especially considering that the Bible also states in John 3:20 that ‘everyone who does evil “hates the light” – meaning, they hate when the truth is exposed because it unveils the evil deeds that they did in darkness.

What this shows is that Pope Francis is teaching what the Bible refers to as “doctrines of demons,” a twisted interpretation of scripture that conveniently shields the Roman Catholic religion from all scrutiny.

Further, by claiming that those who seek truth and justice are working for the devil, Pope Francis himself is blaspheming the Holy Spirit, which the same Word of God that he claims to represent reveals is an unforgivable sin.  This suggests that Pope Francis and every single homosexual, pedophile bishop and priest who’s taken advantage of innocent children are headed straight for hell, even as they hypocritically accuse their accusers of working for the devil.  The truth of the matter is that nobody is “accusing” anyone of anything, here, since the cat is already out of the bag. An “accuser,” as Pope Francis puts it, implies that someone merely has an unsubstantiated allegation, which isn’t at all applicable to this situation.

“While some false allegations surely exist and have caused unjust suffering, the documented instances of vast abuse and cover-ups justify widespread investigations and root-and-branch reforms,” writes Guy Benson for  “Between the Pope railing against tools of the ‘Great Accuser’ and this jaw-dropping soliloquy from one of his senior American defenders, one fears that internal resistance to a needed, cleansing fire is – and will remain – deeply entrenched.”

Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time that Pope Francis had verbally smeared those who’ve spoken out about Roman Catholic perversion and corruption. On other occasions, Pope Francis has dubbed those who express disgust with Roman Catholic priests raping little boys as bearing “fruit of a diabolical spirit.”

“The only legitimate accusation is against oneself” 

Pope Francis added during this same statement, twisting the truth and turning it back on those seeking to make it known.



Recommended reading:

 The Apocalypse Compared to Current Events    

The Apocalypse Compared to Current Events rings a bell well beyond the confines of just the Seven Churches which John intended his message for. . . No other document in history has managed to express so urgently that we are on the verge of facing a chaotic end; or to conjure up such a picture of the glorious future that awaits the 144.000 Children of Light who will endure the horrors of the final and decisive conflict between the Forces of Light and Darkness on planet Earth.

The Era of the Antichrist

The Era of the Antichrist is more than just a book; it is a prophecy being fulfilled daily, corroborated in our daily news, magazines, newspapers, etc. This is not a strange coincidence as we now live in the Era of the Antichrist. The Era of the Antichrist is a living book whose events are taking place via both visible and invisible events, revealing the mysteries of the self and its link to the Antichrist.

The Exact Computation of the 666: 

The Number of the Antichrist Unveiled Utilizing a Secret Gnostic Code Used by Disciples of St. John in 96 A.D.

The number 666 has puzzled the theological mind for centuries, actually it has done more than that, for this sole number supposedly hiding the identity of the Antichrist as written in Revelations, has terrified people for almost 2,000 years; and fear blinds human understanding.   This computation can help you to see with clarity what’s behind the number of the beast, the way Saint John intended us to comprehend.




Vladimir Putin – A Man of Destiny

Putin the Monk holding a Tiger.  Photo by Paul Brown

      If what you are looking to find is good or bad public relations, news or factual information about Putin, the best thing to do is to Google his name, and.  .  .     ‘a bra, ca dab bra’.  .  .  Your experience would be as magical as if you had rubbed Aladdin’s lamp!   In a second everything you can imagine to satisfy your curiosity will be there, true and false articles, photos, videos, etc., about Vladimir Putin!

No, you will not find anything of that nature in this article.   On the contrary, my commentary on Vladimir Putin as head of Russia and the role he now plays in the world has nothing to do with factual data.

To a certain extent my article is of the kind that could be cataloged as ‘fantasy’ and easily dismissed by the Newtonian minded people, who Einstein called ‘snuffed candles’ because they do not have inner vision, thus they only validate material things that can be proved with facts as real.   So, there is no sense to argue with them, because my commentary cannot be proven by material facts. So, if you have a Newtonian mind don’t waste your time, enjoy the info Wikipedia and Google have to offer – which is fabulous – and if you are intrigued come back here and let your mind enjoy learning another way seeing.  For the moment thank you for your visit, I hope you are intrigued and will be back, for somehow in this relative world we never know too much.

Have you ever experienced seeing things that others don’t seem to see?  That happens to me when I least expect it.  All of a sudden it happens!  Something triggers and I am given a different way of seeing what is going on.  .  .  It is as if it were the vision of an eagle that can see everything when its flying really high.  .  . Or as if you had entered into a dark room and suddenly someone turns the light switch on and you can see everything clearly. This inner vision comes accompanied by an eschatological Understanding of whatever is being seen, or experienced – where no thought process is included.  What is really awesome about this is that right afterwards, life starts corroborating with ‘real, factual events’ what the inner vision perceived!  I would say this experience is like seeing things differently by Divine Grace with an ‘Inner Eye and an Extended Understanding’ that goes well beyond the limits of our sensory perception.

I hope that I have expressed this inner visual experience clearly for I am afraid this is the best I can do.

– What does Eschatology – a study of the end times – have to do with Vladimir Putin? Aren’t we all destined to do whatever we do?  I know that he is an important person indeed, for he is the President of Russia, but isn’t it a stretch to say he is ‘A Man of Destiny?  And what does he have to do with the end times?

– A lot.  .  . According to what I saw and was given to know when I first saw Vladimir Putin.  He didn’t do anything. .  .  It was just his presence.  .  . It triggered the experience I just explained to you, which somehow led me to know the reason why he is indeed a Man of Destiny.  I feel that many people, some who like Putin and some who hate him and would gladly get rid of him would agree with me, for they intuitively know this.

Later on as time passed, and Putin became President of Russia, his words, his behavior and the actions he took clearly corroborated and authenticated all I was given to see about him.

– What did he do that makes you say that?

Many things, the way he disposed of the Oligarchs, cleaned out much of what was needed to go, made Russia a world power again, and especially when I saw the calm strength,  wisdom and  restraint with which Putin acted to Protect Russia, instead of reacting to the provocations of other world powers that crave to start a Nuclear War and were and still are taunting him to do so.  The way he handled these provocations and many other situations clearly corroborated and authenticated all I was given to see about him.  And I knew that behind him is a Force that is not only protecting Russia, but indirectly the whole world.  In handling these dire situations the way he has, Putin fulfilled one of the prophecies about the end times of the Holy Virgin of Fatima – which sadly enough has been totally ignored by the European Catholic countries:

‘One day Russia and China will be the hope of the world.’

–  I see.  .  . But, what does all this have to do with Eschatology?

– Everything.  For all of these things indicate we are living in the end times where Vladimir Putin, want it or not, is playing a key role, one that he didn’t expect, strive for, or wanted to readily accept when it was first offered to him.   It is well known that when the presidential position was offered to Putin by president Boris Yeltsin, he rejected the offer twice.  Something highly unusual and never seen in the world of politics before, especially when there were many close to Yeltsin pushing to be chosen for that position.  It was also unusual that Yeltsin stubbornly insisted until Putin couldn’t say no.  In reality it couldn’t be any other way for behind all this was the hand of Divine Providence.  Thus, Yeltsin insisted saying to him that Russia should come first, and he was his only choice because Russia needed someone like him! Putin couldn’t say no to that. When he was reelected, a journalist asked him why was he so popular in Russia?  And Putin answered:  ‘I feel that the Russian people and I have something in common: both of us love Russia.’

Putin with a Bear

          The truth is President Yeltsin and Putin were both, without even suspecting it, just following higher orders – because when Divine Providence has made a decision no human can interfere.

Even if it is difficult for you to accept this way of seeing things; at least you must agree that the way Vladimir Putin became President of such a powerful country as Russia is highly unusual.  Wouldn’t you say so?  So unusual it is, that it is maybe the first and only time this has and will ever happen.

So, following his destiny, Putin accepted the position he now occupies. I may be right, or I may be wrong for this I don’t really know.  But, I feel that Putin will still be the President of Russia when the last war breaks out because it has become literally impossible for him to hold the Dark Forces back. Like it or not, he is destined to play one of the most important roles in the final act of the Grand Opera now playing on Planet Earth’s Great Theatre ‘The Apocalypse.’

– I can see why they would label your article like ‘fantasy’ for you are starting to sound to me as someone who is talking of our Planet and our life as if it were a story like ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

– You are right, our story can sound like that.

– But, what about the end times?  Do you know when the end is coming?

– About that I will answer with the words of Archangel Gabriel, ‘The one answering knows as much as the one asking.’

Jesus Himself when asked the same question said: 

                  ‘Of the time and the hour I will not tell you for only the Father knows.  But watch the signs.’

So, if Jesus says that, who can say differently?  No one else can tell the hour or the time for only the Father knows.

But we have been told that there are signs that will indicate the times of the end are here.  So, if you want to know the thing to do is to be alert and watch for the signs.  Recently, just a few years ago, a Time Sign was given to us by Jesus Himself through Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, a hundred eight years old revered Jewish Orthodox Rabbi, to whom he appeared.  Not surprising, this sign, although extremely important for the whole world to know, has been ignored to a great extent. This sign was very precise on the subject of time as Jesus made a point of saying to the Rabbi that He was going to come shortly after the death of Arial Sharon. Well, Sharon was disconnected from the machine that kept him alive and died in 2014.  So, this marks time with a Heavenly stamp.  Don’t you think so?  I cannot give you the list of the signs in this article as there are many, but I will include in a future article.

– Why do you believe this information of the Rabbi to be true?

– Because it is unlikely that a revered 108 years old Rabbi would lie on his death bed, and when he was asked the name of the Messiah he wrote the name of Jesus.

– Why would Jesus appear to a Rabbi instead of the Pope?

– Because His own have betrayed Him and enthroned Lucifer as head of the Vatican on June 23, 1963[1].  Since then because no Pope had performed the exorcism to invalidate this enthronement, the dark forces are ruling the Vatican, which is obvious by the blasphemous words and actions of the apostate antipope, so called Pope Francis, who occupies the chair of Peter right now.

In a sense this sign, as well as others which have already been fulfilled, are letting us know that the Final Chapter of this great Earthly Opera in which mankind was meant to evolve into demi-Gods has already started.  Have we done so?  Or have we become demi-Demons with our choices?

Up to this point, Putin is playing the role Destiny assigned to him more than well, it is not easy to play the role of the ‘White Knight’ who unexpectedly is given a position and the power to be the stronghold of the Forces of Light and of Orthodox Christendom and its values.  It is not easy to restrain the Forces of Darkness that have hijacked Planet Earth.  These Forces are eager and set on destroying mankind and every trace of everything and everyone that belongs to the creation of the Divine Forces of Light.  Putin knows what he is fighting and feels he has nothing to fear for Heavenly Forces are with him.  It is strange that Europe has not heard Putin or believed him, for he has said repeatedly that Russia is not the Soviet Union anymore, that Russia today wants peace and prosperity for itself and all other countries, that the Russia of today doesn’t want to use its power to rule the world, expand its territories or a war in which there will be no winner. But Europe has not heard his voice. There was a moment when Putin hoped, and I prayed that Europe would SEE clearly, dissolve NATO and join him to work together for world peace.  But as we all know Europe chose to go against Russia and work for the Forces that want One World Power.

Being a very intelligent man, he doesn’t seem to have an ego full of ‘illusions of grandeur’ , a very unusual quality and indeed rarely found amongst people who occupy a position such as his.  On the contrary, it seems that Putin knows that the Forces he is fighting have great power on earth and won’t give up their plans to govern the world because Vladimir Putin is opposing them.  He knows their plans are as old as time itself, and they are not about to give up now because Russia with a sole ally, China, are opposing them.  He knows there is only so much he can do and that is to delay the climax of this situation which is on top of us, it’s just a question of time.  Yes, Putin knows that China is with him, but that he is almost alone in this fight as the Holy Virgin of Fatima said:

        ‘One day Russia and China will be the hope of the world.’

When Vladimir Putin cannot delay their plans and restrain these forces anymore, he will have no option but to follow his destiny and play as he must, the role of ‘the White Knight’ defending Russia with all its might.  When that day comes be in God’s Presence for as Paul of Tarsus said: ‘We wrestle not against humans, but against Powers and Sovereignities, and Principalities and Thrones, who started the Darkness of this world, the spiritual army of Evil in the Cosmos.’  (Ephesians VI, 12) But remember one thing:  Jesus lives, He showed us with His Life, Death and Resurrection That which is Immortal, Eternal and God born cannot be destroyed.  The only thing that will be destroyed is what IS NOT.  Have you found That which is Immortal in you?  Have you found your True Identity?  Or are you thinking that your physical person is what you are?

       – Hum.  .  .  I never thought about that question.  .  .  Is that what Shakespeare meant when he said, ‘To Be or not to be, that is the question’?

– That’s right.  That is The Question, the most important thing, but this is a theme for another article. I must now say peace be with you and:  May God bless and protect Vladimir Putin and be with him till the end.


[1] Windswept House by Malachi Martin; Era of the Antichrist by Ysatis De Saint-Simone

Mystic Christianity’s Eschatological View of Present Trends in World Events

What is Mystic Christianity?  Mystic Christianity differs from all other forms of what is commonly known as ‘Christian-Judeo-Protestant sects’ or from the Novus Ordo Roman Church of John XXIII in that these forms of Christianity are based solely on text and dogma, rather than in the Supernatural side of them.   Whereas the dogma taught by Mystic Christianity is made alive by Revelation of Its Spirit.  Thus, the Divine Spirit is known and experienced for It lives within us, and we have our being in It.  After the Revelation of the High Mystery of Life, the same that Jesus revealed to His disciples, the Spirit of the letter becomes alive in a true dynamic way in those who are awakened to It.

Russian Monster Nuclear Bomb

What?  Nobody ever told me that this was possible.

You can’t understand why this has happened, but that’s the way it is.  Nonetheless, whatever the reason is, it cannot be justified, for it is an iniquity to not follow Jesus’ Teachings as He wanted them to be taught.  And most importantly, the spiritual damage they cause to us by not revealing The One Thing that can make us free and be True Disciples of Jesus.  I had to almost die to find this Truth, as Jesus revealed It.  Yet, once I was Revealed It, I realized that Jesus speaks about it in His verbal teachings a few times!  But if you don’t know and others don’t either, nobody Understands what He is teaching!  But this is not a light subject, so I will write a whole article about it.  For the moment ask any question you want related to this subject.

But, just tell me one thing.  Has there been anyone I know that practiced this type of Christianity?

Sure!  At the beginning of Christendom, it was called Gnosticism and Saint John the Evangelist and Paul de Tarsus are the best examples of that period.  Later on, during the 12th – 14th Centuries we have Saint Francis de Assisi, Saint Claire, Saint Bernard de Quintevalle, Saint Teresa of Avila and others.  This period was called the period of Christian Mysticism.  It died out soon after when materialism became more prominent.  I will say no more.

And what is an Eschatological view?

        Eschatology is a deep study of the end times.  How does an eschatological view differ from a regular view of things?

Eschatology differs in its approach from other branches of knowledge because it is a study of the end times, which also takes into consideration what we know about the beginning of all things.  The main difference from Eschatology and a regular study based strictly on information intellectually accepted by scholars because it can be proven with material facts, is that Eschatological conclusions are not solely based on factual information but also, as is the case with ‘The Apocalypse’ of Saint John and his Gospel.  Most importantly in an inner vision illumined by Divine Grace, which originally provided the information regarding the subject being studied.  Divine Grace also bestows the person writing about it the Grace and inner vision necessary to Comprehend the great Mysteries the person is dealing with, so that when the person shares this Truth with others, it is blessed with accuracy, as in this case.

Excuse me, but did you just say, ‘study of the end times?


What do you mean? Are you suggesting that we are already living in the ‘end times?’

Exactly that.

How do you know we are living in the end times?   Do you know when the end is going to happen?

I answer to you with the words Archangel Gabriel said to the Islamic Prophet who asked him the same question you just asked:

‘The one answering knows as much as the one asking.’

On this subject this is the only valid answer because 2018 years ago when His disciples asked Jesus this question, He answered:

‘Of the time and the hour I will not tell you, for only The Father knows, but watch the signs.’

And He gave them a few signs that will happen before the end comes that we ought to watch for.  Up to the year 2005 I said to anyone who wanted to know when the end would come, ‘If Jesus doesn’t know when the end will come, nobody knows.  The only thing to do is to follow His advice and watch for the signs He gave us’.  Now, after the year 2005 this changed radically.  What happened is that Jesus appeared in person to a 108 years old revered Jewish Rabbi, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, and gave him a very definite Time Sign, which marked the times of the end with a clear stamp!

108 years old revered Jewish Rabbi, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri

       Why do you trust what the Rabbi is saying?

First of all because if Jesus trusted the integrity of Rabbi Kaduri, so do I.  Besides, he had an impeccable reputation, and his mental capacities were not impaired by age at all, he functioned perfectly well and was teaching the Kabbalah until the end. One year before Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri died Jesus told him that He would come shortly after the death of Arial Sharon.  Well, Arial Sharon was unplugged from the machine that kept him alive and died on January 11, 2014.  As I said before, this Sign given by Jesus Himself to Rabbi Kaduri marks the times of the end with a clear stamp.

The fact that Jesus deemed necessary to appear in person to let us know how close the times of the end are, ought to alarm us and be taken into consideration.  His apparition ought to wake us up to the reality of the times we live and how urgent it is for us to prepare ourselves spiritually for the dire times coming and that we all will have to face like it or not.

Archangel Gabriel also gave 10 signs that will signal the end times to an Islamic Prophet, who asked him the same question.   It is good to know that some of these have already been fulfilled.

I want to add, that although this is a very important subject I will not talk about it here and now because it is not the theme of the present article, but I promise I will soon write an article about it.

Why did Jesus appear to a Rabbi and not to the Pope?

The answer to your first question is:  Because this was a revered Rabbi, who honored God all his life, the way he knew how.  Most importantly because His own have betrayed Him; there is no Pope and no Roman Catholic Church at the Vatican now.

What is in the Vatican right now is worse than Heresy, it is Satanic Apostasy and a Satanic Apostate anti-Pope, who is deceiving many who trust him unconditionally because of the position he occupies.  Others in the Vatican, like Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, etc. are also Satanic Apostates if they accept what’s going on in silence, or by approval, for they no longer believe or stand up for the Basic Truths of the Catholic Church as they ought to. Therefore, they are Luciferian by choice and function as such regardless of the position they occupy in the Vatican.

Others who just attend Church services who seem to be unaffected by all the blasphemies, etc., are just ‘snuffed candles’, thus, indifferent to everything that doesn’t affect them personally. They are immune even to the downgrading of Jesus and the appalling violations of what Is Most Sacred, the Holy Eucharist. Many who belong to the Novus Ordo Roman Church and think themselves to still be Catholic are not.  They have become Apostates without even realizing it. They belong to what is accurately called NO Church.  They must Hear what Jesus said about this:

‘You cannot serve two Masters, because when you Bow to one, you give your back to the Other.’

No one can claim that ‘they didn’t know’ for this anti-Pope and his Vatican are indeed openly and brutally demeaning Jesus verbally and violating all Principles of the True Church of Jesus to serve the Antichrist’s purposes whenever they have the opportunity to do so.

Woe!  Can you give us one of the end signs now?

Yes, the reason I mentioned the signs here, is because one of the most important ones is the main subject of this article.  And this sign is the coming of the Antichrist.

Who is the Antichrist?

Is he the so long expected Jewish Messiah that those who rejected Jesus have waited for 2018 years?

Or is he an impostor, a ruthless Despot, the terrifying Beast of The Apocalypse of Saint John?

Why would people readily follow the Apocalyptic Beast and reject Jesus the Christ? That doesn’t make any sense.

Jesus the Christ, the Heavenly Messiah and the Antichrist, the World Messiah

There are 3 important points to Understand which may give you the answer to that question:

  1. What is the origin of this mysterious character?
  2. Why does he want to govern the whole world?
  3. What is it in our nature that gives him so much power in the world and over most human beings?

So, to answer the first and second questions, the story says that when AElohim asked His Heavenly hosts to bow in front of Man, His new creation made to His Image and Likeness, Lucifer, the brightest of the Archangels, felt envious and refused to do so saying: I am greater than Man, I will not bow in front of a lower creation than I!  As a result of this disobedience there was a War in Heaven.  I will tell the story as it was first told to me, in the magnificent words of Milton’s from his ‘Paradise Lost’. I saw the story illustrated by Gustave Dore and in my child’s imagination as an extraordinary movie, something which I will never forget.  .  .  Hear it as Milton said it:

        Say first – for Heaven hides nothing from thy view,

          Nor the deep tract of Hell – say first, what

          Cause moved our grandparents, in that happy state,

          favored of Heaven so highly, to fall off from their

          Creator, and transgress His Will for one restraint,

          Lords of the world beside?

          Who first seduced them to that foul revolt?

          The infernal Serpent; he it was, whose guile,

          stirred up with envy and revenge, deceived

          the Mother of Mankind; what time his pride

          had cast him out from Heaven, with all his host

          of rebel Angels; by whose aid, aspiring to set himself

          in Glory above his peers, He trusted

          to have equaled the Most High, if he opposed

          and with ambitious aim against the throne of Gad.

        Raised impious war in Heaven, and battle proud,

        With vain attempt.  Him the Almighty Power

          Hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky.

          With hideous ruin and combustion, down

          To bottomless perdition; there to dwell

           In adamantine chains and penal fire

          who does defy the Omnipotent to arms.

          Nine times the space that measures day and night

          to mortal men, he with his horrid crew

          Lay vanquished, rolling in the fiery gulf

          Confounded, though immortal.  but his doom

          Reserved him to more wrath: for now the thought

          Both of his loss happiness and lasting pain

          torment him.

Angels falling away from Their Source

There was a War in Heaven

 Archangel Michael throwing Satan out of Heaven

        By rebelling against the Will of AElohim, Lucifer disconnected himself from the Divine Will, and by disobeying the Supreme Will, he self-defined himself into an individualized ego, who likened himself as someone greater than God.

The descent of Satan into Darkness* was immediate, because the Law of Cause and Effect was instantly activated when he broke his connection to AElohim.  That’s how he became the father of the ego.

Satan falling

        When one is told that Lucifer and hi So, that is his origin.  He is indeed, the incarnation of the first self-defined entity, the Father of the first Ego who rebelled against God and disconnected himself from the Supreme Will.

But he didn’t fall on his own, many other angels followed him.  These are his people, who recognize him as greater than God and in our days serve him on Earth, as they did since the beginning.

Are these fallen Angels that ‘Something’ that Quantum Physics says causes the existing ‘disorder’ in the Cosmos

One could see it like that, for the descent of Satan created an immediate chaotic and terrifying disorder in the Cosmos.

When one is told that Lucifer and his hosts lost their Heavenly existence to fall into eternal damnation because they refused to worship Man, one can understand the reason why they are the sworn enemies of Man and of the Christ and why they want to destroy them.  They don’t see that it was their pride that made them disobey God and fall, they blame Man as the culprit of their fall and rebellion against God’s will.  So, if we let time roll from that time to our days and we admit that Lucifer and his hosts are here and now on Earth; we will understand why there are people set on destroying the whole creation of God, the earth, the ocean, the sky, animals, fish, food, and mankind and why they are trying to possess man’s mind and destroy the image of Jesus and His Teachings in their consciousness to possess as many souls as possible before he becomes public and Jesus the Christ comes.

In our days, there are many people who have already fallen into Apostasy and who are being influenced by them, some have totally lost touch with the Divine, so they speak loudly the language of the blind saying that Satan is just a Myth that people believed in the past and that there is no Evil and no Hell.

An untruth which understandably has become quite popular, and this Apostate anti-Pope and his followers are spreading.

So, what is he like now?  Does he look like a human being?

Woe!  So, where is he now?  What does he look like?

        Oh yes, he has incarnated in a man’s body, but what he was has not changed, he is now what he was at the beginning of times, an impostor, trying to impersonate the Messiah.  He is the same entity who at the beginning of man’s history presented himself as God, deceiving many.  He continues to do the same at the present time and will continue doing so until the end of times, not only because deceit is an integral part of his nature, but also because he needs to prove to God that he is greater than Him.

The unfortunate thing is that many people are already Antichristic, most are being influenced to be it by these demonic entities and their unfortunate offspring, the children of today are being conditioned since they are born to be it without any choice. Some of them will rebel against their conditioning, because they will hear the voice of their angelic nature and survive, and others will just succumb to the need of approval and perish.    

Woe!  How can such a ‘nice lady’ do that?

        Because the Antichrist caters to what most people are identified with, their ego. He feeds the ego’s elemental drives, lust for power, sex, greed, fame, the constant wishes to acquire more money or whatever is wanted, he fuels the ego’s desires to be important, have degenerate deviations, etc., everything that debases man’s nature is welcomed. Therefore, man’s ego feels at ease and welcomes him too.

One World Power partisans.

        Every disorder that takes the soul farther away from its Divine Source and True Identity and closer to its Satanic-self and greater darkness[1] is welcomed and accepted without problem or judgment. As a result, human beings become more comfortable with him than with Jesus, much more identified with their ego-identity, and comfortable doing things that debase their nature.  In our days being antichristic is quite general, most people have eyes that don’t see, ears that don’t hear – hearts that don’t feel – and not only because of having taken anti-depressants, and minds that are numb to all that is not of their personal interest or profit.

How can we expect to have peace in a world where women demand as a right to be legally able to kill’ nothing less than the fragile and defenseless unborn they carry in their own bodies! Their offspring! These demonic actions breed a society of killers, this is why we have wars and live in a world of murderers. who kill for self-profit, a world that mainly functions for self-interest or gain and where love is vanished as an inconvenience.  Sad but true.

What?  Such a ‘clean-cut’ person as him doing the Satanic salute?

        The Antichrist offers all the ego wants; world power, fame and fortune, drugs, even murder and all sort of ‘forbidden pleasures’ such as pornography in sex in all its ways and forms, especially if it is connected to child abuse, thus perverting children and debasing humans.

So, many who are Newtonian minded, or others who seek instant gratification or profit from everything they do, and indeed don’t believe in the hereafter, have already embraced the Antichrist more than gladly.

Some of them have even made a pact with him, ‘just give me what I want and take whatever you want from me’ is the deal.  Which believe it or not, is very tempting to many.

        Not surprising!  No, it is not surprising at all that the majority of people will welcome the Antichrist and accept him as their God when he shows up.  In a sense many have already rejected Jesus the Christ in truth and in deed.  Worshiping the Antichrist as God would just be the next step to take.  And because most people will do that, it’ll be perfectly fine to join in and do ‘the thing to do’.

The benefit of having Eschatology help you understand the current trends in world events is that you begin to Comprehend the incomprehensible actions being taken against people.  For instance, you will not ask any longer:  Who would want to blow the two towers?  Why would anyone want to do that?  Why are they poisoning us with the Chemtrails?  Why are we engaged in unending wars killing people who never did any harm to us?  Why have they poisoned our water with Fluoride?  Why have they altered our foods with female hormones that attack male chromosomes?  Why have they genetically modified our food with the DNA of scorpions, toads and other creatures that we don’t even know?  Why?

Eschatology helps you see with clarity that there has been since the beginning, a steady work from the Adversaries of God to destroy everything that belongs to His Creation.  It is just the time when the enmity of this Entity and his followers is coming to the surface, they do not have to hide any longer, because they are for the time being in Power everywhere you turn.   Their aim is to put the Antichrist as the head of the OWP.  And one has to admit, they have done an excellent job!

        Has he already incarnated?   Yes. He has incarnated as a Jewish man, he had to be a Jew, and have the correct pedigree to be accepted by Orthodox Jews as the Jewish Messiah.  That is a requisite that could not and will not change.  A Moslem Prophet described the Antichrist saying that he will be young, about 30 years old and quite strong physically.

That he will have curly hair and won’t be able to see at all with the right eye.  I do not think that he means that the Antichrist will have a defective biological vision problem.  I feel he is saying that he lacks the capacity to see with the heart.  That he is by nature incapable of seeing with an inner vision.

Nothing surprising about that if you have an Eschatological view of things, for he is nothing less that the Father of the Ego.

This is the answer to the next question, why does he have so much power over us?  This is exactly the reason why he has so much power over us.  He knows his children, and what is their Achilles heal better than anyone. He knows what makes each one of us ‘tick’.  He also knows better than anyone that because of this, in spite of all forewarnings against him, and of all that Jesus has done to save us, he will take innumerable souls to hell with him.  He is sure that most humans – 999 out of each 1,000 said AElohim to a Moslem Prophet – will go into perdition and accept him as their God.  But he will not win this battle against the Christ.

Armageddon – a Spiritual Warfare

             In the picture above Jesus and the Devil are shown as if they are equal forces.  They aren’t.  The Devil is powerful in this world, but he is not equal to God.  Jesus has Tridentine Power, Power on Heaven, Power on Earth and Power on Hell.  Satan has already lost the fight, although in this moment, and in the near future, it may not seem so.

Why then, if Jesus has so much power doesn’t He stop the Antichrist now, before he does more harm?

Because mankind has free will and must choose freely to serve one of these two Powers, in order to be part. of either Kingdom for Eternity. Each one of us will end up in the Kingdom of Light or the Kingdom of Darkness according to our choice.  Wherever we end up will be out of our own free will.  We are not puppets.  Love would not exist, if it was an imposition.  Our choice to Love all there is, as Jesus loves us with an unlimited, unconditional and impersonal Love, is the only Key to enter the Kingdom of Life.  The ego has other rules, above all love yourself more than anything or anyone else, go and get anything you want, despite who may get bent or hurt, and get as much as you can to satisfy yourself before you die.  These are most appealing to the ego-self.

So beware! Do not be deceived.  If you belong, you will want to come closer to Christ in truth and in deed, do that now because the Satanic powers are functioning now in full force.  Do not think for one minute that you are an exception because you are what the world thinks is ‘good’ for that may be a glory of your ego-self and nothing else.  In this path there are no favorites, and pretenses and just ‘good fronts’ and ‘nice words’ do not count.

What counts is what you truly are, where your consciousness truly is and your choices to Be or not to be. That is what will determine your destiny forever and ever more.

To comprehend the identity of the Antichrist and the influence he exerts over all humans is obviously very important.  This is the reason why Saint John deemed it necessary to protect his identity from being altered, changed or distorted; he knew that to Comprehend his nature and the reason why he has so much power over us is extremely important for our evolution and Salvation. Thus, he encoded the mystery of his true identity in the number 666 in a Gnostic System of Numerology that only him and the Gnostic disciples close to him knew and could decipher[1].

It is obvious that we live in the era of the Antichrist.  This is the time when he is exercising full power in all areas of society.  Yes, we are living in very crucial times.  This is a very important moment in the history of humanity.  There has never been a time like this and there never will be.  For this is an era when the unprecedented destruction of all morals, high principles and all the values that held the spine of humanity up straight in other times is taking place with the face of open mindedness. An era of forced changes and transformation, where the march of descent towards the abyss has been made most attractive to most humans, for this is the Era of The Antichrist.

This epoch has been prophesized by Jesus Himself and other holy men of different religions, who said that we will see things on Earth and in the Cosmos that have never been seen before.  That there has never been this kind of world before in time and space, nor will there ever be again anything like it.  That nobody has ever seen or experienced before the things that are already happening all around us and in our lives, neither those that will unfold in the near future.

So, the question I would ask here would be,

‘What can I do to go beyond my ego and survive the Antichrist?’

The answer is,

‘One needs to find one’s True Identity and thereafter Become It’. 

There is a way, but I cannot extend myself on this subject because this subject cannot be approached superficially.

If you are really interested in a deeper understanding of what the ego is and how to start disidentifying from it, look into the list of books and products found at the bottom of this article I have listed, which I recommend because they were designed for that specific purpose.

One thing is for sure, it is undeniable that the times of the end are here and that it is our consciousness which will determine our destiny when we take the last step of our human evolution.  Shakespeare well said ‘To Be or not to be.  That is the question.’

So, watch out where your consciousness is.

Yes, this is a time when we humans are being forced to define ourselves and take choices that will affect our destiny for eternity. ‘What you sow is what you will reap.’  It is our being and our choices that will define what we are or not as human beings and will determine our final destiny.

The ultimate choice being To Be for God or against Him by embracing the impostor Antichrist as God, because it fits you well to do so.

But who would do that?  You may ask.

You will most likely not like the answer, which is supposedly the answer that God Himself gave to an Islamic prophet who asked Him the same question,

‘How many people will go into the hell-fire at the end times?’

        It is said that Allah answered: ’99 out of each 100.’

        And when the Islamic Prophet alarmed said,

But, how is this possible oh Allah being that you are a God of infinite Mercy?’

What I am going to say is not the exact quote for I heard the story and do not have the text in front of me, but this is the gist of it: It is said that Allah answered:

‘Because Mercy doesn’t reach those who have eyes and do not see, have ears and do not hear, have a heart but do not feel, and are given Truth and reject it.  Those are like cattle.’*

        The answer of Allah goes along with the statement of Jesus who warned us about this lack of conscious Understanding of things saying that when the Antichrist comes at the end of time, most people will worship his adversary and reject Him.

Saint John confirms this truth also, saying:

‘And all who dwell on the earth shall worship him, everyone whose name has not been written since the foundation of the earth in the book of the Lamb who was slain.’

        As anybody can grasp, this subject is something of Paramount Importance for all humans.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I felt since early on in my life the urgency of finding an answer to this problem and jumped into an intense research and a spiritual quest to find the truth about the Antichrist’s identity and the power that he exerts over us.  I wanted to know that Secret Mystery that Saint John and his Gnostic disciples had hidden in numbers to protect it from being altered by the adversaries of the Christ and I started to search to find it.

It wasn’t easy, for people that ought to have known had either forgotten or didn’t know, or who knows?  But they were not answering my questions. Their apparent ignorance was frightening to me, it triggered me to continue digging and researching more throughout many years. One could very well say that I became obsessed and couldn’t give up my search.

Finally, my years of research were rewarded by Divine Grace and my unanswered question was answered.

Essentially my question was,

‘What?  Out of 100 people, 99 will go into the hell-fire because they will worship the Beast and reject the Christ! 

Why?  How can we do that to Jesus, after all He did to save us? 

Why will most people be capable of betraying the Christ to worship the Antichrist after all Jesus did to save us? 

Why?  What is it in our human nature that make us capable of such an iniquity? 

And who is this mysterious character we will be forced to deal with?  What is his power?  The power he exerts over most of us humans?

So, when I found the answer, instead of answering these vital questions with just a sentence or even a few pages, I wrote a book and I lectured on this subject in Europe, which earned me the Silver Medal of Alcala, a great honor given in Spain to people whose work can help humanity.

You don’t know how lucky you are to get the answer to all these vital questions at this moment, in such an immediate way and in the condensed form of a book that gives you the answer in the only way that Saint John advised us to find it!  It took me years to find this! And what is most important is that what I am blessed to offer to you is not a personal conclusion of mine, it is what the numbers unveil by disclosing the number 666 the way Saint John indicated and using the same Gnostic Numerological System that he and his disciples used.*

So, let’s all stop for a minute and thank Jesus for His Divine Grace that helps us to See and Know such vital truths with clarity.

Ysatis lecturing at the Theatre Lara, Madrid, Spain

        It was the best way I could help because this subject, which indeed demands more than any other a special and urgent attention, is not being taught in any university or any religion.  This book was written in order to help others who are searching for Truth to find the true answer to this vital question which means Life or Death for eternity.  The book is available now and it is called: ‘The Era of the Antichrist.’  I disclosed the 666 Mystery by using the same Gnostic Numerological System to compute this number that Saint John used to protect it.

So, if you want to know this computation, its available in both my small book, ‘The Exact Computation of the 666’ and in its bigger and most complete form in ‘The Era of the Antichrist.’

In short, the Apocalyptic Beast is the Father of the Ego-Identity, the most intelligent and effective evil mind that ever was and will be. He is the greatest manipulator, the greatest liar, as Jesus Himself called him for he has a PhD in deceit.  It is him who at the beginning of time, seen as an Anunnaki in the Sumerian Tablets, altered our God-given nature by blowing his DNA into us.

A biologist, Richard Dawkins, identified this alteration of our nature when he found a ‘foreign gene’ in our DNA, which he called ‘The Selfish Gene’.  He said this gene was a ruthless gene set on destroying everyone, even its carrier.  He wrote a book about it with the same title.  I in turn wrote a book as an answer to his called ‘The Ultimate Orgasm vs. the Selfish Gene.’  Both books are a must read for any true searcher.

What is the most dangerous tool the Antichrist has to use against us?  One that he is already using and most effectively, which he will use with great intelligence in the near future in order to firmly establish his despotic dominion over us.  It is ‘self-survival’ connected to the worldwide well-accepted and fraudulent system of paper money and credit. This tool of his will become more and more dangerous as the dollar falls and is substituted by ‘electronic money’.

That financial change will require humans to accept the ‘Mark of the Beast’ in order to continue functioning on this material plane and physically survive.  Most people will succumb and surrender to it and accept it as the only way ‘to survive.’  Know one thing.  The Beast knows very well what he is doing, he is extremely intelligent, he is the Master Mind of Evil.  There is nothing a human can do against him.  He fears no opposition, no weapons because no human can kill him or stop his agenda.   He fears no one but Jesus the Christ.  Thus, it is important for him to attempt erasing every trace of Him on earth and especially in our consciousness.

He is at work in doing so and will destroy whole countries and populations, including the United States and Europe for that purpose.  He will and is already trying to discredit and erase the Christ from people’s minds.  It is obvious that he is already doing that through all strata of society, education, political, religion, including a Satanically infiltrated Vatican. The behavior and blasphemous comments of the apostate anti-Pope Bergoglio, so called ‘Francis’ are a strong testimony of the amazing work of this demonic entity within Jesus’ own Church.  So, beware, your soul is in danger.  And as Paul de Tarsus said, for we wrestle not against humans, but against Powers and Sovereignties, and Principalities and Thrones, who started the Darkness* of this World, the Spiritual Army of Evil in the Cosmos. This is exactly what we have to fight against So, beware, your soul is in danger.

I will say no more.

For now, I will let you digest the eschatological way of seeing. Seeing by Divine Grace with inner vision the present trends in the world events that are happening every day and all around us.  .  . It helps us a lot, much more than we realize it.  I go now, not without reminding you what Jesus said to us about these end times:

‘When you see all these things happening, do not despair.  Rejoice, for I will be knocking at the door!’

So, with this thought I leave you until the next time.

Check out this video of Ysatis being interviewed with Freeman on The Freeman Perspective when he was interviewing her about two of her books, The Era of the Antichrist and Genesis 2000.   Ysatis explains about the conflicting two principles within and without, the Antichristic and the Christic.

Note:  Latest News

National Catholic Register      AUG. 25, 2018

Ex-Nuncio Accuses Pope Francis of Failing to Act on McCarrick’s Abuse

In a written testimony, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò claims Pope Francis withdrew sanctions against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick.



[1]  Gnostic system of numerology that Saint John used to disclose the mystery of the number 666.   The Marcosian system of numbers coming from Marcus, a disciple of Valentinus who was a disciple of Saint John.

[1]  Darkness –  The etymology of the word darkness is ‘a centrifugal point where everything is absorbed’. Perfect examples would be a black hole in the Macro Cosmos and the human ego in the Micro Cosmos.

[1]  It may very well be that the word ‘goyim’ (stupid cattle, with which the Jews define those who aren’t Jews) had its origin from this comment of Allah.

[1] Recommended Reading – The books already mentioned in the article‘Hey You, John Smith Who are You?’ and ‘Genesis 2000’ as well as listening to the most powerful tool to start growing into your true identity that I know, my cd ‘I Center of Power’.