Prayer of Transformation

Prayer of Transformation


As Jesus taught It

This is the only Prayer Jesus asked us to Pray.

Let us first Know the meaning of those words in the language Jesus spoke and how the people hearing those words Understood them, so we can Understand them also with the Power and Magnitude the words Jesus spoke have.

The Pronounceable Name of God is AElohim

AElohim Who Jesus called Father = The All,

He, She, They who Are or Father/Mother/Progeny of Love

Therefore, the etymological meaning of the word Father in the Hebrew-Aramaic language means = THE ALL.

Father = He is entirely Love and Love Is All there Is.

Father means also = I and My Son and My Children are One

Who is my Son? Love or My First Born

And who are my Children?

The whole house of Israel = Those who have been re-united with Their Source and have Become Love.

Is Ra El = Is NOT a Geographical location


A State of Consciousness of all those who have been

Re-United with their Source.


Is = Isis the Female Part of God

Ra = the Male Part of God

El = The force of Love that Unites Them and starts Creation


Therefore Israel = All who have recuperated their Divine Identity.

Father = Number 8 = The Masculine form of Love

I is never singular, I = Father/Mother/The whole who are Love.    All are contained within us in that word.


The Heavenly Father’s Prayer

And pray every day

To your Heavenly Father

And to your Earthly Mother,

So that your soul becomes perfected

By the Heavenly Father

And Its Holy Spirit, which is perfect,

And that your body becomes

As perfect as the body of

your Earthly Mother is perfect.’

For if you Understand, Feel

and Practice

the Commandments of Love,

then all for which you pray

to your Heavenly Father

and your Earthly Mother

will be given to you.

For the Wisdom, the Love,

and the Power of God

are above all things.

After this manner,

therefore, pray to

your Heavenly Father,

‘Our Father’

Having instructed us how to pray, Jesus gives us two daily Prayers.

These two Prayers are, when Comprehended with the Power and Magnitude that the Hebrew-Aramaic Language has and Jesus spoke them, the most profound words of Self-Transformation that can be uttered.

Jesus starts the prayer to the Heavenly Father making us aware of the His kinship with us, the Love of the Godhead for us and of our divine Sonship.

When Jesus says: Our Father, He is saying the two most wonderful and loving words ever pronounced.  .  .  Jesus brings us to the Heavenly Father as His brothers and as such, Children of Light, Children of the Godhead, so that we may enter into a deep, personal relationship with Him and learn to love the Heavenly Father when we contact Him with all our soul, all our mind and all our heart, as Jesus wanted us to love God.

Thousands of books can be written about God’s nature and His relationship with us, and of the relationship of the Christ with us, but no other words can express better the Love and the brotherhood that the Christ feels for us and the relationship of God and man than these two simple words –‘Our Father’ – with these two simple and powerful words the mystery of our place in the universe and of our nature is explained.  All the mysteries that the complicated systems of theology seek to explain to us are revealed in these two words that the Master of Love gave us to make contact with God.

With these two words Jesus erases all the theories of the superiority of anyone over anyone else.  With these two words Jesus rejects everything that divides man from one another, for they refute all the theories of preference of God for one race, or religion, and makes all humans participants and heirs of the Impersonal, Infinite and all-pervading Love of God.  With these two powerful words Jesus teaches us to know what is God-like and what is not.  For anything that opposes the Principle of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, be it in thought or action is not God-like and will not create harmony, but discord and strife on this earth.  No matter if this preference of a particularized character, which is presented as God in certain Scriptures, says so.

When Jesus walked the earth a Father was also a source of guidance, protection and support.  So, when the Great Essene Master uses the words ‘Our Father’ He is also saying to us, ‘Our Guidance, Support and Protection.’


‘Who art in heaven’

 There are words in this sentence that are extremely important to our Spiritual Evolution.  What Jesus is saying here, if we ‘Comprehend’ the power meaning of the words that He is using, is:  The Father is in a place within you, where your elemental nature can be raised to its Divinity.  For He told us repeatedly that the ‘Kingdom of Heaven is within’. The word ‘Heaven’ in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke when He walked the earth, has that exact connotation: ‘A place within man, where his elemental nature can be raised to Divine Splendor.’

To know the meaning of the word Heaven’ in a true, dynamic way is not only the Key to Understand what Jesus is saying, but something vital for our evolution.  So, by using this specific word in this sentence Jesus takes us back to the manner in which He originally instructed us to pray, saying,

‘But as for you, when you pray, enter into your Inner Chamber. And when you are within, shut your mind’s door and pray in Silence to the Father Who is in Heaven and the Father Who sees in secret, shall reward you openly.’

 And by doing so, Jesus is literally telling all humans that The Father, the Infinite, the Eternal One, is available and at easy reach to us if we enter into ourselves with a clean heart and in silence of tongue and mind.  Then the imperfect, temporary and finite in us will be gradually perfected by that union with our Divine Source, and our perishable, elemental nature will thus be gradually transformed into Divine, Eternal and Infinite.  .  .  And the Aim of human life on this Earth would be fulfilled.


‘Hallowed be Thy Name’

 Here in this phrase we have another key word, for the word ‘Hallow’ signifies ‘to make Sacred in Silence of mind and tongue.’  So, by using this word here Jesus is telling us this is the way to Honor the Father and all which is Holy.

In ancient times, and when He walked the earth, it meant to keep God’s Holy Name Sacred and secret, intimate and untouched.  For God and His Name are One and could not even be even be uttered verbally, because that implied a separation made by man.

This is why Hermes, the Great Egyptian Master, when asked about the nature of God, closed His eyes and put a finger on His lips to indicate that one cannot comprehend God’s Nature which is Unlimited with a limited mind, so the only way to know was to go within and be in Silence.  In India and Tibet it is still this way.  The Holy Name of God is revealed by Initiation and the disciple is told to meditate upon the aspect of God in silence of mind and tongue, and to always keep ‘That’ which he has been revealed Sacred and Secret.

The Essenes did not pronounce the Holy Name of God but hallowed It by constantly ‘Breathing It’ in Silence – that is what they called ‘a twenty-four hour constant Meditation, the Hallowing of the Father’s Name.’  That is what is meant by ‘Hallowing’ and what Jesus instructed us to do when He said, ‘Hallowed be Thy Name.’

By hallowing the Name of God over and over again in deep meditation, the heart is wiped clean, the mind becomes silent and the Divine enters the conscious mind, opening the door to ‘A True Oneness and Knowledge of God wh transforms us charging the individual with Spiritual Power.

Eventually the Name is experienced as a Oneness with God and all there is, and the joy of Love and Peace become an integral part of your life experience.

The secretion of the pineal gland called melatonin and serotonin, in the Spiritual tradition is sometimes called ‘Divine Nectar’, or ‘Soma.’  Jesus called it ‘Water’ when He talked about it to the Samaritan woman and said: ‘Whoever drinks of the water I will give him will never thirst again, but the same water shall spring out of his entrails into everlasting life.’

What Jesus is expressing here is the physiological process that happens on a human being as the Light energy springs up from the base centers of energy in the human body and rises effecting the secretion of Divine Nectar which awakens the dormant pineal gland in the human brain, by the constant and uninterrupted concentration of an individual on the Transcendental Holy Name of God.  He was referring here to a biological process that is the marriage of your physical and divine identities, a process that is an integral and vital part for our evolution, and a natural physical and spiritual reaction of our physiology to this Sacred Union with God.  The entering into the Cosmic Ocean of being which is, if you will, nothing less than an Inner Orgasm with All There  Is and is Infinite and Unlimited.  .  . The Ultimate Orgasm![1]


‘Thy Kingdom come,

Thy Will be done on earth

As It is in Heaven’

Jesus tells us here that when we realize our True Nature we will be able to experience a dimension that we don’t know now, because It is beyond the world of matter, beyond our sensory perception and imagination, which He called The Kingdom of God, the Perfect, Infinite and Eternal Divine Realm of Life.  And that the Way to get to this Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heave is within us and here and now.  And that through the faithful practice of the Union with the Living God within us, our all-encompassing ignorance will vanish and we will start experiencing and becoming Love, then the Kingdom of God will become ‘a real experience’ not only within us, but as a consequence of that Union with the Divine within, we will be creating It as well around us and everywhere we move, in spite of what the exterior circumstances may appear to be, because we will be in harmony with The Living God and all there Is.

With this phrase Jesus tells us the exact formula to fulfill the aim of human life.  He tells us, that it is possible for The Kingdom of God to manifest on earth; but only when the Supreme Will reigns on earth, just as it does within us.  It is not indeed, going to appear like as many misguided souls expect It to, and all of a sudden drop out of nowhere with trumpets blasting and all that fanfare! This will only happen when mankind’s mind learns to be in harmony with the Supreme Mind and as a consequence its individual will aligns itself willingly and by a clear choice with the Supreme Will, that of the Father of all, which moves all the forces that work in the Cosmos and on the earth to help ‘the manifestation of the Divine sonship of God’ in both the Spiritual world and on Earth.

The surrender of man’s will to the Divine Will is one of the greatest teachings of the Essenes, it is essential and may be the most important Teaching of theirs and one that Jesus exemplified throughout His life, especially at the Garden of Gethsemane, when His body sweated blood out of the intense fear He felt, knowing what He had to undergo throughout His Passion and Crucifixion if he chose to go ahead with it. It is in this moment of His life when He is teaching us what Ultimate Surrender is, when after asking the Father because of the fear He felt,

‘If it is possible, make this Chalice pass out of my life.’ Yet, in spite of that fear, He knowingly and willingly said, ‘But let it be your Will and not mine.’

It was more than difficult for Jesus to come to this decision, but He knew that the salvation of humanity depended on His choice to go through this tortuous Passion and Death, or not; as without Resurrection there would be no chance for humanity to be redeemed and become divine again.

So, even when at that moment His human nature reacted physiologically to an unimaginable fear, He maintained His Oneness with the Divine, which He is and always was One with, in His Divine Nature, yet it was the individualized man in Him who had to surrender His will and make the choice that was going to either change the destiny of humanity or save Him from this horrible death, and He chose to redeem us and surrender His will to the Supreme Will saying, ‘Let your Will be done and not mine.’  This is one of the most difficult Teachings, if not the most difficult one to accept and comply with for the self-defined, blind, and arrogant egos that we humans have developed into. The imperfection created by our self-definition will grow until it destroys humanity, this is a biological reality, not an opinion of mine, as Richard Dawkins tells us in his fascinating book ‘The Selfish Gene.’

This problem will only cease to exist when we search and find the Living God as a reality within us.  It is that Experience which will gradually change our consciousness aligning our self-will to the Supreme Will, thus, changing us into natural altruistic begins, rather than the egoistic ones we are now. Then, and only then, the ever-present, eternal and omnipotent reality of The Kingdom of Heaven will manifest on earth.

Jesus emphasizes this Law in His prayer for we give reality to things with our thought and actions. And because these are disconnected from God, we create and experience disharmony and chaos on earth. Indeed, our self-defined existence which is totally identified with the ego, its persona and needs, and has totally forgotten its true nature, is as a consequence, totally disconnected from God as a reality and His Supreme Will.

That is exactly what gives reality to need, pain, jealousy, disease, hatred, ignorance, destruction, war, etc., for evil is nothing but a deviation from the Divine Will.

Thus, in the last three sentences of this Powerful Prayer Jesus gives us the formula to change all of our miseries into Heavenly Bliss.  If we become aware of that which is divine in us by a total union with the Heavenly Father, so that we are literally filled with God, in that instant we will cease to create our own law and indeed become His instruments.  In that very instant the difference between heaven and earth will cease to exist, regardless of what is going on around you.

We are on the verge of destroying ourselves and our planet. To stop this self-annihilation we must remember that the potentiality of creating Heaven on earth exists and is at hand, we just have to wake up to Life, wake up to our True Nature and by a true Union with the Living God within us transform ourselves and become what we are meant to Be. That is the only way that our own will, will become one with the Divine Will.


‘Give us this day our daily bread’

 ‘Our daily bread’ Anyone who is able to ask just for what is needed according to God, as Jesus taught us to do, will have an unbroken peace of mind.  A peace that comes only when someone in the sum total of its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being is surrendered in trust to the Divine Will. For our own individual harmony with all and our evolution depends on go being beyond the fear of not ‘having’ or ‘not being able to get’ or ‘not to be able to survive’ ‘if’, which leads to the greed of accumulating things for our own self-survival or security.

The trust in the Father and the ability to meet our physical responsibilities for the physical body, with measure and in harmony with all cosmic and natural forces, brings us that Peace which erases our fears and fragmented egoistic drives proper of the egos’ individualized thinking, and is also a herald of a better world.

The great Essene Master, the Christ Jesus knew that in order for us to absorb the Grace being showered on us by the Light we must learn to think, feel and act as God-like beings.

A God-like human being would behave as Jesus did, who was fully immersed in God’s Grace, thus free from ‘mental concerns and fears’ and of the ‘self-survival drive’ which drives most people selfishness and greed and to accumulate money and possessions out of the fear of being without.

To help us rise above these mental fears and dangerous drive Jesus teaches us to trust the Supreme Mind and ask only for ‘our daily bread,’ and to be grateful with what has been given to us, instead of constantly wanting more, and more, and more than, etc., so that there’s no peace, no rest.

For it is not things that we really want to have, what we really want cannot be bought.  Our true need is to recuperate our divine state of being and to live in harmony with all there is, and with the heavenly and earthly forces, of which we are an integral part of.


 ‘And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.’

Here is one of the greatest and most important metaphysical and psychological Laws – because to realize it and act with it will free us from the bondage of the law of action-reaction.

And Jesus said, ‘For only in the service of your Heavenly Father will your trespasses of seven years be forgiven in seven days; for Satan forgives you nothing and you must pay him for all.’   ‘Love your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might: this is the first and greatest commandment.  And then the second is like unto it: ‘Love your neighbor as your love yourself.  There is no other commandment greater than this.’

 And then He added, ‘If you do My Commandments all evil will disappear from the earth.’ 

In Chapter 22 vrs. 1-14 of the Essene Gospel of John, Jesus warns us about being resentful and revengeful, for that is Satan’s Law:

‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a hand for a hand, a foot for a foot; burning for burning; wound for wound; life for life, death for death. For the wages of sin is death.’[2] For only in the service of your Heavenly Father will your trespasses of seven years be forgiven in seven days.  So, forgive as the Father who is in Heaven does, and Kill not, neither eat the flesh of your innocent prey, less you become the slaves of Satan.  For that is the path of sufferings, and it leads unto death.  But do the will of God that his angels may serve you on the way of life.’

 The Law of forgiveness is an extremely difficult Law to practice, but one which is important for harmony and peace to exist within us and without us in our immediate and collective environment and for the well-being of the planet as well as for our ultimate freedom from bondage.

And Jesus said,

‘But I tell you the Holy Law puts off all evil if you search after its power and wisdom. 

Seek ye then first the Kingdom of God and all else in the world shall be vanity unto you, for the truth sets free the godlike and breaks the chain of bondage to sin.

Yea, do not separate yourselves from God, and evil shall find not place in you.

If your brother has sinned in word seven times a day, and seven times a day hath he made amendment and was truly sorry, receive him as a brother in good faith.’


When Jesus said this, Peter protested saying, ‘Seven times a day is surely forgiving too much!’

And Jesus answered,

‘I tell you also, forgive unto seventy times seven, for even in the Prophets, after they were anointed by the Holy Spirit, utterance of sin was still found in them. 

I tell you, therefore, be considerate with one another, be tender, be pitiful, be kind, not to your own race or kind alone, but to every creature which is within your care, for ye are to them as Gods, to whom they look in time of need. 

Be humane, for the Father-Mother in Heaven gave all creatures unto your care from the very beginning.

Love one another and every creature of God.  Be also slow to anger, for many sin in anger which they repented of, when their anger was past, for anger is the sister of ignorance and ignorance the brother of every sin.  Yes, learn patience and endurance that you may not tire or grow weary of one another or the work set before you.’

 In other words, we are responsible for our actions and reactions, and by them we are always contracting reactions good, or evil, debts that must be paid.  The ultimate Law of ‘Cause and Effect’ works and doesn’t spare anyone.

Any thought we think and any action we perform has consequences.  They do first create an impression in one’s own mind, which means that if we have thoughts of revenge and justify the killing of others as acceptable to benefit ourselves, we are by this acceptance allowing into our minds criminal and unhealthy thoughts as good, thus already becoming criminals.

These unhealthy thoughts and actions will indeed bring results, according to their nature, be it a thought or an action, either happiness and harmony, or misery and illness, within ourselves and in our environment. If we cannot find forgiveness in our hearts, how can we expect a clean heart, harmony in our lives and forgiveness from God?

‘For only in the service of your Heavenly Father will your trespasses of seven years be forgiven in seven days.’

As the Christ, Jesus being the Source and an integral part of all things created, Knows the Universal Law for He is the Life and the Law, the origin of all and the Force that creates and sustains Life.  If we don’t listen and ‘Hear’ His words, who are we listening to if the words do not coincide with His?

That is what John’s Gospel tells in such a magnificent manner, when He says:  ‘All things were made by Him, and without Him was made nothing that was made. In Him was life, and the light was the light of men.’

In reality this universe is turning, it is like a living Cosmic Factory that is creating divine beings out of the elements.  All creation is helping that evolution and this wheel of life is constantly going round and round, never stopping and all things upon it are going through the process of birth, death and rebirth.

Saint Paul speaking about this said, ‘The whole universe groaneth and travaileth working for the manifestation of the children of Light.’

This process is going on and nothing stops it.  It is the wheel of bondage to action-reaction.  Yet, while time exists human beings have the opportunity to spring out of this wheel of action-reaction and become part of the Heavenly Father’s Being. For that we need to find the Kingdom of Heaven, and if we do, behave in a God-like manner, that is, as Jesus is directing us to do in this Powerful prayer.

To serve Love on earth and be One with the Heavenly Father in silence of mind and tongue; for only that will help to transform our nature, help us realize our true Identity and achieve Immortality.

Jesus continues teaching about forgiveness after He finishes the prayer to the Heavenly Father.  He says,

‘For if you forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you:  But if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.’

We live in a world that has forgotten the purity and the power of the Christ’s teachings, a serious failure for these are connected to the last step of our evolution, we humans have not evolved yet into what we are meant to.  What we presently are, is not it.  The Holy Shroud of Turin is not just testimony of Jesus’ Resurrection; it is the blueprint of the Future of Humanity.

In the entire cosmic creation there is only One Window to the Future of Humanity, and that is, the Holy Shroud of Turin.

His words have been changed and watered down to fit people’s limited understanding; rather than to respect their purity which could not only elevate their minds and souls, but most importantly help those who can ‘Hear’ take the steps to Become Divine Beings with Unlimited Potentials of Being.[3]  That which we were created to Be.

Men in power use His Name to wage war and kill the innocent, steal the resources of others, violate their dignity and use them for slave-labor, publicizing those actions as ‘help for the underdeveloped.’

These actions, which are indeed of the nature of the adversary of Jesus, are taken because ‘others, who do not believe as we do are evil’ and they are protecting the ‘good people’ from them, meaning themselves, their wealth and their insatiable thirst for power.

Jesus condemned all of these things, not by attacking them but by giving us His Love charged Golden Rule and Two Commandments.  But His Golden Rule and Commandments have been totally ignored.

Currently I live in a country where most people claim to be Jesus followers; yet, they constantly violate the only Commandments that the Christ Himself gave us and repeat like parrots the ten ‘thou shall nots’ that Moses gave to people in anger, realizing that they could not understand anything higher than gold, sex and greed.

So, breaking the Tablets where He had the Higher Teaching, Moses gave them the ten well known rules to help them go beyond their egos, greed and debauchery, with these words: ‘Those who do not want to live by the Law, shall die by the Law!’

These inferior-ego lower inclinations and currents of thought lead to this type of arrogant and iniquitous behavior, which is not only a deviation from the Law of Forgiveness and Love, therefore a threat to the immortality of whomever participates in it, but an iniquity to the Christ.


The Latin version says:

Do not let us fall into Temptation and deliver us from evil.’  Amen.


The Saint James version of the Lord’s Prayer says:

 And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting difference, I have always prayed the Latin version and questioned why people would believe that a particularized God who leads them to temptation is good for that sort of action is more suitable to a demon.


When did the sentence change?  Was it Henry, Luther or Calvin who changed it for the Protestant world?  Someone did.

‘Who is that who wraps and darkens with ignorance that which Is Wisdom?’

Well, being led or protected doesn’t change the fact that Temptation exists.  It existed even in the life of Jesus the Christ.

It exists so that we can exercise our free will and chose that which is God-like, rather than to fall into our self-design.

Temptation has two consequences which derive from whatever choice we take for or against it.  Temptation can be a great help in the re-enforcement of our will power and godliness, or on the other hand it can be the first stage of deviation from the law.

For all deviation from the Law of Life starts with temptationWhat is important to keep in mind is that it is our choice that is going to determine if we create good or evil, or prevent a thing in its initial stages from becoming a reality.

In its first stages temptation will serve the purpose of providing a choice of action.  If it is allowed to continue it will grow and gather strength, and then it may be hard to avoid falling into it; but if it is halted, it can be eradicated and greater spiritual and character strength will come as a benefit.

It is true, and we all have experienced this, that as soon as we choose for that which is God-like in us, we enter the Kingdom of Heaven because God showers with Grace those who abide by the Law of Love.

It is a proven fact that as soon as we chose to serve His Law, we are in harmony within us and with all the forces of the spiritual and material universes. This is how the second part of the sentence ‘but deliver us from evil’ becomes a reality. Because evil in itself has no reality but the one we give it with our self-defined disconnection from Love.

Evil is a product of our deviation from the Law of Love.  Jesus told us, if you do my Commandments all evil would be eradicated from the earth.  We have not listened.

We have erected altars to Him, we say that we are His followers, but like Khalil Gibran said, ‘we won’t Become like Him.’  And that is precisely what we need to do, to strive to Become like Him in thought, word and deed – then the Kingdom of Heaven will manifest on earth.

We can do it.  We can reach the point of becoming permanently receptive to the bread of Life.


‘Give us this day our daily bread’

Jesus taught us to pray, for He knew we need God’s grace, wisdom and love every day.  And we must ask without lingering in the past or planning for the future – just for the only thing that we have, which is the precious present – we must not ruin the present with past memories, nor with future plans.  Let’s listen to the Master of Life and live today with wisdom, love and God’s Grace as our experience.  Tomorrow will be another day.


‘For yours is the Kingdom

And the Power

And the Glory,

Forever and ever more.’

 The Kingdom is the sum total of all the higher Forces which govern the Spiritual and material worlds, it is the Creator, mankind and all created things. The Power is the force of the Christ, the Word of God, without which there would be no life.  It represents all the Powers and Forces, which maintain life, the spiritual powers, the natural forces, the powers of wisdom, love and life.

Glory is the collective joy of the totality of the powers that maintain the Kingdom.  The exuberant ecstasies of Love that is natural to God and the God-like and the Light that irradiates out of Him, It is the orgasmic experience of all the Forces, Powers and the God-like with God. It is like a song that irradiates out of the heart of all that is touched by God’s Grace.


‘For Ever’

 We all know what forever means.  The deep significance when these words are attached to the Heavenly Father’s Prayer is great.  It means that all of these truths are eternal.  That in the realm of the Divine the Law is perfect and eternal.

It means that what the Christ, Jesus gave us worked in perfection since the beginning of life and it will work in perfection throughout eternity, for His Law is not relative but Infinite, Perfect and Eternal and when everything passes away, His Word and all who are one with Him will still Live in the Eternity of eternities.

Because they have Become One with the Law of Life and Love themselves, thus all that is One will also Be Eternal.



 Amen is not just a word.  It is the Aramaic form of the Persian Ashem Vohu and the Hindu Aoum.  It is the sound that pronounced correctly in silence is akin to the Unpronounceable Name.

It is an ancient and powerful way to sound forth the Transcendental and Unnamable Name of God.

It is still expressed in combination with the breath by those who know what they are pronouncing.  It is a Power Mantra.  Each of the four letters represents a power, these being Love, Power, Wisdom and Eternal Life.

[1] Dame De Saint-Simone’s ‘The Ultimate Orgasm vs. The Selfish Gene’

[2] ‘Essene Gospel of John.’ XXII – (1-34)

[3] Read Dame Ysatis De Saint-Simone’s Epilogue of ‘Genesis 2000 – A Unified Field for Science and Unlimited Man’.