Mystic Christianity’s Eschatological View of Present Trends in World Events

What is Mystic Christianity?  Mystic Christianity differs from all other forms of what is commonly known as ‘Christian-Judeo-Protestant sects’ or from the Novus Ordo Roman Church of John XXIII in that these forms of Christianity are based solely on text and dogma, rather than in the Supernatural side of them.   Whereas the dogma taught by Mystic Christianity is made alive by Revelation of Its Spirit.  Thus, the Divine Spirit is known and experienced for It lives within us, and we have our being in It.  After the Revelation of the High Mystery of Life, the same that Jesus revealed to His disciples, the Spirit of the letter becomes alive in a true dynamic way in those who are awakened to It.

Russian Monster Nuclear Bomb

What?  Nobody ever told me that this was possible.

You can’t understand why this has happened, but that’s the way it is.  Nonetheless, whatever the reason is, it cannot be justified, for it is an iniquity to not follow Jesus’ Teachings as He wanted them to be taught.  And most importantly, the spiritual damage they cause to us by not revealing The One Thing that can make us free and be True Disciples of Jesus.  I had to almost die to find this Truth, as Jesus revealed It.  Yet, once I was Revealed It, I realized that Jesus speaks about it in His verbal teachings a few times!  But if you don’t know and others don’t either, nobody Understands what He is teaching!  But this is not a light subject, so I will write a whole article about it.  For the moment ask any question you want related to this subject.

But, just tell me one thing.  Has there been anyone I know that practiced this type of Christianity?

Sure!  At the beginning of Christendom, it was called Gnosticism and Saint John the Evangelist and Paul de Tarsus are the best examples of that period.  Later on, during the 12th – 14th Centuries we have Saint Francis de Assisi, Saint Claire, Saint Bernard de Quintevalle, Saint Teresa of Avila and others.  This period was called the period of Christian Mysticism.  It died out soon after when materialism became more prominent.  I will say no more.

And what is an Eschatological view?

        Eschatology is a deep study of the end times.  How does an eschatological view differ from a regular view of things?

Eschatology differs in its approach from other branches of knowledge because it is a study of the end times, which also takes into consideration what we know about the beginning of all things.  The main difference from Eschatology and a regular study based strictly on information intellectually accepted by scholars because it can be proven with material facts, is that Eschatological conclusions are not solely based on factual information but also, as is the case with ‘The Apocalypse’ of Saint John and his Gospel.  Most importantly in an inner vision illumined by Divine Grace, which originally provided the information regarding the subject being studied.  Divine Grace also bestows the person writing about it the Grace and inner vision necessary to Comprehend the great Mysteries the person is dealing with, so that when the person shares this Truth with others, it is blessed with accuracy, as in this case.

Excuse me, but did you just say, ‘study of the end times?


What do you mean? Are you suggesting that we are already living in the ‘end times?’

Exactly that.

How do you know we are living in the end times?   Do you know when the end is going to happen?

I answer to you with the words Archangel Gabriel said to the Islamic Prophet who asked him the same question you just asked:

‘The one answering knows as much as the one asking.’

On this subject this is the only valid answer because 2018 years ago when His disciples asked Jesus this question, He answered:

‘Of the time and the hour I will not tell you, for only The Father knows, but watch the signs.’

And He gave them a few signs that will happen before the end comes that we ought to watch for.  Up to the year 2005 I said to anyone who wanted to know when the end would come, ‘If Jesus doesn’t know when the end will come, nobody knows.  The only thing to do is to follow His advice and watch for the signs He gave us’.  Now, after the year 2005 this changed radically.  What happened is that Jesus appeared in person to a 108 years old revered Jewish Rabbi, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, and gave him a very definite Time Sign, which marked the times of the end with a clear stamp!

108 years old revered Jewish Rabbi, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri

       Why do you trust what the Rabbi is saying?

First of all because if Jesus trusted the integrity of Rabbi Kaduri, so do I.  Besides, he had an impeccable reputation, and his mental capacities were not impaired by age at all, he functioned perfectly well and was teaching the Kabbalah until the end. One year before Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri died Jesus told him that He would come shortly after the death of Arial Sharon.  Well, Arial Sharon was unplugged from the machine that kept him alive and died on January 11, 2014.  As I said before, this Sign given by Jesus Himself to Rabbi Kaduri marks the times of the end with a clear stamp.

The fact that Jesus deemed necessary to appear in person to let us know how close the times of the end are, ought to alarm us and be taken into consideration.  His apparition ought to wake us up to the reality of the times we live and how urgent it is for us to prepare ourselves spiritually for the dire times coming and that we all will have to face like it or not.

Archangel Gabriel also gave 10 signs that will signal the end times to an Islamic Prophet, who asked him the same question.   It is good to know that some of these have already been fulfilled.

I want to add, that although this is a very important subject I will not talk about it here and now because it is not the theme of the present article, but I promise I will soon write an article about it.

Why did Jesus appear to a Rabbi and not to the Pope?

The answer to your first question is:  Because this was a revered Rabbi, who honored God all his life, the way he knew how.  Most importantly because His own have betrayed Him; there is no Pope and no Roman Catholic Church at the Vatican now.

What is in the Vatican right now is worse than Heresy, it is Satanic Apostasy and a Satanic Apostate anti-Pope, who is deceiving many who trust him unconditionally because of the position he occupies.  Others in the Vatican, like Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Priests, etc. are also Satanic Apostates if they accept what’s going on in silence, or by approval, for they no longer believe or stand up for the Basic Truths of the Catholic Church as they ought to. Therefore, they are Luciferian by choice and function as such regardless of the position they occupy in the Vatican.

Others who just attend Church services who seem to be unaffected by all the blasphemies, etc., are just ‘snuffed candles’, thus, indifferent to everything that doesn’t affect them personally. They are immune even to the downgrading of Jesus and the appalling violations of what Is Most Sacred, the Holy Eucharist. Many who belong to the Novus Ordo Roman Church and think themselves to still be Catholic are not.  They have become Apostates without even realizing it. They belong to what is accurately called NO Church.  They must Hear what Jesus said about this:

‘You cannot serve two Masters, because when you Bow to one, you give your back to the Other.’

No one can claim that ‘they didn’t know’ for this anti-Pope and his Vatican are indeed openly and brutally demeaning Jesus verbally and violating all Principles of the True Church of Jesus to serve the Antichrist’s purposes whenever they have the opportunity to do so.

Woe!  Can you give us one of the end signs now?

Yes, the reason I mentioned the signs here, is because one of the most important ones is the main subject of this article.  And this sign is the coming of the Antichrist.

Who is the Antichrist?

Is he the so long expected Jewish Messiah that those who rejected Jesus have waited for 2018 years?

Or is he an impostor, a ruthless Despot, the terrifying Beast of The Apocalypse of Saint John?

Why would people readily follow the Apocalyptic Beast and reject Jesus the Christ? That doesn’t make any sense.

Jesus the Christ, the Heavenly Messiah and the Antichrist, the World Messiah

There are 3 important points to Understand which may give you the answer to that question:

  1. What is the origin of this mysterious character?
  2. Why does he want to govern the whole world?
  3. What is it in our nature that gives him so much power in the world and over most human beings?

So, to answer the first and second questions, the story says that when AElohim asked His Heavenly hosts to bow in front of Man, His new creation made to His Image and Likeness, Lucifer, the brightest of the Archangels, felt envious and refused to do so saying: I am greater than Man, I will not bow in front of a lower creation than I!  As a result of this disobedience there was a War in Heaven.  I will tell the story as it was first told to me, in the magnificent words of Milton’s from his ‘Paradise Lost’. I saw the story illustrated by Gustave Dore and in my child’s imagination as an extraordinary movie, something which I will never forget.  .  .  Hear it as Milton said it:

        Say first – for Heaven hides nothing from thy view,

          Nor the deep tract of Hell – say first, what

          Cause moved our grandparents, in that happy state,

          favored of Heaven so highly, to fall off from their

          Creator, and transgress His Will for one restraint,

          Lords of the world beside?

          Who first seduced them to that foul revolt?

          The infernal Serpent; he it was, whose guile,

          stirred up with envy and revenge, deceived

          the Mother of Mankind; what time his pride

          had cast him out from Heaven, with all his host

          of rebel Angels; by whose aid, aspiring to set himself

          in Glory above his peers, He trusted

          to have equaled the Most High, if he opposed

          and with ambitious aim against the throne of Gad.

        Raised impious war in Heaven, and battle proud,

        With vain attempt.  Him the Almighty Power

          Hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky.

          With hideous ruin and combustion, down

          To bottomless perdition; there to dwell

           In adamantine chains and penal fire

          who does defy the Omnipotent to arms.

          Nine times the space that measures day and night

          to mortal men, he with his horrid crew

          Lay vanquished, rolling in the fiery gulf

          Confounded, though immortal.  but his doom

          Reserved him to more wrath: for now the thought

          Both of his loss happiness and lasting pain

          torment him.

Angels falling away from Their Source

There was a War in Heaven

 Archangel Michael throwing Satan out of Heaven

        By rebelling against the Will of AElohim, Lucifer disconnected himself from the Divine Will, and by disobeying the Supreme Will, he self-defined himself into an individualized ego, who likened himself as someone greater than God.

The descent of Satan into Darkness* was immediate, because the Law of Cause and Effect was instantly activated when he broke his connection to AElohim.  That’s how he became the father of the ego.

Satan falling

        When one is told that Lucifer and hi So, that is his origin.  He is indeed, the incarnation of the first self-defined entity, the Father of the first Ego who rebelled against God and disconnected himself from the Supreme Will.

But he didn’t fall on his own, many other angels followed him.  These are his people, who recognize him as greater than God and in our days serve him on Earth, as they did since the beginning.

Are these fallen Angels that ‘Something’ that Quantum Physics says causes the existing ‘disorder’ in the Cosmos

One could see it like that, for the descent of Satan created an immediate chaotic and terrifying disorder in the Cosmos.

When one is told that Lucifer and his hosts lost their Heavenly existence to fall into eternal damnation because they refused to worship Man, one can understand the reason why they are the sworn enemies of Man and of the Christ and why they want to destroy them.  They don’t see that it was their pride that made them disobey God and fall, they blame Man as the culprit of their fall and rebellion against God’s will.  So, if we let time roll from that time to our days and we admit that Lucifer and his hosts are here and now on Earth; we will understand why there are people set on destroying the whole creation of God, the earth, the ocean, the sky, animals, fish, food, and mankind and why they are trying to possess man’s mind and destroy the image of Jesus and His Teachings in their consciousness to possess as many souls as possible before he becomes public and Jesus the Christ comes.

In our days, there are many people who have already fallen into Apostasy and who are being influenced by them, some have totally lost touch with the Divine, so they speak loudly the language of the blind saying that Satan is just a Myth that people believed in the past and that there is no Evil and no Hell.

An untruth which understandably has become quite popular, and this Apostate anti-Pope and his followers are spreading.

So, what is he like now?  Does he look like a human being?

Woe!  So, where is he now?  What does he look like?

        Oh yes, he has incarnated in a man’s body, but what he was has not changed, he is now what he was at the beginning of times, an impostor, trying to impersonate the Messiah.  He is the same entity who at the beginning of man’s history presented himself as God, deceiving many.  He continues to do the same at the present time and will continue doing so until the end of times, not only because deceit is an integral part of his nature, but also because he needs to prove to God that he is greater than Him.

The unfortunate thing is that many people are already Antichristic, most are being influenced to be it by these demonic entities and their unfortunate offspring, the children of today are being conditioned since they are born to be it without any choice. Some of them will rebel against their conditioning, because they will hear the voice of their angelic nature and survive, and others will just succumb to the need of approval and perish.    

Woe!  How can such a ‘nice lady’ do that?

        Because the Antichrist caters to what most people are identified with, their ego. He feeds the ego’s elemental drives, lust for power, sex, greed, fame, the constant wishes to acquire more money or whatever is wanted, he fuels the ego’s desires to be important, have degenerate deviations, etc., everything that debases man’s nature is welcomed. Therefore, man’s ego feels at ease and welcomes him too.

One World Power partisans.

        Every disorder that takes the soul farther away from its Divine Source and True Identity and closer to its Satanic-self and greater darkness[1] is welcomed and accepted without problem or judgment. As a result, human beings become more comfortable with him than with Jesus, much more identified with their ego-identity, and comfortable doing things that debase their nature.  In our days being antichristic is quite general, most people have eyes that don’t see, ears that don’t hear – hearts that don’t feel – and not only because of having taken anti-depressants, and minds that are numb to all that is not of their personal interest or profit.

How can we expect to have peace in a world where women demand as a right to be legally able to kill’ nothing less than the fragile and defenseless unborn they carry in their own bodies! Their offspring! These demonic actions breed a society of killers, this is why we have wars and live in a world of murderers. who kill for self-profit, a world that mainly functions for self-interest or gain and where love is vanished as an inconvenience.  Sad but true.

What?  Such a ‘clean-cut’ person as him doing the Satanic salute?

        The Antichrist offers all the ego wants; world power, fame and fortune, drugs, even murder and all sort of ‘forbidden pleasures’ such as pornography in sex in all its ways and forms, especially if it is connected to child abuse, thus perverting children and debasing humans.

So, many who are Newtonian minded, or others who seek instant gratification or profit from everything they do, and indeed don’t believe in the hereafter, have already embraced the Antichrist more than gladly.

Some of them have even made a pact with him, ‘just give me what I want and take whatever you want from me’ is the deal.  Which believe it or not, is very tempting to many.

        Not surprising!  No, it is not surprising at all that the majority of people will welcome the Antichrist and accept him as their God when he shows up.  In a sense many have already rejected Jesus the Christ in truth and in deed.  Worshiping the Antichrist as God would just be the next step to take.  And because most people will do that, it’ll be perfectly fine to join in and do ‘the thing to do’.

The benefit of having Eschatology help you understand the current trends in world events is that you begin to Comprehend the incomprehensible actions being taken against people.  For instance, you will not ask any longer:  Who would want to blow the two towers?  Why would anyone want to do that?  Why are they poisoning us with the Chemtrails?  Why are we engaged in unending wars killing people who never did any harm to us?  Why have they poisoned our water with Fluoride?  Why have they altered our foods with female hormones that attack male chromosomes?  Why have they genetically modified our food with the DNA of scorpions, toads and other creatures that we don’t even know?  Why?

Eschatology helps you see with clarity that there has been since the beginning, a steady work from the Adversaries of God to destroy everything that belongs to His Creation.  It is just the time when the enmity of this Entity and his followers is coming to the surface, they do not have to hide any longer, because they are for the time being in Power everywhere you turn.   Their aim is to put the Antichrist as the head of the OWP.  And one has to admit, they have done an excellent job!

        Has he already incarnated?   Yes. He has incarnated as a Jewish man, he had to be a Jew, and have the correct pedigree to be accepted by Orthodox Jews as the Jewish Messiah.  That is a requisite that could not and will not change.  A Moslem Prophet described the Antichrist saying that he will be young, about 30 years old and quite strong physically.

That he will have curly hair and won’t be able to see at all with the right eye.  I do not think that he means that the Antichrist will have a defective biological vision problem.  I feel he is saying that he lacks the capacity to see with the heart.  That he is by nature incapable of seeing with an inner vision.

Nothing surprising about that if you have an Eschatological view of things, for he is nothing less that the Father of the Ego.

This is the answer to the next question, why does he have so much power over us?  This is exactly the reason why he has so much power over us.  He knows his children, and what is their Achilles heal better than anyone. He knows what makes each one of us ‘tick’.  He also knows better than anyone that because of this, in spite of all forewarnings against him, and of all that Jesus has done to save us, he will take innumerable souls to hell with him.  He is sure that most humans – 999 out of each 1,000 said AElohim to a Moslem Prophet – will go into perdition and accept him as their God.  But he will not win this battle against the Christ.

Armageddon – a Spiritual Warfare

             In the picture above Jesus and the Devil are shown as if they are equal forces.  They aren’t.  The Devil is powerful in this world, but he is not equal to God.  Jesus has Tridentine Power, Power on Heaven, Power on Earth and Power on Hell.  Satan has already lost the fight, although in this moment, and in the near future, it may not seem so.

Why then, if Jesus has so much power doesn’t He stop the Antichrist now, before he does more harm?

Because mankind has free will and must choose freely to serve one of these two Powers, in order to be part. of either Kingdom for Eternity. Each one of us will end up in the Kingdom of Light or the Kingdom of Darkness according to our choice.  Wherever we end up will be out of our own free will.  We are not puppets.  Love would not exist, if it was an imposition.  Our choice to Love all there is, as Jesus loves us with an unlimited, unconditional and impersonal Love, is the only Key to enter the Kingdom of Life.  The ego has other rules, above all love yourself more than anything or anyone else, go and get anything you want, despite who may get bent or hurt, and get as much as you can to satisfy yourself before you die.  These are most appealing to the ego-self.

So beware! Do not be deceived.  If you belong, you will want to come closer to Christ in truth and in deed, do that now because the Satanic powers are functioning now in full force.  Do not think for one minute that you are an exception because you are what the world thinks is ‘good’ for that may be a glory of your ego-self and nothing else.  In this path there are no favorites, and pretenses and just ‘good fronts’ and ‘nice words’ do not count.

What counts is what you truly are, where your consciousness truly is and your choices to Be or not to be. That is what will determine your destiny forever and ever more.

To comprehend the identity of the Antichrist and the influence he exerts over all humans is obviously very important.  This is the reason why Saint John deemed it necessary to protect his identity from being altered, changed or distorted; he knew that to Comprehend his nature and the reason why he has so much power over us is extremely important for our evolution and Salvation. Thus, he encoded the mystery of his true identity in the number 666 in a Gnostic System of Numerology that only him and the Gnostic disciples close to him knew and could decipher[1].

It is obvious that we live in the era of the Antichrist.  This is the time when he is exercising full power in all areas of society.  Yes, we are living in very crucial times.  This is a very important moment in the history of humanity.  There has never been a time like this and there never will be.  For this is an era when the unprecedented destruction of all morals, high principles and all the values that held the spine of humanity up straight in other times is taking place with the face of open mindedness. An era of forced changes and transformation, where the march of descent towards the abyss has been made most attractive to most humans, for this is the Era of The Antichrist.

This epoch has been prophesized by Jesus Himself and other holy men of different religions, who said that we will see things on Earth and in the Cosmos that have never been seen before.  That there has never been this kind of world before in time and space, nor will there ever be again anything like it.  That nobody has ever seen or experienced before the things that are already happening all around us and in our lives, neither those that will unfold in the near future.

So, the question I would ask here would be,

‘What can I do to go beyond my ego and survive the Antichrist?’

The answer is,

‘One needs to find one’s True Identity and thereafter Become It’. 

There is a way, but I cannot extend myself on this subject because this subject cannot be approached superficially.

If you are really interested in a deeper understanding of what the ego is and how to start disidentifying from it, look into the list of books and products found at the bottom of this article I have listed, which I recommend because they were designed for that specific purpose.

One thing is for sure, it is undeniable that the times of the end are here and that it is our consciousness which will determine our destiny when we take the last step of our human evolution.  Shakespeare well said ‘To Be or not to be.  That is the question.’

So, watch out where your consciousness is.

Yes, this is a time when we humans are being forced to define ourselves and take choices that will affect our destiny for eternity. ‘What you sow is what you will reap.’  It is our being and our choices that will define what we are or not as human beings and will determine our final destiny.

The ultimate choice being To Be for God or against Him by embracing the impostor Antichrist as God, because it fits you well to do so.

But who would do that?  You may ask.

You will most likely not like the answer, which is supposedly the answer that God Himself gave to an Islamic prophet who asked Him the same question,

‘How many people will go into the hell-fire at the end times?’

        It is said that Allah answered: ’99 out of each 100.’

        And when the Islamic Prophet alarmed said,

But, how is this possible oh Allah being that you are a God of infinite Mercy?’

What I am going to say is not the exact quote for I heard the story and do not have the text in front of me, but this is the gist of it: It is said that Allah answered:

‘Because Mercy doesn’t reach those who have eyes and do not see, have ears and do not hear, have a heart but do not feel, and are given Truth and reject it.  Those are like cattle.’*

        The answer of Allah goes along with the statement of Jesus who warned us about this lack of conscious Understanding of things saying that when the Antichrist comes at the end of time, most people will worship his adversary and reject Him.

Saint John confirms this truth also, saying:

‘And all who dwell on the earth shall worship him, everyone whose name has not been written since the foundation of the earth in the book of the Lamb who was slain.’

        As anybody can grasp, this subject is something of Paramount Importance for all humans.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I felt since early on in my life the urgency of finding an answer to this problem and jumped into an intense research and a spiritual quest to find the truth about the Antichrist’s identity and the power that he exerts over us.  I wanted to know that Secret Mystery that Saint John and his Gnostic disciples had hidden in numbers to protect it from being altered by the adversaries of the Christ and I started to search to find it.

It wasn’t easy, for people that ought to have known had either forgotten or didn’t know, or who knows?  But they were not answering my questions. Their apparent ignorance was frightening to me, it triggered me to continue digging and researching more throughout many years. One could very well say that I became obsessed and couldn’t give up my search.

Finally, my years of research were rewarded by Divine Grace and my unanswered question was answered.

Essentially my question was,

‘What?  Out of 100 people, 99 will go into the hell-fire because they will worship the Beast and reject the Christ! 

Why?  How can we do that to Jesus, after all He did to save us? 

Why will most people be capable of betraying the Christ to worship the Antichrist after all Jesus did to save us? 

Why?  What is it in our human nature that make us capable of such an iniquity? 

And who is this mysterious character we will be forced to deal with?  What is his power?  The power he exerts over most of us humans?

So, when I found the answer, instead of answering these vital questions with just a sentence or even a few pages, I wrote a book and I lectured on this subject in Europe, which earned me the Silver Medal of Alcala, a great honor given in Spain to people whose work can help humanity.

You don’t know how lucky you are to get the answer to all these vital questions at this moment, in such an immediate way and in the condensed form of a book that gives you the answer in the only way that Saint John advised us to find it!  It took me years to find this! And what is most important is that what I am blessed to offer to you is not a personal conclusion of mine, it is what the numbers unveil by disclosing the number 666 the way Saint John indicated and using the same Gnostic Numerological System that he and his disciples used.*

So, let’s all stop for a minute and thank Jesus for His Divine Grace that helps us to See and Know such vital truths with clarity.

Ysatis lecturing at the Theatre Lara, Madrid, Spain

        It was the best way I could help because this subject, which indeed demands more than any other a special and urgent attention, is not being taught in any university or any religion.  This book was written in order to help others who are searching for Truth to find the true answer to this vital question which means Life or Death for eternity.  The book is available now and it is called: ‘The Era of the Antichrist.’  I disclosed the 666 Mystery by using the same Gnostic Numerological System to compute this number that Saint John used to protect it.

So, if you want to know this computation, its available in both my small book, ‘The Exact Computation of the 666’ and in its bigger and most complete form in ‘The Era of the Antichrist.’

In short, the Apocalyptic Beast is the Father of the Ego-Identity, the most intelligent and effective evil mind that ever was and will be. He is the greatest manipulator, the greatest liar, as Jesus Himself called him for he has a PhD in deceit.  It is him who at the beginning of time, seen as an Anunnaki in the Sumerian Tablets, altered our God-given nature by blowing his DNA into us.

A biologist, Richard Dawkins, identified this alteration of our nature when he found a ‘foreign gene’ in our DNA, which he called ‘The Selfish Gene’.  He said this gene was a ruthless gene set on destroying everyone, even its carrier.  He wrote a book about it with the same title.  I in turn wrote a book as an answer to his called ‘The Ultimate Orgasm vs. the Selfish Gene.’  Both books are a must read for any true searcher.

What is the most dangerous tool the Antichrist has to use against us?  One that he is already using and most effectively, which he will use with great intelligence in the near future in order to firmly establish his despotic dominion over us.  It is ‘self-survival’ connected to the worldwide well-accepted and fraudulent system of paper money and credit. This tool of his will become more and more dangerous as the dollar falls and is substituted by ‘electronic money’.

That financial change will require humans to accept the ‘Mark of the Beast’ in order to continue functioning on this material plane and physically survive.  Most people will succumb and surrender to it and accept it as the only way ‘to survive.’  Know one thing.  The Beast knows very well what he is doing, he is extremely intelligent, he is the Master Mind of Evil.  There is nothing a human can do against him.  He fears no opposition, no weapons because no human can kill him or stop his agenda.   He fears no one but Jesus the Christ.  Thus, it is important for him to attempt erasing every trace of Him on earth and especially in our consciousness.

He is at work in doing so and will destroy whole countries and populations, including the United States and Europe for that purpose.  He will and is already trying to discredit and erase the Christ from people’s minds.  It is obvious that he is already doing that through all strata of society, education, political, religion, including a Satanically infiltrated Vatican. The behavior and blasphemous comments of the apostate anti-Pope Bergoglio, so called ‘Francis’ are a strong testimony of the amazing work of this demonic entity within Jesus’ own Church.  So, beware, your soul is in danger.  And as Paul de Tarsus said, for we wrestle not against humans, but against Powers and Sovereignties, and Principalities and Thrones, who started the Darkness* of this World, the Spiritual Army of Evil in the Cosmos. This is exactly what we have to fight against So, beware, your soul is in danger.

I will say no more.

For now, I will let you digest the eschatological way of seeing. Seeing by Divine Grace with inner vision the present trends in the world events that are happening every day and all around us.  .  . It helps us a lot, much more than we realize it.  I go now, not without reminding you what Jesus said to us about these end times:

‘When you see all these things happening, do not despair.  Rejoice, for I will be knocking at the door!’

So, with this thought I leave you until the next time.

Check out this video of Ysatis being interviewed with Freeman on The Freeman Perspective when he was interviewing her about two of her books, The Era of the Antichrist and Genesis 2000.   Ysatis explains about the conflicting two principles within and without, the Antichristic and the Christic.

Note:  Latest News

National Catholic Register      AUG. 25, 2018

Ex-Nuncio Accuses Pope Francis of Failing to Act on McCarrick’s Abuse

In a written testimony, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò claims Pope Francis withdrew sanctions against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick.



[1]  Gnostic system of numerology that Saint John used to disclose the mystery of the number 666.   The Marcosian system of numbers coming from Marcus, a disciple of Valentinus who was a disciple of Saint John.

[1]  Darkness –  The etymology of the word darkness is ‘a centrifugal point where everything is absorbed’. Perfect examples would be a black hole in the Macro Cosmos and the human ego in the Micro Cosmos.

[1]  It may very well be that the word ‘goyim’ (stupid cattle, with which the Jews define those who aren’t Jews) had its origin from this comment of Allah.

[1] Recommended Reading – The books already mentioned in the article‘Hey You, John Smith Who are You?’ and ‘Genesis 2000’ as well as listening to the most powerful tool to start growing into your true identity that I know, my cd ‘I Center of Power’.
































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