Wake Up to Life Now!

Wake Up!

How many times did Jesus say,

‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.’

Innumerable times.  He also said,

 ‘Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and everything else shall be added unto you.’

So, this becomes one important question to find an answer to,

‘Where is the Kingdom of Heaven?’

Have you ever asked yourself, or asked others ‘who are supposed to Know,’ what do I do to go within like Jesus said?

        Probably not. Or, if you did, you probably got the most commonly given answer: ‘You go to Heaven after you die, if you have been a good person.  So, you don’t have anything to worry about, I know you are a good girl.  .  .  So, you will go to Heaven.  .  .’

Somehow it seems to me that most people have settled for that answer.  But I was a questioning child, and I wasn’t pleased at all with this kind of answer – mainly because it has nothing to do with what Jesus said – on the contrary, I felt that these answers were contradictory to what He said, so, I continued asking those I thought could know what to do.  I remember how persistent I was!  I didn’t give up hope easily if I wanted to Know the answer to something that I didn’t Understand.  Oh no, I was relentless and kept asking until I was satisfied.  And regarding this specific question of how to go to Heaven, a question I felt everyone ought to consider one of the most important questions, if not the most important that one can have, I was not going to give up until I found the way.  But, oddly enough not ‘one of those who were supposed to know’.  .  .   were able to show me the simple, direct and natural way to go within so that Heaven would become real in my life.  So I persisted and asked, and asked and asked.  .  . Hoping to find someone who would show me the way.  .  .  And I asked myself, ‘Why isn’t everyone searching to find the way to go within?  They don’t seem to know, and they don’t seem to be searching.  .  .  Something is wrong. .  .  Why doesn’t anyone know?’

Looking back, I realize that I literally assaulted the grownups ‘who I thought were supposed to Know’ with this question because this specific question of ‘how to go within’ – was for me the most important question that anyone could have. I was not going to give up until I found someone who knew how to go within. Thus, whenever I saw a grownup that I felt could know the answer, I asked, ‘Can you show me the way to go to within, where the Kingdom of Heaven is?

‘What?’  Some of them said,

‘That’s what Jesus said,’ I responded.

Most of them looked at me with a mixture of a tender .  .  .   and somehow taken by surprise expression in their eyes before answering sometimes, ‘My darling, I. .  .  don’t.  .  .  You better ask Father Soler, he seems to know everything.’  And sometimes they answered in a kind of condescendingly sweet manner, ‘Well, no dear.  I.  .  .  Well, He was just saying that if you are good, you feel good, so you are in the Kingdom of Heaven, or something like that.  I’m not really sure but .  .  .     Going to Heaven is something that happens when we leave this earth.  .  .’

They never liked mentioning death, so, when I responded I purposely said, ‘You mean when we die?  But that is not what Jesus said.  That’s what Father Soler said when I asked him how to go to Heaven.  But that is not what Jesus said! He never said that we have to die to go to Heaven. That’s not what He said.’  He said.  .  .  At this point, most grownups started getting a little restless and invariably said something like this,

‘My dear, going to Heaven is nothing complicated, it is simple. When you die if you are good you will go to the Kingdom of Heaven.  So, you have nothing to worry about dear.  I know that you are a good child, just continue being good and you will go straight to Heaven.  Your guardian Angel will show you the way.  That’s it.’

And when I replied, ‘But Jesus was not complicated.  He said that.  .  .   They were already saying ‘Sorry darling but I have to go.  .  .’ and proceeded to take off or get busy with something ‘they had to take care of.’

That was my general experience as a child when I asked that question.  Grant you, I was stubborn as a mule and as I said before, I didn’t give up easily when I wanted to know something; but I wasn’t thick-minded either, so soon enough I realized the reason ‘the grownups had to go and end the conversation’ when I insisted with my question, was because in reality they didn’t know how to go within themselves!  That was it!  They had given up and their questioning child had died in them!  And I felt terribly sorry for them, because they were not trying to find answers anymore!  Not even for the most important question one can have!

Thus, I gave up asking ‘those who are supposed to Know’ because what I heard from them was not satisfying my child’s questioning mind’s thirst to know at all.  It was as if I was dying of thirst and what they offered me was a book about water with the wrong information, instead of just giving me a glass of water to quench my thirst! And I felt terribly sad for them and didn’t ask them any questions any more.  .  .

But my ‘questioning child’ didn’t die.  .  .  I protected it for I didn’t want to end up like they were.  .  . That was scary to me, so I continued searching.  .  . I still question things that don’t make sense to me but I go about finding the answers in a different way.  .  .  . I search and research everywhere and ask for Divine Guidance every day until I find the answer that satisfies my thirst to Know. That’s how I found the most elusive relic in history, believe it or not the fabled – Holy Grail!* And most importantly, the answer to the most vital question of my life:  How to go to Heaven.  Do you know the etymological meaning of the word Heaven?  Probably not, I had to find out late in my life what the meaning of that word is. The word Heaven means, as in the Aramaic language that Jesus spoke, that place within human beings where that which is elemental in them is raised to Divine Splendor!

My Father had said to me when I asked him how to go within: ‘That is a Most Important Question, and the answer is not superficial, but you are just a child, much too young to Know, for the moment just go and take a ride on your goat cart that you enjoy so much but regarding your question, keep asking and one day you will find out.  .   I can assure you of that.’

I am grateful for his advice for in spite of the grownups answers I didn’t get disappointed, nor did I give up my search. On the contrary, I said to myself: ‘There’s something really wrong here. The grownups have gotten used to not knowing and not asking.  They have become comfortably numb! That’s why they don’t know.’

        No, by Divine Grace my questioning child didn’t die in me, neither have I settled for less than Jesus’ way.  As my Dad counseled me, I kept asking and searching.  Years later, when I was revealed that Place where my sensory nature was raised to Divine Splendor that Jesus was talking about, I realized that what Jesus said must always be revered and kept untouched by human beings’ interpretation, because what He said is always exact as He meant it and said it!

So, what to do to go to the Kingdom of Heaven?

Now by Divine Grace I can tell you how to go within.

There are some requirements that cannot be disregarded.

        First of all.  Divine Grace and The Power of Love are the Golden Key.

  1. Then You need a Pure Heart, strong Desire and Pure Intention.
  2. Then one must clean up the old ego-centric ways of thinking, feeling and acting on this earthly journey.
  3. Thereafter, and most importantly, one must have Revealed by One Empowered to do so the Way to awaken the 4 God-given senses to go within. Those are: Inner Vision, Divine Music, The Silent Name of God, And Divine Nectar.

The Inner Eye – The Divine Light that illumines our Soul, will, as Jesus said: ‘If your eye be made single, your whole body shall be made full of Light.’  It is only then that you are able to see the Divine Light that illumines all Children of Light and makes your heart sing.   When this happens, It floods your brain and your whole body with Light, a Light Divine that feeds all of your cells with Life, unveils your eyes and enables them to see what they couldn’t see before. Not only that, but this Light cleans up your mind of old concepts and limitations, and suddenly Understands things that were incomprehensible before as the sense of duality disappears!

The Divine Sound of Silence.

The Living Word of God – A movement and a rest within us.

Divine Nectar – Springs out of our glands as it rises from the base of your spine to the high centers of the brain where this Divine water of Life will quench your thirst, just as Jesus said to the Samaritan woman: ‘Those who drink the well’s water will thirst again.  But those who drink of this Water which I will make spring out of their entrails into Eternal Life, will never thirst again!’

Then you will hear the Sound of Silence.  .  .  The Sound of Silence – which Pythagoras called ‘the music of the spheres’ is heard everywhere in the Cosmos and within the heart.  .  .   In my experience, through the boon of the Christ, Jesus’ Divine Grace I hear It within every single cell of my body.  This Divine Light showers you with a Peace beyond understanding.  .  .  That Sound takes one’s Mind beyond all limits.  .  .  Jesus’ words: ‘We speak of what we Know and we have Heard’ are, as everything He spoke, True to Life – a True Experience, and don’t let anyone tell you they were ‘just a figure of speech,’ if anyone tells you so, know that this is a sign they don’t know what they are speaking about. This awesome Sound echoing the harp strings of Lemuria, ancient Egypt and Greece.  .  .  takes one beyond the sensory experience of its Sound.  .  .   One travels through It, as in Ancient Days did take those who were seeking to make the Divine a True Experience in them and found It.  Here they are given to you in the cleanest form that today’s technology allows, to help you awaken your memory to the Silent Sound of the Divine Word within your Soul.

Fly with It!  For it will take you as far as your Soul can go.  .  . Just let your meditation be a journey of Self-Discovery. Let your Imagination free always guided by the Christ Spirit, the Master of Love, and who knows, if your meditation is Pure you may even end up visiting Paradise Itself!

Then the most extraordinary thing will happen, and you may be able to taste the Boon of Boons, Divine Nectar, the Nectar of the Gods!  Of which Jesus speaking to the Samaritan woman said:

‘If you knew Who you were talking to, you would have asked me for Water, for if you drink of this water you will thirst again.  But if someone asks me for the Water I have to give, I will make a Fountain spring out of their entrails, springing into Eternal Life and whomever drinks of this Water will never thirst again!’

How come no one that I knew among the grownups that were priests, teachers, etc.  people that others trusted and were teaching them the way to Life, asked themselves.  ‘What is Jesus saying to this woman?   Have I ever had that experience in my body?’ 

        I do not Understand!  I do not Understand why isn’t everybody asking?  I don’t care about judging others.  It’s not my place to do that. But, I do not Understand why everybody is so comfortably numb and are not asking themselves these very vital questions such as ‘What is Jesus saying here?’ or ‘Do I know how to go within?’

He said:  Our Father Who Art in Heaven.

He said:  Heaven is within us.

He said:  If you don’t Know the Father, you don’t Know Me.  And If you don’t Know Me, you don’t Know the Father.’

Do you think He is speaking riddles?  No!  He is not!  So, why are you Not Questioning these things?  Why?

I do not Understand your comfortably numb position!

That is all. It’s Time to Wake Up!

Wake up!  It is Time to Wake Up! Time is almost ending!

        Well, as I said, I’ve always been a questioning child and continue to be, even now at the end of History.

That’s why I can today help others if they choose to find Who They Are and how to go within, where Love Itself, the Christ, Jesus is inviting us to go in order to find the Kingdom of Heaven.

By the way, remember that the word ‘Heaven’ in Aramaic, the Language Jesus spoke and in ancient Hebrew means: A place within human beings where that which is elemental in them is transformed into Divine Splendor.’

Did you know that, or do you think that Divine Splendor is a fantasy and we ‘sinners’ cannot dare to aspire to recuperate our Divine Nature, as Jesus told us we could?

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*A story that I have written in my book,

‘The Holy Grail – When the Legend Becomes Real.’

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