Ysatis Like a Lion

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This hymn of the Buddha describes Ysatis in a short sentence as she really is:

Now about her other aspects that we are always interested to know: Ysatis is a true citizen of the world, daughter of a French diplomat and a Spanish mother, she was born in a transatlantic coming from Europe to America. A prolific writer, lecturer, and a silver medal laureate, from the University of Alcala, Spain for her work in disclosing the Book of Revelations and 666, the mystery number of the Antichrist, using the Marcosian System of Gnostic Numerology.

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Silver Medal of the University of Alcala

Silver Medal of the University of Alcala

She started a successful theatre and film career as an actress in Europe. Soon Hollywood scouted her and Universal Studios offered her a seven year contract. While under contract with Universal, she had a near death experience and had a vision that changed her life. Click here to read more about Hollywood. She then broke her contract with Universal, studied Metaphysics, was initiated in Sat-Yoga and then studied Inner Kung Fu and Hypno-Analysis, specializing in Age and Stress control. Since then Ysatis has dedicated herself to healing others of different psychosomatic illnesses, advance their growth by helping them transcend their personal limits, have peace of mind, joy for life and rejuvenate. Ysatis has realized that Essential Truth which unifies and is indeed the Essence of all religions. ‘This Experience unifies all those fragments into one Truth. She says, ‘It is as it were the string that holds together many precious pearls that make an exquisite necklace; a magnificent necklace that only someone graced with It can wear.’ She attributes her everlasting naturally youthful and healthy aspect to the faithful practice of this Experience, a visual and audio form of it which she has designed to offer to the general public in her Natural Rejuvenation DVD to help others break through their limitations and discover their own potential for enlightenment and the way to find it. Her books and her ‘I Center of Power’ CD are also designed with the same purpose.

In the early seventies she studied Cinematography at UCLA, signed a seven year contract as an actress with Universal Studios under the name Malila Saint-Duval, and made her film debut in Ross Hunter’s production ‘Airport’.

Right after finishing ‘Airport’ and while under contract with Universal Studios she had a ‘near-death Experience’ - which radically changed her life and perspective of things. She then decided to break her contract with Universal Studios and totally drop out of acting to finish her studies in Psychology and centered her studies in the subject of the Mind, its effect on human beings and its role in creating what we manifest in our lives, and started to write the books before mentioned. She holds a doctorate in Hypno-Analysis, using in her practice a combination of two powerful and direct methods of Self-Introspection and release from the limiting and false ego-Identification, psychosomatic ills, and addictions and inherited or programmed limitations, originated by Dr. Roberto Assaglioli and Dr. William Bryan.

For the majority of her life Ysatis, who sees a facet of herself as ‘a Theological Investigator’, has studied in depth the mysteries of early Christendom and other religions to find the essential Truth which links them all, travelling extensively to different countries where she researched the mysteries of the Cosmogenesis of the Universe in the lost Hebrew language and original version of ‘Genesis’ (as Moses Wrote it), the mysteries of The Holy Grail Hallows – the Cup, the Spear, and the Holy Shroud of Turin, and of the ‘Apocalypse’ of Saint John. She has synthesized all of this knowledge into the practice of the ‘Science of Being’ as taught by Jesus the Christ and the Great Spiritual Masters of the Ages. In one fashion or another, all of her books and lectures are a reflection of this approach to life.

Ysatis feels that her life is beautiful, for she has been successful in finding the Hidden Mystery, which gives sense to All in total purity, and in helping others to open up to their full potential so that they can also start treading the path towards their own Illumination.

Knighthood - A Child’s Dream Come True

I believe that it’s Lady Byrd Johnson who said, ‘The Future is of those who believe in the Beauty of their Dreams’. That quote for it has been more than true in my life regarding what appear to be just a children’s tale like ‘The Little Prince’, or a legend such as ‘The Holy Grail Legend’ – things that I felt concealed something essential in them and that I dreamt to make true in my life. Dreams that one after the other have become true; the last in line having been Knighted as a Dame of Honor in the oldest Order of Knighthood on Earth – one older even than that of the Templar Knights, the Sovereign Order of Saint John, Knights Hospitallier.

Yes, when I was little and I was told the tales of the Holy Grail and the Knights who searched for it. . . I wished that one day I would find the Grail and be knighted in a real Order of Knighthood. . .

Here are some photos of the Day of my Investiture as a Dame of Honor of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitallier, from the Order of Malta; the latest event or ‘Adventure’ in my life’s journey that began as a dream and became a reality.

Knight Jon
Escort and Ysatis

Knight John Thomson, flag bearer for Britain and my escort and I entering the Temple and Knighthood Title

Regalia for Dames
Regalia given
Regalia for Dames
Regalia given
Cape Investment
Grand Master Welcome
Cape investment
Grand Master welcoming me into the Order

At Hotel reception after Investiture

Ysatis and Tessa Thomson

Tessa Thomson, wife of Flag Bearer John Thomson from Scotland and I

So, you have seen now another child’s dream come true in pictures! Do you want to know the secret of ‘Adventure’? There is a magical world. . . Where the Future is chiseled and where it truly belongs only to those who like children or ‘fools’ believe that their dreams can come True! Some time ago, someone who didn’t believe in that magical world said to me “that I seemed to have been born with either an uncommon wisdom or with ‘congenital infantilism’ because it could not be said that I was not smart enough to know what’s real, but nonetheless I seemed to believe that ‘those things that are really considered fantasy are true.” Well, I have to say that he may be right, for I joined that ‘ship of fools’ that Quantum science is just discovering now, as far as I can remember. . . Maybe even before I started to walk! I feel grateful to God for such a gift, for merit of mine it is not, but this is how I found the Holy Grail, remember what the King of Love said to us: ‘In order to enter into my Kingdom, you have become like one of these’ (meaning the Children who were surrounding Him.) I have found that it is a good practice to not only listen, but ‘to hear’ His words. I do. Click here to find more information about the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Hospitaller.

Lady Elizabeth Holding the Miraculous Cup of Nanteos

Lady Elizabeth Holding the Miraculous Cup of Nanteos believed to be the Cup of the Grail and I

So, I leave you with that quote of Lady Byrd Johnson: ‘The Future is of those who believe in the Beauty of their Dreams’ and with an advice from my book The Grail When the Legend Becomes Real’: Believe in the Splendor of Love and serve It – with whatever capacity you have been given - this is not to say that if Love, Charity and self-restraint are wanting in you – you will be able to attain to the ‘Adventure of the Holy Grail’; ‘for Knights weak in faith and erring in belief cannot even start to walk in this Path for these things that only children and ‘fools’ seem to Know, are of a Spiritual Order, Higher in every way and form and of much more worth than anything on earth known.’ Click here to go to the Holy Grail.