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When the Legend Becomes Real Book Cover Lady Elizabeth Hold the Holy Grail

Mrs. Elizabeth Myrtles holding the Nanteos Cup believed to be the Holy Grail and Ysatis De Saint-Simone

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The Holy Grail

14th Century Painting

Joseph of Arimathea is depicted in this 14th Century Illustration of the Crucifixion, receiving the Blood of Jesus in the wooden cup of the Last Supper.

The British Library, London MS Add 10292

The Holy Grail Exists!

Nanteos Cup

Ysatis De Saint-Simone holding in her hands the Nanteos Cup

I held the cup of the Grail in my hands and witnessed a miracle. . . ’ Says Ysatis De Saint-Simone, who held in her hands the Cup of Nanteos, the Cup of Miracles believed to be the Holy Grail and that inspired Richard Wagner to write ‘Parsifal’, his famous opera about the Holy Grail.


This is a question that has puzzled many great minds for centuries, and with good reason, because it can’t be answered accurately with simplicity.

The nature of the Grail will dawn on each one of us differently for all of us in one way or another are searching for the Holy Grail – but not all with the same purpose. Is It the way to holiness? Is It the Vessel in which Jesus performed the Greatest Miracle that was ever performed on earth? Is It the Vessel that held His blood, the Christ Force? Is It the Holy Shroud of Turin? Is It the Spear of Longinus, the spear that pierced the heart of the Christ or Center of the Power that is the origin of Life and sustains the Universe? Is it a stone or just an idea?

It is easy to make wild and speculative claims about the Holy Grail, but be it that the Holy Grail is only one or all of these things; we can intelligently conclude that the Holy Grail is not a thing to be treated lightly. Gurnemanz, wisely replies to Parsifal when he asks. What is the Grail?

I may not say:
But if to serve It thou be bidden,
Knowledge of It will not be hidden -
And lo!’
Me thinks I know thee now indeed,
No earthly road to It doth lead,
By no one can It be detected
Who by Itself is not elected.’

Ysatis Holding the Holy Grail

Ysatis De Saint-Simone holding the Nanteos Cup

The words of wisdom of Gurnemanz to Parsifal became clear and true in my own life experience, when Divine Grace and Faith helped me to find the whereabouts of the Sacred and elusive Hallow and led me to the Cup of Grace and Miracles called the Holy Grail. . . says Ysatis De Saint-Simone, ‘for I, as well as Parsifal, refused to believe that the Grail was just ‘a Legend’ or ‘a Universal Symbol’ as many have called It.

I knew that Jesus had the Grail in His hands, so It was real and It was somewhere - and I felt that there was One Thing in this world that I desired. . . To find, Know, Comprehend and Serve the Holy Grail!’

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