Film Project

At this point Ysatis is living in California, concentrating on finishing a few books and preparing ‘The Passion and The Glory’, her book about the unknown life of Mary Magdalene, to be made into a film.

Intrigued by the fact that the life of one of the most important disciples of the Christ, Jesus was hidden and literally unknown, and fascinated by the rebellious spirit, love-power, courage and intelligence of this extraordinary woman who played such an important role in the life of the Christ, Jesus, by her previous wild life as a sinner and most importantly by her instantaneous and unexplained metamorphosis from a harlot said to be possessed by seven demons into a Saint, Ysatis engaged herself since early childhood in an investigation of all she could find out about her. The result of almost a life-time state-of-the-art research is her book The Passion and the Glory’.

Mary Possessed

Mary Magdalene possessed with Satan

Mary Holy Grail

Mary Magdalene Holding the Grail Symbol

In this book Dame De Saint-Simone gathered the pieces of the extraordinary and unknown life of this woman, and in doing so she found that Mary Magdalene was a woman of destiny, chosen by the Christ Himself to be the Archetype of humanity; a life that was purposely hidden and fragmented by the Gospel writers, who split her life into five or six different female characters in their Gospels. This was done in order to protect the Master of Love from the malicious attacks of those who feared losing their world-power because of Him and of the vulgar interpretation of many others, who being sensory bound could not then, or even now in our days, comprehend the Cosmological and essential liaison between these two Beings, least of all the essential reason behind the extraordinary transformation the Magdalene underwent. A Supreme Alchemy Effected in her by the Christ, Jesus which transformed her instantly – as it can transform any other person. It is this Revelation of the Highest Mystery of Christendom, the essential mystery hidden behind the Holy Grail, which raised her elemental nature to Divine Splendor: thus, making of her the first redeemed human being and disciple, and the Archetype of a redeemed humanity. Read more about the Holy Grail.

Because of all these understandable, or not, concerns, the Magdalene ended up being, as she still is the subject of secrecy and of heated controversy, thus providing a fertile ground for the imagination and fantasies of some, while presenting a complex persona and veiled life for historians – but always remaining a fascinating and impenetrable mystery. The natural inclination of a ‘Theological Investigator’ of Ysatis could not help but to penetrate this mystery in depth.

Out of all of these, ‘The Unknown Life of Mary Magdalene’ is being born, a truly fascinating film version of Dame De Saint-Simone’s book The Passion and The Glory. The unknown life of Mary Magdalene, the life of someone who is not only captivating and unique, but is that of ‘Someone’ who became the Archetype of a redeemed humanity, is not only magnetizing to the human soul, but intrinsically linked to our human evolutionary advancement: thus, relevant and extremely important for all humans to know. Fascinating.

Knowing that the film media is not only the most effective and powerful vehicle of information, but also the most attractive medium known, Dame De Saint-Simone is currently working to turn this fascinating story into a film.

To see a Power Point presentation of some interesting facts about the life of Mary Magdalene, click here.