The Little Prince and I

The Little Prince & I

Ysatis, Sunface and the Little Prince’s Magical World

I remember. . . When I was a little girl, maybe six years old, I learned to read. . . Know. . . . And Love the Little Prince. It was the story I loved the best. I think it was the 'Invisible' hidden behind such simple words that made it my favorite 'fairy tale'.

The Little Prince & I

Watercolor portrait of Consuelo within the planet by Ysatis de Saint-Simone

That’s how my book The Return of The Little Prince starts. . . Because my little book is a true story of how I found that hidden Mystery that gives sense to everything there is – as Saint-Ex’s book The Little Prince also was – a Mystery that we found in the desert ‘we had fallen into’, him in the Sahara, and I in Hollywood, California. That magical spot under the Lonely Star where the Little Prince appears, and gives you the Magnificent Gifts that will illumine the rest of your life: That of the Water that tastes like Christmas to the heart, and that of his laughter that gives joy and meaning to all there is, for hiding in one of millions of stars is the Little Prince laughing with you. . . So, that even when it appears to others that everything is dark, your heart bursting with joy will make you laugh because when the night falls and you look up to the sky you can hear his laughter in all the stars! It is as if five hundred million stars are laughing with you!

And no grown up will ever Understand what’s going on, they will think you have gone ‘loony’ unless they get curious, search and find that spot in the desert where the Lonely Star is and patiently wait under it until the Little Prince appears. . . Then, and only then, they will Understand the beauty of the Gift that the Little Prince gave to Saint-Ex and I.

I loved my aunt Consuelo, ‘the Rose’ of the story very much, she also loved me and loved to tell me about Saint-Ex, his dream world, the airplanes, the desert, and the stars, of his moonstruck reveries and his spirit. . . She also talked to me about her first husband, Enrique Gomez Carrillo, a great writer who has been in our days quasi forgotten, but in 1925 when Consuelo arrived in France, was well-known and an influential person in the cultural life of Paris, he was described by many as ‘a Renaissance man’ a legendary character considered to be ‘the best sword of Paris’ for people still dueled at that time! He was said also to have been the lover of Mata-Hari, and part of the plot to catch the famous German spy. . . I loved to listen to the stories of that world and Aunt Consuelo was a great story teller, so I guess I was more than a captive audience to my aunt, who also loved to tell them. She also talked to me about ‘the Mouton’ Denis the Rougemont, a sensitive man and good friend of theirs, the Sheep of the story, who Saint-Ex feared could eat his Rose. . . He was a handsome Swiss writer, responsible for some of the most quoted phrases in the book of The Little Prince that the Fox teaches the Little Prince, i.e.: ‘What is essential, we only see with the heart’ and ‘You are responsible for the things that you enchant’. Aunt Consuelo often read parts of it and explained all these things to me. And I was enchanted hearing all of these things.

That’s how I learned to love and understand the world of the Rose and the Little Prince. As I grew up, the world of the Little Prince and his Rose grew also with me and one day. . . After a near-death experience that changed my life and enticed me to search for the meaning of life, the sense of it all. . . I closed my eyes, opened my heart and started to search for the magical spot where the Little Prince appears – which I knew to be true and not just a fantasy of Saint-Ex. . . To continue reading more of Ysatis’ personal story click here.

And when I found it, The Return of The Little Prince with its drawing and text just flowed out of me without thought or effort. That in short is the story of The Little Prince and I...

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Available in both English and Spanish languages.

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VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that The Return of The Little Prince is a true story of how I found the spot of the Lonely Star and the Little Prince in the desert I had fallen in life, Hollywood.

Please keep that in mind when you read it, for you may find in there Signs that help you to also find It, if you are inclined in doing so. The sad landscape is in my case now the happiest spot one can find and my little book is the best way I could think of sharing this Joy with all of you.

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